Prince Charming (One Shot)

Abby is a normal fifteen year old girl with dreams of meeting her Prince Charming. When she finally meets him in while she's the new girl in class, it goes wrong. She's already the girlfriend of Taylor, which provides over her friendship with the prince charming Louis. But what happens when Louis suddenly wants her help to make the diary they have to write over the summer? Also when it is not only the task itself, but the content?


1. Prologue


I always felt happy when I saw him in the eyes. I always noticed how my heart beat faster when he sat down beside me, and how the warmth of my body became bigger when he laughed at my jokes. It was a wonderful feeling. But was it reciprocated? Probably not. He didn’t see me. Not the way I wish he saw me. It just feels wrong when I dont sit beside him. When I can’t look into his eyes. And when his lovely laughter can’t  reach my ear. When he sat with another girl, did it hurt. When he made her laugh, and was not knowing that I sat right next door, and listened to what he said. Every beautiful word that came from his lips, I sat and studied.

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