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  • Publiceret: 16 okt. 2012
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Imaginations på både dansk og engelsk :-)


3. Zayn - English

You're at a party with your best friend, Maddie. You don't know anyone here besides Maddie, because she was the one who invited you. "Wait here, while I go get us some drinks! Anything special you want?" Maddie asks after a while. "Surprise me!" you reply, and she quickly disappears in the crowd of people. The hosts of the party must be very popular, cause you'd never in your entire life seen this much humans in just one house! 
Suddenly someone pokes you on your shoulder, forcing you to get back to reality. "Hi love" the person behind you says. You turn around and look into a pair of big brown eyes. "Hi" you respond, and begins to look desperately after Maddie, wondering how long it can take you find some stupid drinks!? "My name's Zayn, what's your name?" He says and smiles a perfect smile, to complete his perfect looks. Zayn and you starts talking, and the rest of the night goes by pretty fast. At about 4 am, Maddie and you decides to head home. Zayn walkes you to the door, and just before you were about to leave, he pulls you aside, and asks for your number. You give to him, and head home. The next morning, you wake up to a text from Zayn, saying: Morning beautiful. Been thinking of u since u left. How 'bout a d8 2day. Pick u up at 4! xx Zayn 

At exactly 4 pm you hear a knock on your door. Luckily you're all done, and ready for a date. You quickly put on your white converse and rushes to go open the door. Outside is Zayn, with a bouquet of red roses. You let him in while you put the flowers in a vase. Then you go out on your date. Zayn had everything planned out and it was the best date, that you'd ever been on, and it was the perfect start of your wonderful relationship... xx  

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