1D imagines (13+)

Her kan du læse om en masse hyggelige, romantiske og lidt frække imagines om Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam og Zayn fra One Direction.

Nogle imagines ville være kun for over 13+ og det ville stå ved kapitel navnet.


4. Imagines med alle drengende. (Dyr)


Niall: You wake up to a banging noise. “Puggles get back here! That’s mine!” You sit up, confused. Puggles? You slowly sneak to the doorway of the bedroom and peek downstairs. You gasp when you see Niall running around the living room, chasing a pug with a Nando’s bag in it’s mouth. “Niall?” you ask, walking slowly down the stairs. The pug runs over to you and you pet it, picking it up. “Oh, good mornin’ Princess!” Niall says, taking the bag from its mouth. You raise your eyebrows and Niall blushes. “Well, I know how much ya love pugs so I was gonna surprise you with one. But then it stole my Nando’s!” Niall says, pointing accusingly to the dog. “Aww, babe. Don’t blame it; just look how cute it is!” you giggle, poking its fat stomach. “It’s not…it’s not cuter than me is it?” Niall pouts. You laugh and put ‘Puggles’ down. “Nope. Nothing could ever be cuter than my Nialler.” you say, kissing him.

Zayn: “Hey babe, you still want that snake you’ve always wanted?” Zayn asks, slowing the car down in front of a reptile store. You look at him excitedly. “Really?” He smiles and nods. “Yeeees!” You’ve had a weird obsession with snakes ever since you were little, but you could never get one because your mother was terrified of them. Zayn pulls into a parking spot and gets out, opening your door for you and taking your hand. When you walk into the store, he wrinkles his nose at the smell. You look at the snake in the first cage and fall in love. “Oh Zaaaaaaayn. How would you live to live with this in our flat?” You giggle at Zayn’s widened eyes. He looks at you like you’re crazy. “Are you sure babe?” he asks, and you nod. He sighs and gets the worker lady to pay for the snake. “Thank you so so so so soooo much babe.” you say, kissing his cheek and taking the snake in it’s cage.

Louis: You walk in the door from college and hear a small yip yip. “Shhh, (Y/N)’s home! You’re supposed to be a surprise!” Louis whispers. You slip off your jacket and heels and creep into the dining room to see Louis sitting on the ground with a small Chihuahua beside him. The Chihuahua charges towards you and starts jumping on you. “Louis get it off!” you squeal, trying to kick it away. “Relax babe. It’s Chihuahua, it couldn’t cause any harm.” Louis says, coming over and picking up the small dog. He holds it up to you and it licks your face. “Gross.” you mutter, wiping it off on your sleeve. “Do you like it? If you don’t I can totally bring it back to the pound.” Louis says, setting it down and hugging you. “No, it’s just fine.” Yip yip yip! “I’ll just have to get used to constant barking.” you say. “Yeah, but isn’t it cute?” You look at it and smile. “Yeah….”

Harry: You’re sitting on your computer, going through Twitter and YouTube. You had drank an Arizona Tea before, so you needed to pee. While you were in the bathroom, you thought you heard footsteps, but thought nothing of it. When you come out, there’s a white box with pink ribbon sitting on the keys of your lap top. Interested, you pull the ribbon and the box opens the reveal a fluffy white kitten. You immediately knows who’s responsible for this. “Haaaaaaaaaarry.” you call, trying to push the cat off the bed. “Yeah babe?” he says, looking innocent. You roll your eyes. “Cat?” you gesture to the white fluff ball which is now on the floor. Harry just smiles. “Haz, you know I’m allergic to cats.” you sigh, and Harry’s smile turns into a frown. “I know, but I thought you may have become not allergic…” he trails off. “Since the last time you tried to get a cat, which was about a month ago?” you laugh, and he slowly picks up the kitten and puts it back in the box. “Well, at least I’ll always have my realkitten.” he says, kissing your nose and leaving the room.

Liam: You wake up to your phone going off. You groggily pick up your phone and check the time. 6:00 pm? You shoot out of bed and run down stairs and see Liam, sitting on the couch and watching TV. “Liam, why didn’t you wake me up?” you ask, pushing loose hairs behind your ears. He just smiles. “You just looked so cute and peaceful. And exhausted.” You sigh and walk into the kitchen. You head for the fridge, but something stops you. “Liam, why is there a turtle on the floor?” Liam jumps up from the couch and runs into the kitchen. “Boris! How did you get out of your cage?” He picks up the turtle and sets it in a cage by the sink. “Um, Li? When did we get a turtle?” you ask, grabbing the milk out of the fridge. “Today. Do you like it?” he says, smiling. “Yeah, it’s actually cute. But can it get out of the food making area?” you asks, and Liam quickly moves the cage with a quick “Of course, love.”




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