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  • Publiceret: 16 okt. 2012
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Imaginations på både dansk og engelsk :-)


11. Louis - English


You're on vacation with your best friend, Julie. The two of you are in the pool, having fun and enjoying the lovely weather, when someone suddenly bumps in to you. He politely says sorry, and you turn around to see who it was, and this gorgeous guy is standing right behind you. You turn around to look at Julie, and within the very next second, she is standing right next to you. You talk for a couple of minutes, when the conversation gets interrupted by 5 guys standing right behind you. You turn around, and recognize the guy from earlier. "Hi, I'm Louis, and this is Liam, Niall, Zayn and Harry" he says, and points out the boys, one by one, while he says their names. "Hi! I'm Julie and this is [Y/N]" Julie responds, nodding your way, which you hardly recognize! You are just starring directly at the guy who presented himself as Louis, and you can see that he's looking at you too. "We were just wondering if you'd like to play along with us? The more, the merrier!" Liam says, and smiles a warm and friendly smile. But once again, you are not really listening, you're just having a really intense eye-contact with Louis. Julie replies on behalf of both of you, and gladly accepts the invitation. She's just about to walk/swim to the other end of the pool, when she realize that you aren't really moving, and neither is Louis. "Come on lovebirds! The game can't start without you!" Harry yells at us, and forces us to come back to reality. 
The boys, Julie and you have been playing, talking and laughing all day, and you were all pretty exhausted when you decided to leave the pool. While being in the pool, you all got to know each other pretty well, and you've all exchanged numbers, and had gotten door-keys to each others rooms on the hotel (thanks to the lovely guy in the reception, who must have broken lots of rules, just to please you). 


You were just dancing around in your room, thinking and singing. When your phone suddenly starts vibrating. You look at the screen - Louis!<3. 
"Hi Lou!" you say happily and start looking in your bag for a dress to wear for dinner later. "Hi babe! Ehm.. I was just wondering, the guys and I are going out tonight - for dinner, and we were wondering if you'd like to come with us? - both of you?". You walked into Julies room, still talking to Louis. "Hey babe, the boys asks if we wanna go out to dinner with them tonight? You in?" she quickly nods, and you leave her room again. "Well, we'd love to!" you say with a huge smile on your face "Sweet! We'll pick you up at 7. Ok?" "yeah, perfect! See ya!" "See ya, love" Louis says and hangs up. You look at your watch, 1 and a half hour to get ready - SHIT! You hurry in to Julie, to tell her, and then hurries to the bathroom! After a quick shower, you run into your room, to find a nice dress to wear. You throw it on, and hurry out to the bathroom where you put on some simple, but pretty makeup. Just a little mascara, eyeliner and a little rouge, just to make your face look a little more fresh. You look your phone again, F*CK! 35 minutes left! You quickly dry your hair, and decide not to do anything special with your hair, so you find a pretty little butterfly hair-clip, you pull a little of your hair away from your face. Then you rush out to the bathroom, to brush your teeth. You walk slowly into your room again, sit down and is just about to put your phone into a little purse, it starts ringing. "Hi, it's .... well ....me?" you say, really awkwardly. You hadn't even checked who was calling before you picked up the phone. Then you hear a familiar voice laughing at the other end "Well, hi you! I'm just calling to make sure, that you're ready?" Louis says, still laughing a little. "Yup, all done! Just knock when you're here, and i'll be right out there, to let you..." You didn't even get to finish that sentence before someone knocked on your door. You opened it, and was just about to faint, when you saw what was on the other side of the door! "Hi, I'm sorry I'm here a little early, but I just couldn't wait to see you again! You look beautiful by the way... " Louis says, and looks directly to ground "...Just like a dream - a beautiful fairy tale" he continues. You start to blush, and decides that it's time to go get Julie, so that you can get this dinner started. You meet up with the other boys at a small restaurant at the hotel a little later, and you have a blast of a night. After a lovely dinner, which the boys paid (such gentlemen) and a lovely movie-night at their suite, it was finally time for you to go back to your suite. Julie had fallen asleep, just like Niall, Liam, Harry... All right, you and Louis were actually the only ones who were still awake! You had spend the last sitting in the couch, leaning against Louis, just looking into his eyes, smiling, and talking. But now, you've decided to go 'home' and sleep, and as sweet as Louis is, he walks you to your door. "Thank you so much for tonight, it's been amazing! I really enjoy your company!" as you are just about to walk inside your suite, Louis pulls you close to him, kisses you gently on your lips, and smiles. "Sweet dreams my love" he says before he lets you go to bed, and for the first time in ages, you fall asleep with a huge smile on your lips! 

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