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15. One Direction (engelsk)


You and your boyfriend of 1 year Harry is arguing again. You two have got a lot of fights lately. You love Harry with all your heart but you're not sure he feels the same anymore. The tears streems down your face and you an see that Harry is about to cry too. You yell at him: "FINE YOU DON'T LOVE ME ANYMORE! I GET IT! JUST GO FIND ANOTHER GIRL TO BE WITH." And with that you turn around to go to the door. But just as you  reach the door you feel a hand in yours. "Don't ever say that to me! You know I love you! I always have and I always will! Just don't leave." You look him in the eyes and reach up to kiss him. He kiss you back.


You lies in Louis arms. He is your best friens but you feel different now. You are madly in love with him but you don't want to ruin your friendship. You two watch movies with the boys and you are half asleep. Harry start to ask Louis: "Have you tell her yet?" Louis: "No, I know she dosn't feel the same way:" Harry: "Just tell her. One day she'll be taken and then you don't have a chance." You hear it all and starts to think: who is this girl? And suddenly the words just came out of your mouth. You: "Who?" Louis: "Erm, no one:" He looks down. And suddenly Harry says: "Louis here is in love with you (Y/N)!" You look up at Louis who is blushing really bad. You just lean up and kiss his lips.


You two lay down in you boyfriend Liams arms. You: "I love you!" Liam: "I love you too!" You: "I love you more!" Liam: "I love you most!" You: "you are just so cute!" Liam: "you are cutest!" You: "I love your eyes" Liam: "I love you smile!" You: "I love yo.." Zayn: "What are you two doing??" He give you a wired look. You two just laugh.


You sit down on the bed and looking at the TV. Suddenly Niall call you from down stairs: "Babe I'm so hungy!! Will you make food now?" You sigh and walk downstairs to make some food. As you come Niall hugs you tight. Niall: "thank you love!" He kisses you and walk with you out in the kitchen.


You are sick this week and your boyfriend Zayn has been with you all the time. But today he have to go to the studio with the other boys. You just lay down in bed all day. But then you hear a knock on the door. You say: "come in" and Zayns head come in. Zayn: "Hey babe! How are you?" He close the door after him. You: "bad" Zayn: "aww babe. Cuddle with me?" You move a little so he can be there. You two watch movies rest of the day.




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