Big Brains little problems


1. Big Brains Little Problems

Too many thoughts is filling up my head

I’ am a pathetic loser lying on my bed

To many tears is trying to come out

I have a lot of sh*t that I just want to scream out loud


Why make friends when they all have to go?

And why look for love when In my heart I know

That ever one I love is gonna hurt me some day

if not because they leave me, then we all die anyway


Tell me Can I complain ?

or does that just make me bad?

Compared to you I have no pain

But in my soul I’m sad


My biggest problem is small

And I have no need for tears

Haven’t got  long way to fall

sh*tty are my biggest fears


I dream of love, and feel it too

But lonely I’m I, and so are you

Complain dismissed, cuzz I’m not the only one

I don’t feel like I’m dying, I don’t even own a gun


in 5 years or less, no matter what they now say

they don’t even miss me, they’ve found another way

It makes not sense for me to love, or create a special bond

But now I don’t know how to stop, when I just had begun


My head is soon to explode, or die

I wish that my thoughts could get wings and fly

And this is just a part of me, what’s underneath my smile

I own the right to scream my pain , just scream it out a while


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