Niall Imagine.


11. 11

Niall Horan imagine. Part 11

Get married? I knew we were engaged, but I actually never thought of the whole marriage stuff. 
“But is it even possible to get married in such short notice? I mean, don`t people usually wait many months before it is even possible?” did it sound like I tried to get out of it? I Lets pray it didn`t. 
“It is all taken care of, hun. I have a cousin back in Mullingar who is a priest, and when I told him that I was engaged, he insisted on marrying us. If you are okay with that?” He had arranged the whole thing! He was so cute and caring.
“Wow. Alot of information on one time.” Was I willing to do this right now? Who am I kidding? I have been waiting to marry this boy all my life, the voice in my head just went like; “Say yes, bitch!” 
“Yes. Of course! In Mullingar?” 
“Yes. If we leave now, we could be there at eight and get married tomorrow.” This is that kind of things that only happens in really cute movies or with some lucky people, which was now me!
“Then what are we waiting for? Lest pack!” He gave me a cute kiss, by belly a light kiss before running to grab the suitcases. I get upstairs and found some clothes. What do you wear when you want to look god for the love of your life but are pregnant? I once dressed up in black lingerie and seduced him, but that cannot be as sexy when you have a baby bump in the way. I packed it anyways, along with all my other things.

Niall came in with the suitcases and I put all of our things in it. Niall came up from behind hand snaked his arms around my stomach. 
“We are getting married tomorrow.” His soft breath felt so soft in my ear. I turned around to face him, but he held on tight around me, so he was still behind. He kept on standing behind me until he turned me around and kissed me on the nose. 
“I can`t believe I am in love with a leprechaun.” I said giggling. 
“I love it when you smile.” He said and then kissed the smiling lips.

Niall put the luggage and the massive dress in the trunk of the car and we drove off to the airport.     
“Niall, do anyone else, except your cousin know what we are doing?” He smiled and took my hand. 
“No one else. Me and you, just us two.” That sounded familiar. 
“Did you just quote “Sex and the City”?” I said and laughed of the thought of him watching that movie. 
“Yeah… I had to check out what you were so obsessed about, so one day when you were out with Perrie, I watched it. Mr. Big was a pretty smart man, by the way.” I could not keep back my laugh anymore.  He was so cute. 
“I love you!”

When we arrived Mullingar at 19:37 and got to a hotel forty minutes later. I asked Niall why we would not stay at his old house, and he just said that the noise would maybe be a little too much for them. He always makes me laugh.

We went out on the town that night and went to a restaurant and to a pub later on in the night. 
When we fell asleep in the beautiful couple suite that night, we spooned and Niall kept running his fingers through my hair until I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to breakfast in bed and a happy Niall by my side. 
“Good morning, beautiful.” He said and gave me a kiss on the top of my head. 
“Ready for today?” He said as he took a sip of his tea. 
“I am so excited. And I just can`t hide it.” I sang as I did a little happy dance.

“Cannot believe that I am marrying the cutes, most beautiful and charming girl in the world.” He said and laughed a little.

We ate our breakfast and got dressed. Niall had brought a black suite with a blue shirt. He looked so good. 
“You look beautiful, (Y/N). That dress looks so good on you.” He said sipping me up. 
“Thank you, Niall.” 

We got to the little church and Niall`s cousin were standing on the outside, waiting for us. We got out of the car and he approached us with hugs. 
“So you are the famous (Y/N) that Niall here can’t stop talking about?” He said in a really strung accent. I giggled. 
“That is me.” Niall looked over at me with a proud smile on his face. 
“Well, let`s get you guys married.” He said, clapping his hands together.

We started the small ceremony, but he shortens it down for us, because all we wanted was to be legally married. 
“I now pronounce you Horan and Horan.” He laughed a little before continuing; 
“You may kiss your bride.”
“Try and stop me.” Niall said as he leaned in for the most passionate kiss ever. He pulled away and smiled so big with a tear of joy in his eye. We were actually married.

As we walked out of the small, nice church, hand in hand, we were approached with paps. 
“Are you married?”
“Did you just get secretly married?”
“Are you keeping the baby?”
“Why are you alone on your wedding day?”
I looked over at Niall and his concerned face turned happy and proud again. He breathed in and started talking. 
“Here is the deal…”  But then he got distracted by someone. One of the paparazzos threw a shoe at my face. Niall snatched and the fight began.    

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