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Imaginations på både dansk og engelsk :-)


22. Zayn - English



You’re sitting home, all alone, listening to some music – it’s just another boring weekend. You are in quite a bad mood, and have been for a long time. Nothing is going the way you want it to. There’s exactly one week left, until One Direction arrives in Denmark on their sold-out tour. Unfortunately you didn’t get any tickets, because you didn’t have any money at the moment. – well! Back to reality!

You’re sitting in your bed, when your phone suddenly starts ringing. “Hello.” You say, without knowing who you’re talking to. “Hi. My name is Jeannette. You send a work-application quite a long time ago, and just wanted to hear, if you’re still interested?” “OMG! Yes! Of course I am!” “Good, cause we are in a bit of a crisis! Are there any possibility that you could come by, today to talk?” The woman in the phone asks “Sure, I can be there in half an hour.” “Perfect, see you then!”

“So, now that you’re here, I’d like to discuss your first appointment here. As you probably know, One Direction is coming to town in a week, and we want them to have the best impression possible about this place. So I want you to follow them 24/7, giving them everything they want. Almost like a butler. Do you think you can handle that?” You look at your new boss, with a weird look. She must be insane, to get a teenager, to do that job. “Sure, I think I’ll be perfect for the job. I won’t let you down” You say, smiling like an idiot! “I hope not…! We’ll talk about payment, when the job is done, if that’s ok with you?” “Sure”.

One week later

A week has gone by, and today was the day One Direction arrived. You’d been working all week to get the place and their hotel rooms ready for them to arrive. You, yourself, had gotten a hotel room right next to the boys, so that you could always be there to get them, whatever they wanted. At first your mom, wasn’t that happy about your new work, but after hours of arguing, she finally gave in.

You were now at the airport, to pick up the guys, and you were just about to explode with joy, when the 5 boys and their crew stepped out of their plane. “Hi, my name is [Y/N].” you presented yourself to the boys, where after they presented themselves (like you didn’t know them already – Of course you did!). The boys were going to be here for a week, and the concert was in 5 days, so the boys decided that they wanted to hang out today, to get to know you better. It was very nice weather, so Louis decided that they wanted to go to Legoland.

You and Zayn were walking around in Legoland, talking. Louis and Liam had left us for some kind of pyramid and Niall and Harry had left us, to go get some food. “So, how old are you?” Zayn asked. He had been asking a lot of questions, and was very interested to know about your life. “I’m 16” you answered, with a smile, which Zayn returned. The weather was unbelievable good, nothing like the normal Danish weather, but you enjoyed it. You were walking past an ice-cream-bar, when Zayn stopped. “It’s so hot out here! You want an ice-cream?” he asks, while pulling you towards the ice-cream-bar. “You know what, don’t answer. You HAVE to. I’ll buy!” He says with a grin on his face, and orders 2 chocolate-chip- ice-creams (Your favorite, which you told him earlier). You sit down on a bench, and eat, while Zayn is asking more questions about you. Normally you’d never answer all these questions, but with Zayn, it’s something else, you want him to know the answers.

Later that night…

You’ve finally gotten back to the hotel after a very long day in Legoland. The boys had decided to have a movie-night/sleepover and they had insisted that you came, so right now you were sitting in Louis and Harry’s hotel room, watching some horror-movie. You didn’t really watch the movie; you were just looking at Zayn. You couldn’t imagine how amazing this day had turned out.

It was about 02:30 am, and the boys had finally agreed to go to bed, because we all had to work tomorrow. We were going to set up the stage for the concert, and a lot of other stuff. You were at the bathroom brushing your teeth, when Liam walked in – and let’s just make it clear, the door was open! – “Hi, so Zayn finally let you be on your own?” Liam laughed “Yeah” you said, smiling. You had no idea what to answer. “So, why did you take this job? I mean, why would anyone run to get us, whatever we want?” “Trust me, a lot of girls would die for this job! But, well. I’m a huge fan of yours, and I really wanted to go to the concert, but didn’t have any money. So I took the job, so that I’d hear at least a minute or two of the concert.” You answered, embarrassed about how obsessed you were. “No worries love, I’ll make sure you’ll see the concert” Liam said, and the two of you went into the living room, to the others. You all hugged good night, and went to bed.

the day of the concert…

You all got up early this morning, to prepare the show for tonight. You’d had an amazing week. You’d been doing some shopping with all of the boys, had done a twitcam with Liam, been at the cinema with Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis (while Niall went out trying all of the restaurants nearby). But now the journey was almost over. Soon the boys had to go touring in other countries, and you’d probably never see them again. Not even Zayn. You’d never see his amazing smile, or hear his angel-like laugh, never hear him saying your name, never getting another hug. The thought made you feel like crying. Over the past couple of days, your feelings for Zayn had grown stronger and stronger, day by day. You were standing in front of the stage, listening to the boys rehearsing. In a few hours there would be a lot of screaming girls, right where you were standing, trying to touch YOUR boys. Not that you were jealous or anything, but you really felt like, you had gotten 5 new best friends, and that they were slipping away, and you couldn’t do anything about it. You felt the tears pushing to get out of your eyes. A single teardrop came running down your cheek, and within a split second, you ran out of the room, it was all just too much. You ran backstage, to a room where nowhere would find you, and sat down in the darkest corner, and let go of the tears. The tears came streaming down your face, but you didn’t really care. Nothing mattered anymore. Suddenly you hear the door open. The room is dark, so you can’t really see who it is, but you don’t care. You don’t want anyone to see you like this. Suddenly someone sits down in front of you. How could the person know where you were? “Babe, what’s wrong?” a familiar voice said, and you quickly knew who it was. “Zayn, what are you doing here? You should be out rehearsing. The concert is in a couple of hours!” “I know, but we saw you running away, and I can’t pull my mind together if you aren’t there. All of the boys are out looking for you.” “Zayn..?” “Yeah babe?” “What about tomorrow? I’m not ready to let go of you yet. None of you” “orrvw babe, is that what you’re worried about? That you’ll never see us again?” Zayn said, gently touching your cheek, drying the tears away. “Well, kinda…” “Love, that’ll never happen. Look, we all adore you so much, and we all love you, more than you could ever imagine. I can only speak for myself, of course, but my life would be so empty without my little angel there” “You really mean that?” “Of course I do! Come on, get up. I’m sure the boys are dead-worried!” Zayn said, helping you onto your feet.

The time had finally come, and the boys were just about to jump on stage. You were backstage, but as Liam had promised, you could see everything. There were cameras all over the place, filming, so that you could see everything on the big screen backstage.

They were just about to play “Little things” when the music suddenly stopped, and the boys ran off stage. Seconds later, they were standing next to you. “We want you to come with us, on stage, while we sing this song.” Liam said, and pulled you with him and the other guys.
“LOOK WHO’S HERE EVERYONE!” Louis screams to the crowd.
“Soo, this amazing girl, has been following us for the last couple of days…” Liam begins, but is interrupted “…Stalker!” Harry says, while laughing. “Babe, we’ve really enjoyed your company, and we love you so much.” Liam continued. “Over the past couple of days, you’ve almost become like our little sister, an annoying, and perfect little girl” Louis finishes. You can’t help smiling, Oh Louis. Then ‘Little things’ starts playing, and the boys are all singing it to you. After ‘Little things’ is done, Zayn suddenly starts speaking. “Over the past couple of days, I’ve had the chance, to get to know this amazing girl, and I never thought it would happen, but babe: I’m truly, madly, deeply in love with you. This next song is for you” he said, and they started playing “Last first kiss”.

After the concert, you all sat in a room backstage, talking. You were sitting on Zayns lab, with his arms wrapped around you. You felt so lucky to be his girlfriend, and now everyone knew!
“Hey babe, can we talk?” Zayn says, and pulls you towards the door. “So, the thought of me leaving you, to go on tour has been killing me, so I called your mom this morning, and if you want, you can come on tour with us, this summer..” he said, with a serious look on his face. “OMG Zayn! You’re the best! I love you!” “I love you too, princess!” 

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