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Imaginations på både dansk og engelsk :-)


13. Zayn - English


You are walking outside, waiting for your mom to pick you up from school. You're calling her for the 5th time since the class ended half an hour ago, and you're starting to get pissed. She promised to be here as soon as class ended!
Finally she picks up the phone, and you are just about to freak out, when a car pulls up beside you. The window slowly goes down, and reveals a beautiful face. It's Zayn, the hottest guy in school. "Hi, you want a ride home?" he says, and smile. You hang up on your mom. "Yes please! My mom is half an hour late already" you say, and he makes a sign for you to jump in. You do as he says, and puts on your seat-belt.

There is a while of awkward silence, before Zayn finally says something. "Sooooo..... What are you doing today? Any plans?" he asks, and looks quickly at you. "No, not yet.. Just gonna check out twitter and stuff. My mom's going to work all night, so I'll be home, and take care of the house." 
"I'm just meeting up with some friends, and we're going to the movies. Wanna come?" "I'd love to, but I don't have any money at the time, so that'll have to be another time" you say and look out the window to avoid eye-contact. "Don't worry love, I'll pay!" "You don't have to, Zayn" you say, and look at him. "No, but I want to" he responds, and you suddenly realize that you're home. You're just about to close the door to the car, when Zayn grabs your arm. "I'll pick you up at 6pm, OK?" you nod, and go inside. 

At exactly 6pm, the door-bell rings, and you rush out to open the door. Outside is Zayn standing with a bunch of red roses. "Ehhmm.. So I know I said that I was meeting up with some friends, but I cancelled. I really like you babe! I REALLY do!" he says and hands you the flowers. "Wow Zayn... I don't know what to say!" you say, you're almost speechless! "Just say you'll be mine, and I'll be the happiest man alive.." he says and looks at his feet. "OMG yes! Of course!" you say, and jumps into his arms. 

The rest of the night went by so quick that you hardly noticed that it was getting late. But all you cared about, was Zayn. The next day at school, Zayn showed you off to all of his friends, and from that day on, you were no more mrs. boring... No, from that day on, you were mrs. Popular aka. Zayns girlfriend! 


Hi guys! Sorry if this one is a little rubbish, but I wrote while I was in school earlier - Boring lessons, you know! Well anyways! I hope you're all doing great, and having a great time! :D xx 



Lots of Love 
- Julie xx 

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