Imagines (1D)

Små 1D fanfiction! Kopieret lidt fra internettet men skriv endelig så kan jeg selv prøve at skrive en:)


4. Liam

: You and Liam have been dating for about 4 years. It’s your anniversary so you’re on vacation at Disney Land. You’ve been having such a wonderful time, going on rides, meeting Disney characters and of course spending time with your boo in the most magical place on earth. It’s your 6th day there and you and Liam are sitting at a table at Clarabelle’s Frozen Yoghurt in Toon Town. You had just taken a bite out of your frozen yoghurt when Liam looks at you and says “How did I end up with someone as beautiful and perfect as you?” “Your kidding me right? You’re Liam Payne. The sweetest most perfect guy on the planet. Other than Woody of course. If anything I’m lucky to have you!” Liam laughs taking your hands into his “Thank you, but I’m being serious I love you so much and you’re so gorgeous and wonderful, inside and out.” “I love you to Liam.” you say wondering what brought all this on. You finish your icecream and walk over to Mickey Mouse’s house. You make your way into the house “I love this so much!” you say looking around the room. Liam smiles and says “I know you do.” You walk into the room where you get to meet Mickey “Thats why I decided this would be the perfect place to do this,” Liam takes you into the middle of the room where Mickey is standing, he gets down on one knee taking your hands into his “I love you so much (Y/N) more than you could ever know. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So (Y/F/N) will you please do me the great honour of becoming Mrs.(Y/N) Payne?” you look down at him smiling “Yes, one thousand, one million times yes!” Mickey pulls a ring box out of his pocket and hands it to Liam. He slips the ring on your finger standing up and pulling you in for a passionate kiss.
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