My name


1. My name

I like you but I’m just not sure you know it


I like you but I’m so afraid to show it


And every time I see you I look the other way


Cuzz when your eyes meet mine, I’m not sure of what to say


I’m the little girl beginning my grown up life


Who’s dreams can easy be ruined, just by the thought of a knife.


But I just want to tell you, that I want to make you mine


Something I want to see and that is if you heart can shine


The words seems to come out wrong every time your near me


Am I just fooling myself, how stupid can I be?


I don’t really know you, and I’m afraid to say you name


Because if someone knows I like you It will never be the same


Everything keeps telings me that your not my type at all


And I know if that’s the truth I have a long long way to fall


Because I told myself that someday you’ll se


That she was the little girl with who you should now be


But dreams and reality two things that’s not the same


So that I like you will be my secret, I just hope you know my name?

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