Grafitti & Citater

Mine yndlings citater mfl.;)


3. Diverse citater

Undskyld, jeg skriver langt. Jeg har ikke tid til at skrive kort. H.C. Andersen


Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly. Ukendt


I ligner nogen der har haft det lidt for godt, lidt for længe! Thomas Blackman - X-factor audition


To see what is in front of ones nose requires constant struggle.

- George Orwell


One day, there will be a telephone in every major city in the USA.

- Alexander Graham Bell


The more I see of the moneyed class, the more I understand the guillotine.

- George Bernard Shaw


You can't have everything. After all, where would you put it?


Nothing exist except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion.


How inappropriate to call this planet Earth, when clearly it is Ocean.


The greatest of all inventors is accident.


Light travels faster than sound - isn't that why some people appear bright until you hear them speak?

- Garrison Keillor


A hen is only an eggs way of making another egg.

- Samuel Butler


It it is far more difficult to be simple than to be complicated.

- John Ruskin


One sometimes finds, what one is not looking for.

- Alexander Fleming


God created war to teach Americans geography.

- Mark Twain


Time is a great teacher. Unfortunately, it kills all its pupils.

- Hector Berlios

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