I keep making Movellas, because my creativity got a few hundred different interests, lalalalalalaa<3.
- my first one in english. I'd try to make it better.


1. Prologue.

Alrenas greyblue eyes were wandering around in the streets. In nine years, she totally forgot about this place. But this truthful day, she most certainly didn't. She where, were she wanted to be. Her coleblack hair had gotten pretty long lately. Almost to the middle of her back. She suddenly came to think of her cousin, who died at this place. Esther Roushe, was her name. A terrible little child, but none the less, her cousin, which forced her to love her. She did horrible things, things, that Alrena only dreamed of doing. In that age, that is.

Alrena's a twenty year-old girl, who've lived in London all her life. When she was 13, her aunt adopted a kid named Esther. This girl was... extraordinary. Very strange, and far to mature for her age, not to speak of directly evil. A thing that Alrena now have seemed to copy. 

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