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Imaginations på både dansk og engelsk :-)


9. Niall - English

# imagine

You're slowly waking up to the sweet tones of your lovely boyfriend Niall singing you a birthday song. You slowly open your eyes, and see Niall standing next to your bed, smiling. "Morning love! Happy Birthday!" He says, and carries you to the living room. The living room is all decorated in flags and 'happy birthday'-signs. "Wow Niall this is really amazing! Thank you! " you say and give him a giant kiss "What? This? Oh, this is nothing, come with me! ". Niall and you walk hand in hand out into the kitchen, where Niall has prepared a lovely breakfast. You drag out your chair, and is just about to sit down. Then you see a letter with your name on it. You sit down and slowly opens it. Dearest love... First of all, happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the entire world! I just want to let you know, that I love you more than anything, and that's why this is my present to you. Or this isn't it! You'll see later. Now, eat your breakfast, and then follow me, and I promise to take you places you've never been before! Love your Niall xx 

You smile, and start to eat your breakfast, while you and Niall talk about having a birthday-dinner with the boys. "Thank you so much for this, I couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate my birthday!" "Well, I'm just glad that I get the opportunity to make you happy! Now, go get dressed, we've got a lot to do today! By the way, put on the clothes that I've put on the bed, I think it'll fit this occasion". You get up, and walk into your bedroom to put on the clothes that Niall had found. It is a beautiful pink summer dress, with butterflies and flowers on it. You brush your teeth, comb your hair, and pull it up, into a nice and simple ponytail, that fits the dress very well. Then you go back into the kitchen to Niall. "You ready to go?" he says. You nod, and he takes your hand, and drags you to the car. After a little while of driving, Niall stops the car in the middle of nowhere. "Niall..? Where are we?" you ask, and looks at him with a little smile. "Don't worry love. Put this on!" he says and hands you a scarf. You put it on like you'd normally wear a scarf, when Niall bursts into a huge laugh.. "hehehe, no love, not like that. Put it in front of your eyes. And DON'T peak!" he says and laughs again. You do as he says, and feel the car starts moving again. 
Suddenly the car stops again, but this time, you can hear Niall get out of the car. Then he opens the car-door on your side, and slowly helps you out of the car. "Now, take off the scarf and open your eyes" he says, holding your hand. You open your eyes and you quickly recognize the place - Heathrow Airport. Before you even know what to say or do, Niall drags you inside. He walks straight up to a woman and says something very quietly, and she leads you to a little plane outside. You get in, and fasten your seat belts. "Niall, where are we going?" you say curiously "Babe, we're going to Paris.".... 

And that, was the best birthday EVER....

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