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  • Publiceret: 16 okt. 2012
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Imaginations på både dansk og engelsk :-)


5. Harry - English


That you work at a clothing-store. It's about 4 pm, and you've been at work since 8 am this morning, because nobody could take their shift today. It's been a busy day at the store today, and you're really exhausted! The store has been full of annoying and stupid people all day, but no matter what you have to smile, and keep calm. You were just about to close down the store, when two boys come inside. You can't really see who it is, 'cause their hoodies are pulled down, infront of their faces - which makes you a little nervous. You're just about to tell them that the store is about to close down, when they remove their hoodies. You quickly recognize the two boys as Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. "Hi... Ehhm, we know that you were just about to close down the store, but is it OK if we take just a quick look? Harry REALLY need some style-guidance and I'm pretty busy at the moment?" Louis says, and looks you directly in the eyes. "Yeah sure! Just let me know if there's anything you'd like to ask!" you respond, and for the first time today, you send a person a real smile. You let the two of them look around for a while, while you begins to slowly shut down the store. While you do that you overhear Harry say something to Louis. "Hey Lou... Why don't we ask her to join us at the party?" "Harry, you don't know her.. That's why.. You fancy her, don't you?!" you hear Louis whisper in a low voice, just loud enough for you to slightly hear. "No..! God Louis! But admit it, she is pretty good looking!" you can't help but roll your eyes. You let them look for a few more minutes, when you finally interrupt them. "Have you found anything yet?" you ask, and see that Harry is looking you directly in the eyes. You smile, and he quickly replies. "Yeah, come on - lets pay!" Louis says, and walks up to the desk. "Thanks for the help by the way" Harry says while they're paying "You're welcome, it can't always be easy to be as famous as you are?" "it isn't, but we love what we do" Harry responds, and is just about to leave the store, when he suddenly turns around. "We're on our way to a party, come with us!" you look at Louis, who's nodding and smiling happily at you. "Just a second then, I gotta go change!" You go to the back of the store, and finds a nice dress that you quickly throw on, put on some makeup and runs back to the boys. "I'm ready!" you say and follow the boys out. At the party there's a lot of people, so you keep close to Harry all night. You both get a little drunk, and you end up, going home to his apartment. 

Next morning, you wake up in Harrys arms, feeling happier than ever, and from that day on, yours and Harrys relationship grew stronger day by day! 

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