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Imaginations på både dansk og engelsk :-)


16. Harry - English


You were walking around Christmas-shopping in the streets of London. You’d been shopping for hours now, so you decided that it was time for a little break. You went by the nearest Starbucks-café and had a coffee to go. Then you headed for ‘The London Eye’. You’d been living in London for quite a long time now, but hadn’t had the time, to see London from that point of view at Christmas-time yet. You got in line, and waited for a couple of seconds before you were let in, into one of the cabins. The door to the cabin was just about to get closed when two guys got in at the very last second.

Now it was just the three of you. You turned around to look at the view, with a weird feeling inside. You’d seen those guys before. You stood there wondering for a while, until one of the boys broke the silence. “Hey Harry – Look, she’s bought ‘Take me home’” You turned around to look at the boys. You looked down, into one of your shopping-bags and found the album the boy was talking about, and suddenly you realized who the boys were! Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. “Yeah, I did… It’s for my cousin, she’s a huge fan of yours.” You answer the boys and look at them. “Awesome, what’s her name? How old is she?” Harry says and smiles the recognizable smile, which everyone loves and adores!  “Her name is Alyson, but I always call her Aly, and she’s six years old” You say, and pull out a picture of her from last year. You really loved this picture! A tear dropped from your eye, and fell down your cheek. “Something wrong hun?” Louis said, and was right beside you in a split-second, trying to comfort you. “Her parents – My aunt and uncle – both died last year, and I’ve been taking care of her ever since. That picture is from our first Christmas together, just a month after her parents passed away, and on that day, Christmas eve, was the first time I saw her smile again after the accident” You said and smiled. “She’s my little angel, my precious princess – I love her more than anything! All of these presents are for her actually” you say and laugh a little, while removing the tears with your sleeve. Suddenly the wheel stops, and you get out. “So where’s Aly now?” Harry asks “She’s with my parents until tomorrow, so that I had a chance to go Christmas-shopping.” You say and smile.

You walk around with Harry and Louis for a while, until you end up at your place drinking homemade hot chocolate.
Suddenly Louis’ phone starts ringing. “I have to go, I have to pick up Eleanor - we’re going to a family-dinner at my parents’ tonight.” He says, once he hangs up. He gives you his number and a hug goodbye before we rushes out of the door. Now it’s just Harry and you. “Sooo…. What are you doing tonight then?” Harry asks, and smiles at you. “Nothing, I think I’ll just order a pizza, and relax at home.. I don’t get these evenings very often, so it’s nice to just sit down once you get the chance. How ‘bout you?” “Nothing yet, the boys and I have a day off today, and all of the others are seeing their families tonight.” “Then why don’t you go do the same?” you asks curiously “They’re on vacation at the time, but I’m working so I couldn’t go.” Suddenly you start feeling sorry for Harry, once again you get this strange feeling – like the one you got earlier. “Then stay here.. I could use some company, and don’t tell me you don’t like pizza Styles! Cause then I’ll have to kill you…!” you joke and send him a friendly smile.

The night went on pretty well; you ate some pizza, and watched a lot of movies.

 It was getting pretty late, when Harry decided that it was time to head home.  You’d really been enjoying Harrys company, and you agreed to meet up again tomorrow.


You were lying in bed just enjoying the sun warming up your face. You looked at your bedside-watch – 9:30am. A flashback from yesterday filled your mind, and made you smile. Aly would scream if she knew that Harry and Louis had been here! So you decided not to tell her. You picked up your phone, and were just about to call Aly to say goodmorning, when a message popped up on your screen:

#Morning babe. Thanks for last night Hope you slept well, can’t wait to see u again later! Much Love – Harry xx#

You quickly texted back, and then called your mom’s phone. When you were done talking to Aly, you pulled out some clothes from your closet, and went to go get a nice and warm shower! Once you were done, you looked at your phone again – 12:35am. 25 minutes until Harry would pick you up. You threw on some makeup, and pulled up your hair into a messy bun. You were pulling on your coat, when someone rang the doorbell. You opened up the door, to see Harry, with a bunch of red roses. “Hi babe! These are for you ” he says and hands you the flowers. Then you walked to his car.
Harry took you to a beautiful Italian restaurant, where you ate some lunch, before you went for a walk in the park. “So.. I know we’ve only known each other for a day, but would you like to go on a real date with me – maybe tomorrow?” Harry asks, while you’re walking in the park. “Yeah, I’d love to! Aly is going to a sleepover tomorrow morning, and isn’t home until Saturday.” You say, and smile. Harry takes your hand, and you walk hand in hand through the park.


You and Harry have been dating for almost a month now, and Christmas Eve has finally arrived. You haven’t told Aly about Harry and you yet, but you plan on telling her tonight, because you have a special guest for dinner tonight. Aly and you have been making food, and been baking Christmas-cookies all day, and you are both in really good mood. You had planned with Harry that he could come at 4pm, and as soon as the clock turned 4pm the doorbell rang. You and Aly both ran to the door to open it, and as expected, Harry was standing on the other side of the door. “Hi girls” he said, and you helped him inside. As soon as Aly had calmed down, you all sat down, so that you could tell her, what had been going on.

You were sitting around the tree, and Aly was opening all the presents from Harry, when he suddenly pulled you close. “Here’s your present babe” He said and hands you a box. You slowly open it, and inside lays a piece of paper. “What is it?” “Take a look” Harry responds, and you do as he says. You look at the paper for a while, and then look at Harry with tears filling your eyes. “I know that you love her like she were your own daughter, and I know that the two of you have been talking about this for a while, and I think it’s a great idea. All you need, is to sign here, and she’s all yours.” Harry says, and asks Aly to come on over “Why are you crying, it’s Christmas?” she asks and look worried at you. Then she looks at Harry. “Alyson, would you like [Y/N] to be your new mommy?” Harry asks, and look at you and then Alyson “She is my new mommy!” says.
That Christmas, was the best Christmas ever! A month later, the adoption went through, and Alyson were now finally yours. And so were Harry, you got engaged that same summer, and got married a year later. The three of you were now one happy family, and you couldn’t ask for anything better!


Sooo I know this is quite a long imagination, but I just couldn't stop writing ! I just got carried away! But I hope you like it anyway :i I just finished it, so I'm sorry if there's any bad mistakes! But I just had to share this with you! 

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! <3 

- Love Julie xxxx 

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