Niall Imagine.


10. 10

Niall Horan imagine. Part 10

As we arrived home, we were both so excited about having a child. We had booked an appointment with a doctor and where going there in two weeks. 
Niall had called all the boys and they were so happy for us. Along with our parents. It could not be better.

We sat on the sofa, watching The Fresh Prins of Bel-Air. I were laying between Niall`s legs and he had one hand on my stomach and the other one were playing with my hair. 
“I love you.” His strong Irish accent sounded so good saying that. And the fact that he was my fiancé made it even better. 
“I love you too.”
The commercial came on and I got up to make some popcorn while Niall found something to drink. As I found a pack of un popped popcorn Niall came up behind me and squeezed me tight. He breaded into my neck as kissing lightly. The popcorn started to pop in the microwave as I turned around to face his strong, pale face with to crystals as eyes. He just stood there, smiling at my face. He removed a peace of hear that had fallen in front of my face.  
“Can`t let something hide that beautiful face.”

*DING The popcorn was ready. Niall leaned over and got it out of the microwave, still standing in front of me. The smell of popcorn filled my nose as he said; 
“I can`t wait for you to mine forever.”

The days went by really fast, we had our appointment with the doctor, and he said that all was fine with the baby, but it was too early to see the gender. But as long we knew that the baby was alright, we were okay.
More days went by, but we could not see a bump yet, something that drove Niall insane. 
“It will show soon” It was the only thing that kept him calm at the moment.
Every morning, I was used to being hugged in the morning so that I would wake up, but today, when I woke up, Niall was not by my side. I got up and went to check the rest of the apartment to find him, but he where no were to be seen. I started to freak out a bit, and all these thoughts came up in my mind; “Have he dumped me?” “Was he not ready for a child?” All of this may just have been my extreme hormones that were thinking, but it infected me.

I picked up my phone and dialled his number. No answer. I called all of the boys. They didn`t know where he was. I was in total shock. After two hours, I heard keys outside the door, and in came Niall. He was carrying a huge package, which he sat down on the floor as soon as he saw that I had been crying. 
“Sugar, what is wrong?” he cupped my face as looked down at me. 
“You were gone. My hormones just went a little overboard.” He smiled a little and gave me a peck on the lips. 
“Sorry sweetheart, but take a look in the box.” He said and pointed at the big white box with a pink bow that was placed on the floor. I slowly walked towards it and sat down on the floor with my legs underneath me. I lifted the top of the box and something white came in my eyes. I lifted it up as I got up, and was speechless when I realized what it was. A wedding dress. It was the most beautiful wedding dress I had ever seen. “I thought about it” Niall said and continued, “I thought that it would be nice to already be married when the baby arrives, so (Y/N), let`s just do it. Let`s get married now, today. Just the two of us. ” 
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