Someone to beat the heart


1. Someone to beat the heart

There is no love for you, there is nothing at all
For a moment i belived myself, for you i did not fall

But your name apperes in my head
And you're in everyone i meet
Wish love would be gone, just dead
But i'm filled from head to feet

My brain is on drugs
And my angel flown away
My head filled with thoughts
only devel to stay

He is drumming an anger, a destruktion of me
If i am not with you, with who should i then be?

A little girl is sleeping, in the bed of her mom
Face to face, worries are none
Feeling the breath, the life on her eyes
Thinking of this moment every time she crys

The breath ashured her, that she would never be alone
Every time she thinks of this, her heart has landed home

The dream of a person , loving her like that
Is the dream of a person, that makes her feel so bad
Because who will ever love her ? who will beat her heart?
Cuzz when it stops she really needs, someone to make it start


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