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Imaginations på både dansk og engelsk :-)


26. Louis - English


You were sitting in school, looking at the watch hanging above the door. Tik tok, tik tok… 5 minutes left. You looked behind you, and see your best friend, Emily, staring at the watch too. You couldn’t help smiling, and Emily started smiling too. She knew exactly what you’re thinking about! Finally you heard a bell start ringing, and you got up, and started packing your things. “Hi babe” Emily said “Hi Em!” you replied and turned around, and started walking out of the door. “Starting to get exited? I know I am!” she said, pushing your arm gently. “Naah, it’s not that bad” you answered, and looked at Emily. She burst into laughter, and you looked frightened at her. “LOL, if you say so, hon!” But she was right, you were excited! In less than a week, you and Emily were going to London for 5 days, all by yourselves! 5 days of shopping, looking at hot boys, and goofing around at Madame Tussauds! You had already started packing your bags to make sure, that you wouldn’t forget something.


Finally the day had come, and you and Emily were standing in the airport. Your mom had drove you here, and you had reassured her, that you - without any kind of trouble – could find the plane all by yourselves, and that you didn’t need her help, and she drove off. Now the two of you were just standing here, clueless, and was watching at the big signs, trying to figure out, where to check in. None of you had ever been in an airport before. You decided, to ask your way through to the check in, and after quite a while, you finally got there. You got checked in and now when to find some lunch before take-off. You found a cute little café, and sat down to get something to eat. When you were done eating, you decided, that you’d better start looking for the gate to where you’d enter the plane, and so you did.


It was now 5 pm, and the plane had just landed in Gatwick Airport in London. You stepped out of the plane, and you went to find your bags. You took a taxi to your hotel, and as soon as you had settled at the hotel, you went out to see London.

After a while of sightseeing, you started to get hungry. Emily and you took a quick look at each other, and decided that Nandos was just the place for you to get something to eat. You had heard a lot about Nandos, and you were both eager to finally try it!


The next day:

You and Emily had barely even opened your eyes, before you were outside, for another day of sightseeing. First stop: The London Eye!
You had just gone into one of the capsules, and it was slowly getting furtherer and furtherer off the ground, when 2 boys jumped into the wagon. Your first thought was ‘Grow up’, but then you saw the face of one of them. Wow! He had brown hair, and beautiful blue eyes, and suddenly you weren’t angry anymore. You turned around to give Emily the look, but were surprised to see that she weren’t there. You looked around, to see where she had gone, and found her, talking with the hottie’s friend. You turned around to look for the other guy again, and to your surprise, he was standing right behind you. “Hi, I’m Louis” he said, and smiled a gorgeous smile. “Hi – I’m [Y/N]” you replied. You could feel that your cheeks started getting warmer and warmer, and you knew what that meant – you were blushing! AWKWARD!
“What a pretty name. I see that your friend and Harry get along quite well” he said and points at Em and Harry, talking about a date tonight. “Yeah, I guess”

After about 10 minutes of talking to Louis, you felt like you’d known him forever. “Soo.. What are you doing later? Maybe tonight?” Louis asked, and you started blushing again. “Erm, nothing. It looks like Harry and Em are going out tonight.” “Yeah, you’re right. So you wanna hang out tonight?” “Sure!”.
You look at Emily and smile, you haven’t seen her so happy in a very long time. You and Louis walk up to them, and you all start talking. “So, I was thinking… How about a double date tonight?” Louis said to Harry, and he nodded. Em and you looked at each other – you had only been in London for a day, and you had already planned your first date.


Emily and you were at your hotel room, getting ready for your double date tonight. After the trip in The London Eye, the guys had walked you to your rooms. You had planned that they’d pick you up here at 6pm.
it was now 5:45pm, which meant that there was only 15 minutes left to get ready in. You picked out the perfect outfit, and started to fix the make-up that you’d put on earlier. “You ready,
Em? They’re here in 5 minutes!” You’d barely gotten your shoes on, before you heard a knock on the door. You opened the door, and smiled to see the smiling faces of Louis and Harry. You let them in, and waited for Emily to get ready.

When Emily was finally ready, you locked the door, and let Harry and Louis lead your way through the streets of London. At first you went to the cinema to watch a movie, which the boys of course paid, then you went to a fancy restaurant for dinner, which the boys also demanded to pay, and then you went to Madame Tussauds. You’d been walking around in there for quite a while, taking pictures, goofing around, having fun. Suddenly, when you got to the ‘new’ part of the collection, a huge amount of people was just standing there, looking at some boyband. You walked up to the wax-figures and Emily and you were just about to get a picture, when you suddenly realized something -something familiar. You turned around, and looked at the faces of the wax-figures. “Lou… ” You said and stared at the wax-figure. “Errhm… look, I’m kinda in this boyband called One Direction…” “So you’re famous?!” “Yeah, I just didn’t want it to ruin anything between us… I thought you might look at me differently if you knew.. I’m sorry…” You looked at Emily, who looked just as disappointed as you did. How could they just keep this from you?!

3 days had passed since you and Emily’s double date, and you hadn’t been talking to Louis since the date. You just couldn’t believe that he had been hiding the fact that he was one of the most famous human beings on the planet Earth! After the date, you had googled him, and found out how famous he really was!
Both him and Harry had been calling you and Em like crazy, but you refused to answer. You were sitting and looking through twitter, when you heard a knock on the door. Not thinking about who it might be, you opened the door, and looked up. Furious to see who it was, you smashed the door, but Louis quickly put this foot to the door, and forced it to open. “You won’t answer my calls, and I really have to talk to you! Please listen to me!” he said, walking into the room. You closed your computer, and sat down on your bed. “Then say what you gotta say, and get out of here… I want nothing to do with you!” Realizing that you might have been a little harsh, you looked into his eyes, and let him explain. “Look, I know I’ve been an idiot, and you really don’t deserve it. But something happened to me, the moment I saw you, and I know I should have told you, but I wanted you to know the real me, not the Louis Tomlinson everyone else knows” “Louis….” “Shh… love…. Please... I know I’ve been a jerk! But please, I beg you, give me a second chance!”
“Okay… But promise to be honest with me… No more hiding and no more lies…” you said and looked him, directly into his eyes. “I promise!” he said, and pulls you into his arms, in your first hug ever.

The rest of the trip went by, hanging out with the boys and the rest of One Direction, loads of double dates, and lots of laughter, right up until the day you were heading home again.

You were standing in the airport, saying goodbye to Louis. Right next to you were Harry and Emily, also saying goodbye. “Babe, the last couple of days, has been amazing. I’m so happy that I’ve met you! I promise that I’ll call you every single day! I’ll come visit you as soon as we get a couple of days off! God, I’ll miss you!” Louis said, while a single tear makes its way down his cheek. “Louis….. I love you…” you say, and hear the last call for check in. You take your bags, and start walking towards check in, taking one last look at Louis before he disappears in the huge crowd of people…. 

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