live while we're young

Camilla og Linda er rigtig gode venner med one direction og de har begge et godt øje til en af drengene og de vil self gerne være mere end venner med dem men det vil ikke ødelægge deres gode venskab så de må bide i det sure æble eller prøve på det men det er jo svært når man er smask forelsket
finder de sammen? eller må pigerne leve med at de ikke kan få mere end et venskab?


3. Liam's POV

When the girls sang it was like i was in heaven it was absolutely beautiful i could here them sing all day long.
"wow girls it was amazing and then you sang our song and made our songs so much better", "thank you so much Liam that really nice" Linda said back to me and Camilla just gave me one of her cute smiles. 

Everybody was talking about spoons and i was like stop it before i get mad and then Linda said "its kinda wierd people made teaspoon cause there can't be anything on the spoon!" i was getting more and more mad so i took a pillow and throw it on Harry because he started that conversation and then everyone had a pillow fight well i guess this is every guys dreams to have a pillowfight with two hot girls Liam what the hell are you thinking you have a girlfriend i thought to myself  "stupid Liam" i said out loud "WHAT!!!" Camilla said with laugh in her voice "uhhhhm i said stupid Kiam" everybody laughed soo hard that they fell on the floor.

Camilla fell on Niall and i thought there was a little romance between them, so i aksed "Niall and Camilla whats going on between you guys?" Linda started laughing even more and i guess she ran to the bathroom before she peed in her pants, Niall and Camilla didn't answer my question so there must be something about them something they don't wanna tell.

Zayn, Louis and Harry was looking at them like they knew something and i was just out of my mind cause Niall and Camilla together i don't think so.

Linda came back from the bathroom and was totally red in her face "did you pee in your pants Linda?" Louis asked, "well it was close but i made it to the bathroom just in time".

I was thinking maybe Linda knew what was going on between Niall and Camilla so i took her to the kitchen and asked her "do you know whats going on between your sister and Niall?" she just looked at me like what the... "well i kinda do but i want them to tell, i don't wanna tell stuff about my sisters lovelife"  

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