Niall Imagine.


12. 12

Niall Horan imagine. Part 12

So there we were, me, about 15 paparazzos and an angry Niall. Niall were sitting on top of the paparazzi dude that had trough a shoe at me, and beating the shit out of him. I constantly tried to get him of, but it was for no use. His face was all red of anger and his muscles were all tighten up. Quite hot actually.

All of the other paparazzo’s tried to get him off the reporter and after a little while, and a whole lot of blood later, Niall stepped back. The guys walked of, and I and Niall were left alone. 
“Niall, what were you thinking?” I said, removing a strip of blood from his forehead.
  “(Y/N), what were I suppose to do? Just accept the fact that the guys trough a shoe in your face? I don`t think so?!” He was really protective, but he could not start a fight every time something happened to me. 
“Thank you, but please don`t do that again. The thought of someone making you bleed, kills me…” I said looking into his crystal blue eyes.
He nodded his head and kissed me. 
“Okay (Y/N) Horan.” He said with a huge smile on his face. I smiled back and we walked to his car, and drove to a fancy restaurant to have our special wedding-lunch.

We had an amazing lunch and we laughed and talked all the time. When we both were full, we paid and walked out of the restaurant, hand in hand. 
“So, what do you want to do next?” Niall asked as we got outside. 
“Let`s just take a walk through town.” I said, leading him behind me. 
“Okay, but we do it my way.” He said as he picked me up bridal style and started walking. 
“Niall, I weigh like tree times more than usual, put me down before a paralyse you!”  
He just gave a little laugh, and said; 
“Sweetie, you almost don`t weigh anything. And by the way, we are newly married; we are supposed to do this.” I stared giggling and he started smiling of my giggle. 
“You are so cute.” he said and kissed me cutely.

We walked around for a while, me still being safe in his arms. It did not even look like he struggled; he smiled, laughed and talked like normal. When I was young, I always wanted a husband that was strong enough to carry me, and mow I have. These things only happened in fairytales. Maybe that is why he always called me “princess”?

Niall walked all the way back to our hotel, giving me kissed every now and then. It was the perfect moment. 
As we walked into the huge bedroom, Niall instantly walked to the bed, and put me gently down on it. 
“First time as a Horan?” he said, standing in front of me, kissing my sweet spot. I let out a small moan as a yes, and he got the hint. He leaned me down slowly, as he undid my dress. It flew to the floor along with his shirt. His body was so trimmed. As he kissed my bump he removed his pants. We were both almost half naked when his phone rang. 
“Are you kidding me?” He said as he gave my bump a small kiss, and walked over to find his phone. 
“It is the doctor.” He said before answering. 
“Hello, Doctor Sullivan.” He said, and continued; “What do you mean? Okay. We can be tomorrow. Thank you. Goodbye.”
He put his phone down and walked over to me. 
“What did he say?” I asked, hoping nothing bad. 
“There is something with the baby. We have to meet him tomorrow morning.” He said, looking a little scared. 
“Is something wrong with the baby? Niall, what is going on?” I said as tears streamed down me cheeks. 
“I don`t know.” He said, hugging me. We packed up our things and left Mullingar.
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