1D imagines (13+)

Her kan du læse om en masse hyggelige, romantiske og lidt frække imagines om Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam og Zayn fra One Direction.

Nogle imagines ville være kun for over 13+ og det ville stå ved kapitel navnet.


6. Louis Imagine.

“Loveeee.” You hear Louis say from outside of the bathroom door. You put down your straightening iron for a minute, “Yes, Louis?” You hear him shuffle outside the
door slightly. “Are you almost finished?” He says. You roll your eyes, “The hair 
process takes time Louis.” You say laughing. “Well hurry, we have to get going”
He says, impatiently. You take another chunk of hair and straighten it.  “Well, 
if you tell me where we’re going maybe I could hurry a bit more.” You say, in
a sweet voice to attempt at convincing him. “Nuh uh. This is supposed to be a
surprise.” He says. You can tell he’s losing his temper. “Fine, I’m done.” You walk 
out of the bathroom looking stunning. “Good, let’s go.” He has a small duffle bag in his right hand. He takes your hand with his other hand. You walk out to your
BMW, SUV. He let’s you go to the passengers side. He opens the backseat door
on the drivers side, and he throws the duffle bag on the seat. He climbs into the
SUV and starts the motor. He pulls out of your driveway, and you guys start the 
drive into who knows where. You don’t know where he is going to take you, but
all you do know is that it’s not in town because he is driving through cottage roads. He takes a right and up ahead all you see is blue, when two get closer you see an 
amazing beach. With what looks like thousands of people, swimming, playing,
sun tanning. “We’re going swimming?!” You ask excitedly. He doesn’t answer, 
but he does grin. He grabs the duffle bag from the back seat and takes your hand
again and walks towards the beach. You spot a changing building and point it out
to Louis. He then changes directions, and goes towards the building. He brings you into a stall and shuts the door. “Here you go” He says, handing you your
favourite bathing suit. You turn so he can’t see you change. “C’mon Y/N, you don’t
have to hide. There’s nothing I haven’t seen.” He says with a grin. You roll your eyes, and get changed. Still a little insecure. You and Louis walk out together, he walks in the direction of the rental booth. He arrives to the counter. “Hi, can I get two medium sized surfboards please.” He says to the employee. The young man nods, and hands Louis the surfboard. Louis leaves $30 dollars on the counter and the man takes it to put in the register. “Why’d you get two?” You ask, “You know
I don’t know how to surf.” He looks at you with a grin, “That’s why I’m teaching you.” You gasp. “I want you to be able to surf with me in the future. I don’t want you to miss out on the fun..” He says. He hands you the surfboard, giving you no choice but to go surfing. He walks to the water and goes in till he reaches his knees. He turns and waves you to come over, you go over. He drops his board in the water and you do the same. “Alright” He says “Sit on the board.” He hops on his 
board and you try to do what he did but you fall in the water instead. He laughs
“Sorry babe, I should’ve probably shown you how to get on first.” He gets off his
board and goes to you. He helps you on, then goes back to his board. “Alright.”
He says, “Good, now we lie down on the board.” He lies down after you lie down. “Now we have to paddle when a wave is coming” He looks out at the water that
is incoming “Which is now, so paddle with your hands. Then stand and SURF!” 
He says, excited. You do as he says, when the wave comes you stand at the
perfect moment and you do it! You actually surf! You are so proud of yourself, 
that you don’t pay attention and you slip. Louis notices you fell, and because you 
don’t wear a life jacket you have to depend on your swimming skills. Louis wasn’t
sure if you knew how to swim to well so he paddled over to you. You have your board, your half in the water and half on the surfboard. He jumps off his board, and 
swims over to you. “You alright babe?” He saysYou nod, “Yeah, but my lips kind’ve hurt.” You say, giving him a hint. He smiles and half gets on. And gives you a long, passionate kiss. It was a perfect way to spend a day with your boo bear.

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