Imagines-One Direction♥

Jeg skriver ret mange Imagines i min fritid og i skolen. Ikke alle er lige gode, men nu sætter jeg nogen af dem ind! <3


8. Niall Horan (One Direction) på engelsk

You and your friends freak out when you hear that you all got front row tickets for One Direction. Your bestie got backstage passes too. You got to the consert and went back stage to the meet and greet. You were looking at Niall while liam looked at you "hello what's your name love?" "huh oh i'm Y/N is an honor to meet you" "you know if you walk up to Niall and he blushes you have a chance" "really?? Thanks for telling me" you say smiling. You approach Niall and"uhm hi ik uhm Y/N" "hhhi Y/N" Niall blushes "you are gorgeous " Niall says "so are you i uhm i mean you are very handsome I'm sorry I'm just uhm dumb" you say smiling "um ma'am you have to go your waiting up the line" the security guard says so"it's my fault my pen ran out of ink i need a new one" Niall says so"thank you" you say smiling "you smile alot i want to see it again if i may" Niall says "uhm sure here's my number call me when your in town" you say writing your number down "okay" you walk away and talk to zayn and harry getting your cd signed the boys start to sing Little Things as Niall blushes at you. After the consert Niall calls you and makes.plans for this weekend freakin a real date it goes great and soon he asks you to tour with him you say "yes"

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