1D imagines (13+)

Her kan du læse om en masse hyggelige, romantiske og lidt frække imagines om Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam og Zayn fra One Direction.

Nogle imagines ville være kun for over 13+ og det ville stå ved kapitel navnet.


5. Niall Imagine.



Your birthday was right around the corner, two days away to be exact. You weren’t expecting much from anyone and you had made it clear to Niall your birthday wasn’t a big deal, it’s like any other day of the year. Whenever you said that, he always never responded and shrugged it off. So you figured he felt the same way and didn’t care much that it was your birthday, you certainly didn’t.

“(Y/N) , what are you making for dinner?” Niall asked, coming into the living room and joining you on the couch. He pushed you over and laid limply on top of you.

“What do you want?” You ask.

“Spaghetti?” He suggests.

“I can do that.” You smile softly.

“I love you.” He whispers.

“I love you too.” You respond and kiss his lips.

Both of your lips stay connected and don’t depart for quite some time. When they do, you two barely have any breath left in you. You smile at him and try pushing him off so you can start dinner. Eventually he does get off you and let you retreat to the kitchen. Only so he could follow you 10 minutes later to inform you that Harry and Zayn would be joined you two for dinner.

“Why only them? Where’s Perrie?” You frown, confused. This wasn’t an everyday thing.

“I don’t know, Harry called and said him and Zayn we’re stopping by. When I said you were making dinner he asked if they could join.” Niall said.

You sighed and began making even more food. The amount you usually make for you and Niall is barely enough with how much he eats of it all. You made Garlic Bread, breadsticks, a bunch of spaghetti and mixed up a salad. Giving everyone options.

You heard the door open and the loudness of Harry and Zayn enter the flat, Harry soon appeared in the kitchen shortly after with Zayn trailing behind him a minute or two later.

“Smells good.” Harry smiled, pulling you into a quick hug and a warm kiss on the cheek. When he pulled away, Zayn repeated the process.

“It should be done any minute.” You state.

“Guys come here, I want to show you this.” Niall’s voice sounded faint from another room.

Zayn and Harry went to Niall while you finished up cooking, when it was done you set everything out in the dining room. Zayn, Niall and Harry all talking in the living room loudly but nothing was very coherent between the boiling of noodles and then draining the water from them.

 “Boys! Dinner is ready!” You yelled.

All three of them made their way towards the dining table to eat, when you came out and asked what their orders were about drinks. All 3 of them decided to have a beer and you drank a glass of wine. Something to sooth and relax you while the boys talked extremely loud, Niall’s constant laugh.

Dinner went well, but you made Niall clean it up while you talked to Harry and Zayn for a while before they left. When they did, you went off to the bedroom you and Niall shared so you could just feel clean again. When you came out, it was already almost 9 at night and you were exhausted. Niall was in the kitchen because you could clearly hear the TV, you made your way out and saw him trying his hardest not to fall asleep on the couch.

“Babe, come to bed.” You stand, leaning against the door way with your arms crossed, smiling at him. He looked so adorable when he was sleepy like this.

“Carry me?” He asked, looking at you, his eyelids heavy.

“No, I can’t.” You laugh.

He shuts the TV off and throws the remote on the other side of the couch before standing up, almost falling over and making his way towards you.

“I love you (Y/N) .” Niall smiled, his eyes starting to shut but open themselves quickly.

“I love you too.” You laugh, “Let’s go to bed.” You wrap his arm around the back of your neck and put your arm on the other side of hip, guiding him to the bedroom.

When you two got to the bedroom he collapsed on the bed, you struggled to take off his pants because you knew how he hated when he slept in jeans, some nights he would come home and forget to change before he passed out to take a nap but ended up sleeping the whole night. You eventually slipped his pants off and threw them on the floor, he made his way up to his side of the bed and pulled the blanket over him. You turned the lights off and joined him.

Not all nights with Niall were the most romantic but you enjoyed every night, just having him close was all you needed. 



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