live while we're young

Camilla og Linda er rigtig gode venner med one direction og de har begge et godt øje til en af drengene og de vil self gerne være mere end venner med dem men det vil ikke ødelægge deres gode venskab så de må bide i det sure æble eller prøve på det men det er jo svært når man er smask forelsket
finder de sammen? eller må pigerne leve med at de ikke kan få mere end et venskab?


4. Niall's POV

Liam and Linda came back from the kitchen, and i was looking at her in a asking kind of way, and she just shaking her head, and i was relived, i didn't want the boys to know jet, it was only Linda there knew about me and Camilla.

Camilla draged Linda too I didn't know what to say, so i just said that i didn't knew, and that she just fell over me, "yeah we can see that!" Harry said, "what do you mean?" i asked, "yeah we could see on your faces that there is nothing going on, just tell us the truth Niall!" Louis said. "Okay Camilla and i have been on a few dates, but i don't know if we are a couple, but i think she is great and we're just having a good time, but we'll see" i said. 

Camilla and Linda came out again, and all the other boys were looking at Camilla, and they just sat down on the couch, and Harry was just smiling to Camilla like she had something on her face. "What are you smiling at Harry" Camilla asked, "nothing" Harry answered. "don't even lie dude i can see it on your face" Camilla replied, and then Harry started laughing and i could see on Camillas face that she got more and more mad
"Camilla i just told them about us thats why he is like that!" Camilla looked at Linda with a wierd face "Niall why did you do that you knew how they would react" Linda said to me and i was like wooow its my choise if i wanna tell them.
Camilla went to bed without saying goodnight and all of us walked into the room where she was and i could see she was crying "camilla why are you crying" i asked, she didn't anwer me, he just took the blanket and hide under it, Linda went over to her and tried to get her to stop crying. 

i asked the boys and Linda to leave the room and they did. I sat at the end of the bed, and took the blanket away from her face so i could look at her, she sat up next to me and we were holding hands "are you ok sweetie" i asked "yeah, but why did you tell them?" she asked " well...i kinda had too they made me" i answered "but why did you let Harry tease me?" she asked "what the hell could i do?" i asked "well... if you really care about me you could have told him to stop laughing at me!" i didn't know what to say so i just leaned in to kiss her, and she kissed me back.

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