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  • Publiceret: 16 okt. 2012
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Imaginations på både dansk og engelsk :-)


18. Liam - English


You're in London on a school-trip. You're dancing down the street, with your best friend, singing along to One Direction, having fun! Suddenly your best friend stops and look confused and really embarrassed. You stop too, and look at her. She looks at you with a big smile, and points at this boy coming your way. You look and think he looks really good, but you don't more about that. You put in the earplugs again, and start singing. After a few steps, someone suddenly stops you, and you turn around to look at the person that has stopped you. Then you suddenly realize why your friend was freaking out before. The handsome boy you were looking at before was Liam. The Liam Payne from One Direction. The boyband that you're listening to at this very moment. "Hi! My name is Liam..." He says and smiles at you. "I couldn't help overhearing what you were singing, and you sing really good actually" He continues, and keep on looking into your eyes.You can feel your heart is melting a little each second he's looking at you. You talk for at little while when your friend suddenly interrupts your conversation.. "Hey babe, we've got to go, I have to be back at the hotel in 15 minutes!" she says and looks at Liam. He smiles and offers to follow you back to the hotel. At the hotel, you have to say goodbye to Liam, because of a meeting with your teachers and all the other students, but you plan to meet again later. 

It's finally 6 pm. And you've planned with Liam, that he'd pick you up in half an hour. You'd been waiting for hours for him to arrive, so you'd had lots of time to get ready. You look at your phone, and decide to go downstairs to wait for Liam. As soon as you get down in the lobby, you see Liam coming through the door, with a bunch of red roses. You smile, and walk towards him. You give him a huge hug, and he hands you the flowers. You ask the receptionist to look out for the flowers until you get back, and then Liam and you leave the hotel. The two of you go outside to his car, and he - as the gentleman he is - opens the door for you so that you can get in. You drive for a while, sightseeing and stuff, before you finally arrive at the London Eye. You get out of the car, and smile. Liam takes your hand, and drags you to the huge wheel. Then you suddenly realize how terrified of heights you really are. You stop, and Liam looks confused at you. "Something wrong, love?" he says and takes your other hand too. "I..... I'm just really, REALLY afraid of heights... " You say and look at your feet. Liam put a finger under your chin, and slowly lifts your head, so that he can look into your eyes. "I'll watch out for you. I won't ever let anything happen to you, trust me babe..." He says, while looking into your eyes. His warm, brown eyes makes your entire body react like jelly, and you can feel your knees become weaker and weaker. You smile, and the two of you step in to one of the capsules on the London Eye. As soon as the wheel is at it's highest you feel your stomach turn around. You look at Liam, and he quickly wraps his arms around you. He turns you around, so that you are face-to-face. You look into each others eyes, and as you're just about to turn around again, he grabs you, and kisses you directly on the lips. You look surprised at him, but soon after return the kiss. The rest of the night by, hanging out with Liam, cuddling, kissing and having fun. 

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