Lying to your heart


1. Lying to your heart

If i could blow my mind into pieces, without it hurting at all

There would be no me in my room, just a red spot on my wall

I feel like shit when your around, i feel like dirt when she’s in town

She is just perfect, just for you, she is an angel breaking though


An angel  comming to save you life, but it still hurts me like nife

To see you being with that girl, when you used to be my world

But what the hell it was crush, getting over,a brigde i have to cross

hard to do when afarid of hights, right now you are not worth the fights


I’m not giving up you see, just making new reality

I’m fucking done with all this pain, and all this sadness that i gain

Cuzz when u realise to late, you loose you love, your hope and faith


Its hard to help you make her smile, it helps to be your friend a while

But truth is truth , you where always just a friend, love was a lie , time in my heart it spendt

or is that really it, is that really true ? i scream in silence when i say ” i’m glad she is with you”


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