live while we're young

Camilla og Linda er rigtig gode venner med one direction og de har begge et godt øje til en af drengene og de vil self gerne være mere end venner med dem men det vil ikke ødelægge deres gode venskab så de må bide i det sure æble eller prøve på det men det er jo svært når man er smask forelsket
finder de sammen? eller må pigerne leve med at de ikke kan få mere end et venskab?


6. Zayn's POV

I cant stop thinking about her, its like i been loving her for my whole life, shes on my mind all the time its kinda wierd i have a girlfriend but i cant stop thinking about Camilla.
"Zayn what are you thinking about you seem so wierd" Liam asked me "well do you know the feeling of loving somebody else while you have a girlfriend?" i asked and Liam looked at me like i was stupid "no Zayn i haven't why" he asked me "nevermind you won't understand where i'm coming from then".

We got to Nandos and then she walked out of the car with Niall in her hand god i'm jealous of my own friend he has something that i cant have.
We found a table at Nandos and what do i see? is that Perrie no that cant be true, "Zayn i think your girl is with somebody else" Niall said to me "Niall that cant be true she would never do that to me and you know that everybody do" i said while i was looking down at the person that might be Perrie.

"i'm gonna go to the bathroom and then i check if its Perrie" Harry said and walked to the bathroom. after a few minutes later Harry got back and he sat down next to me, "it is Perrie" he said "WHAT" i yelled and she looked up, "look Zayn i'm sorry i didn't mean to hurt you i love you i really do" she said with a tear on its way down her cheeks. "if you really love me you wouldn't do that to me, what were you thinking?" i said "sorry honey i love you i'm so, so sorry" she said with her face full of tears, "what are you sorry for, breaking my heart or sorry for me to find out!." i yelled into her face "i'm sorry for everything babe and you should know that" she said while she was crying "you know what we are so done" i said and sat down at the table again to some people that wouldn't do that to me, some people that really love me.
"are you okay sweetheart" Camilla asked, "well have you tried something like that ofcause i'm not okay" i said "we are so sorry Zayn shes not worth it anymore you should find a girl that you really trust" Liam said and thats when i knew that Camilla was the right for me cause shes that kind of girl who hate people who are doing what Perrie just did to me.

"i can't be here anymore i'm sorry guys i'm leaving!" i said "dude wait we go with you!" Harry said "wait! what about my food?" Niall said "Niall whats wrong with you dude your such an idiot sometimes his heart is broken and all you are thinking of is food! what a friend" Linda said.
They all walked with me god i was broken the only person i want to talk to is Linda or Camilla.
i sat in the same car as Camilla and Linda and i was crying, Linda started the car and i was sitting in the backseat with Camilla and she hold my hand and trying to make me laugh. "Camilla its very sweet but nothing can make me happy now i'm never gonna smile again" i said, she looked at me with her cute face omg i just wanna kiss her. "ofcause you will smile again babe you just need time to get over it me and linda tried it alot of times before and just look at us we smile all the time now" Camilla said
while she was saying that our song one thing came on the radio and the girls started to sing out loud and i just wanted to laugh but i tried not to, but i couldn't hold it back i laughed my ass of and started to sing along. "see she was right dude you smile and laughing just like everyone should do when they are broken its the best way to get over someone" Linda said to me and she was right god i love these girls.


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