Niall Imagine.


13. 13

Niall Horan imagine. Part 13

We walked in to the hospital and sat down, waiting for the doctor. Niall were holding my hand de entire time, looking over at me every now and then. We sat there, talking about what he might say and how we may react. The time went and the room were getting hotter and hotter until; 
“Mr and Mrs Horan.” A nurse was now standing in the end of the white room, with her hands full of paper and files. She was tall, fat and scary. She reminded me of my old elementary school teacher.

We walked in to the doctor`s office and sat down on a bench. He was sitting in the other end of the office with his back turned against us. We sat there, him not talking to us until Niall cleared his throat so as the doctor would turn around, something that worked. He slowly turned around and faced us. He had no nose, so he kind of looked like Voldemort. (xD) 
“Hello you.” He said walking towards us. First he went over to me and shock my hand before he went over and sat down on Niall`s lap.

“So, Mr and Mrs Horan. You two are expecting a child in about three months. The reason I called you guys in today, was because I took one more look at your ultrasound and it pains me to say this, but you have a miss-carriage. I am so sorry.” I could feel my heart stopping up. Seven months for nothing. This was one of the reasons why I got up from the bed every morning. And now it is all over. I looked over at Niall who had just gotten the doctor off his lap and who were now looking at me with tears in his eyes. I started crying hard and then something I did not predict happened.  Niall started laughing. He looked me straight in the eyes and laughed. He laughed so hard he was crying. How could he do that?


The alarm went off and I woke up with tears in my eyes. It was all a bad dream. I sat up in the bed and that woke Niall up. He opened his eyes and raised his head a little to see that I was crying. 
“(Y/N), what is wrong? Are you okay?” he asked while stroking my hear back. 
“I had a bad dream about what the doctor would say today.” I said as another drop fell from my eye. 
“Niall I am scared.” He lifted me over at his lap and kissed my shoulder. 
“Everything will be okay, I promise.” He said.

We got to the hospital later that morning and my hand was shaking like crazy. Niall held it tight and said over and over again that everything would be alright. A nurse came into the big white room. 
“Mr and Mrs Horan.” She called out in the microphone. Niall got up but I hesitated. I got up as slowly as possible and grabbed Niall`s hand again. 
We got into the office and we sat down at a bench. As in the dram, the doctor was in the other end of the room, with his back turned at us. I started to panic inside, thinking that the dream was real. I just wanted to run as fast as possible out of this hospital. But when the doctor turned around, my fear went down a little bit. It was Doctor Sullivan and his nose was right where it was suppose to be.

“So, Mr and Mrs Horan. So you got married? How nice, congratulation. You two are expecting a child in about three months. The reason I called you in today, was because I had another look at your ultrasound and it looks like,” This was the exact same thing he said in the dream. Oh my god. He continued; “It looks like you are carrying twins. Congratulation!” I started breathing again. Twins? I looked over at Niall to get an opinion, because I did not know how I felt about it right at that moment. But when I was hoping for a happy face, I got a serious and scared look. Then he asked the doctor;

“Is it some way to remove them?” Then he stormed out of the office. Did he just say what I thing he said?
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