Dark Guardian Angel

Laurel is 14 years old. She has lived life in the whirl of pleasures. Until very recently, where her parents were killed by her sister, Margaret... The word "why" is one of the only Laurel thinking. After a while she begins to found out...

- Jeg håber i vil læse min movella, selvom mit engelsk ikke er så super fabuless.


1. Eight years alone


You would think that one can find all information in books. But you must think again. Because it's not true. I have searched in eight years, to find out why my sister killed my parents. But i've never figured it out. Eight years, I say unto you. Eight years! Besides, I have not seen my sister since. I've been alone for eight years! I have just searched and searched! No result... But now my every day life; I live in a small hut, I have built out of wood. I shoot my own food, with bow and arrow. Eight years with rabbit, deer and wild strawberries. And then came the eight years on the track again. I'm lonely.. Just one friend, and my life will be whole again. Of course, it's not true. My parents and my sister. They gaps in my heart. On to every day life...

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