Prince Charming (One Shot)

Abby is a normal fifteen year old girl with dreams of meeting her Prince Charming. When she finally meets him in while she's the new girl in class, it goes wrong. She's already the girlfriend of Taylor, which provides over her friendship with the prince charming Louis. But what happens when Louis suddenly wants her help to make the diary they have to write over the summer? Also when it is not only the task itself, but the content?


2. Perfect moment.

Again, I took myself at staring at him. But he was so utterly fantastic. The way he was so self-assured. The way he smiled. And the way he knew that the right one was out there somewhere. And when he looked back at me, a warm feeling came over me. I noticed how I slowly blushed. The three seconds we had eye contact, was one of the things I could sit all day and smile of. It felt so right.


 "Abby what about you?" I came back to reality and found out that everyone was looking at me. "What?" I looked slowly up towards our teacher, who stood with her arms crossed. "What plans do you have?" She asked again. "Oh me? I am going to the U.S" I smiled falsely and then looked over at Louis again. He swung his hair to the side, and looked the other way.

I knew that he didn’t see me that way, but sometimes it felt like he did. "Remember now, you have to make a diary during the holidays" Lauren smiled and walked out the door with a bag over her shoulder. "See you tonight everyone, do not forget to be there at eight o'clock." Dimension, the whole class had to be servants to the ninth grade dimension celebration, and it was really okay. I loved to serve others.

 Megan sat on my desk. "You are going to make a video diary right?" She smiled sweetly, and looked questioningly at me. I nodded shortly and smiled back at her. "Meet us here at seven o'clock?" She got up from the table and put her chair up. "Sure,"

I put my bag on the floor, and went and took the broom. I looked briefly at Louis, who was on his way out of the door along with Ryan and Henry. He threw his bag over his shoulder and took his shoes.

"Abby" Megan flicked in front of me, and I slowly turned my eyes from Louis to her. "Hmm?" I looked blankly at her, and hoped that she just had to have my attention. But of course not. "You're completely gone man" I just nodded, though I didn't really listen to what she said. All I could think about was Louis. His hair looked better than usual. I hadn't told Megan that I liked him, but I had a feeling that she had already figured it out. I was not particularly good at looking discreetly at him. I sat and watched every move he maked, and it was easy to see.

"See you tonight," Louis yelled and walked out the door with Ryan and Henry at his heels. Why  didn’t he see me? I was just invisible to him. All he saw me as, was one of his classmates. Another girl who had fallen in love with him. And yet. "I almost forgot" He came into the class again. "Abby, can I talk to you for a minute?" He made a sweet smile and motioned for me to follow him.

He stopped suddenly and looked me straight in the eyes. His pale blue eyes that always gave me chills and always made me weak at the knees. "I was wondering if you could help with my diary?" I noticed how I slowly blushed more and more. Would he really want me to help him? I nodded eagerly, causing him to smile more. "Do you have time to help me with the start of it Monday?" I did not hesitate long before I with a bright tone spat the words out. "Do you have time tonight before we have to help at the dimension?" He looked at me with big eyes. “Well it’s because I leave tomorrow," I was rescued. Lucky me. He would not think that I was such a stalker type. But I honestly think that he already had figured out that I was completely in love with him. He could see how happy it always made me when he asked me a favor. I just took it as another opportunity to be closer to him.

He smiled big, "okay then, should we sit at a table? Then we can start filming, when we eat "What did he say right there? Would he like to eat with me? "We could share a pizza?" I smiled big and nodded. "Thank you for bothering to help me, it's going to be good," He kissed me on the cheek. "I'll see you later". I took my hand up to my cheek, and  immediately noticed how hot I was. I thought for a brief second that I was going to faint. But no it was true enough. We had a date! What I had been waiting for the past year. The amazing years I had known him. The whole year I had spent on looking at him. That year I had spent on trying to get in touch with him. All that had been a test, because now I had the exam, or whatever you might call it. It was now that I had to show everything I had to offer.


I got a cute pair of summer shorts and a denim jacket. I put on some classic makeup  and looked up at the clock. It was four forty minutes past five. I braided my hair into a loose braid, and sprinted down the stairs. "Do you want me to drive you?" Anna sat up on the sofa, and looked wonderingly at me as I with a long step, came into the room. "Yes please," I smiled at her confused facial expression. I normally would not dress that way, and she knew that I only walked in this kind of clothes to impress Louis. She had figured out that it was him I was going dressing up for. She could hear it because the way, I always talked about him. The way I always talked about how great he was. Although I tried to sound as unobtrusive as possible, she always had me figured out.

"Let me guess. It is Louis? "She blinked and got up from the couch and went straight past me and into her room. I looked irritably away, but she soon discovered how much I was starting to blush. "Stay there, I will help you" She found her straightening iron, and her makeup in a hurry. She loved doing makeovers. So it was just a plus for me. She was always there to help me.

"How long do I have?" She looked at the clock and then looked down at me. "I have to be there at seven o'clock." "What about dinner?" I quickly looked down at the floor and tried to hide how much I blushed, but it was difficult. She bore her eyes into mine. "You have a date with him right?" Her smile widened as I quickly shook my head. "Ab, I can see when you're lying" she slapped me lightly on the shoulder, and began to straighten my hair.

"Wow, I think we're done" she put the eyeliner down, and looked at my face. "That should do it" she gave me a mirror in my hands. I smiled big at her choice of makeup. She had chosen, a half dark blue eye shadow that was lightly over my eyelids. I had repeatedly told her that it was Louis' favorite color. "Thank you" I got up from the chair and went out for my shoes. I didn't need a jacket because the sky was beautifully blue. "Should we just go down the road, so you can make a big entrance?" She took the car keys and walked towards the door. I looked at myself one last time in the mirror, and then closed the door behind me.

"We have approx ten minutes. Is there something you forgot? "She's looked at the rearview mirror, and sent me a sweet smile, before she began to reverse. "No. I think I’ve got everything" I secured the safety belt and straightened my hair. "Money and lipgloss?". I looked annoyed at her. As if I would need it. "Yes I have everything in my purse" I sat down on my knees and looked out the window. I was looking forward to work with him.


I came into a warm kitchen and a lot of familiar faces. I immediately went over to Mary and Megan who stood ready with washed hands and their hair secured in a tuber. I took my time to get an apron and took my camera when Louis came into the room. He smiled sweetly and walked over and hugged me. I felt joy rolling over me. I returned his hug, and heard Henry whistle. I rolled my eyes and I quickly noticed that we had gotten everyone's attention. Except Taylor's. I had earlier been in a relationship with Taylor, and it did not seem like he was particularly happy to see me together with Louis.

"Okay we need to divide us into groups?" Megan stood on the table and clapped her hands to get everyone's attention. "We need a few of you to pick up a pizza, and then the others can begin making snacks and put them into the company premises." Louis held up one hand, and took my hand in the other. "Abby and I'll go down after pizza" He smiled slightly at me, waiting for a response. "Yes, we'll get it" I looked questioningly at Mary, who had begun to eat chocolate, we needed enough to cover the strawberries. "I’ll go with them" I noticed how there ran shivers down my spine. I turned around and saw that Taylor was taking his jacket. I quickly looked at Megan, who tried to stop him, but he insisted to go. I sighed deeply. This would not end in a good way.

 I went up next to Louis and I started talking to him more and more. He was truly amazing. No matter what I said, he laughed, and got me to smile all the time. But I continued to feel Taylor's eyes in my back. I really didn't need him to ruin my evening. Not again. He had several times made me cry. His opinion meant obviously more than I did. And the worst was that he didn’t accept me talking to Louis. Every time I talked with him, I could feel killer eyes stabbed into my back. It was not nice, but what could I do? He had even asked for a break and it did not sound like he was interested in me anymore. But still he had to meddle in everything I was doing. I looked back at him perplexed, where he immediately looked down. "Abby?" Louis put a hand on my shoulder and looked me deep into my eyes. "Are you okay?" I nodded quickly, but apparently not convincing enough. "Ab if there is anything, tell me" He looked seriously at me. There was no laughter about to pour out. He meant it.


"I'm going to go in and make drinks, are you coming?" Louis winked at me and gave evidence for me to follow. I turned my eyes away from Taylor, took a couple of glasses and went with him. "You'll have to say something to him," I looked surprised at Louis, who with heavy footsteps walking beside me. "What are you talking about?" I lifted one eyebrow. "He is constantly after you, I see how he looks at you," He grabbed the door handle and held the door for me. I shrugged my shoulders. "Did you break up?" His question surprised me. I nodded quietly, and put the glasses on the table and then sat on one of the chairs. "Then you have to tell him" He stopped and looked me in the eyes. I shrugged shoulders. "It is a long time ago, he has probably forgotten it." "No, Abby, he has not forgotten about it. If he had forgotten about it, he would not be so eager to destroy our friendship. I mean look at him. He keeps an eye on you when we talk together, he does not even hold its deadly gaze"I knew deep down inside that he was right. Taylor was jealous. Whether he'd admit it or not.

I nodded and then looked down at the ground. I felt the tears gathering in my eyes, but I refused to cry. I would not let it happen in front of Louis. He pulled me into a hug, which I reciprocated. His arms were reassuring and made me feel safe. "Believe me I know how you feel" I looked into his eyes, and saw the beautiful light blue eyes, he had, was full of care. He would certainly have seen it many times before. So to be on Taylor's place. It is in walking from his girlfriend, but I do not think he knew what the reason why I wanted to cry, was. I just could not make myself tell him. I was not afraid to be laughed at, but I was afraid I would never get to feel love anymore. Because I knew he felt something for Megan. He had even told me.

Unfortunately, Megan was one of my best friends, and had been since I started in the class. I had pulled myself together to tell her that I felt something for Louis because I was afraid that she saw it as an opportunity to take him from me. She knew, however, how much he meant to me as a friend, but she had also destroyed that several times by showing what she had to offer and take him, when I was in the middle of a good conversation with him. There was just something special about him. When I was sad he was always there with open arms. And when I needed something to laugh about, he immediately sat by my side, and told my favorite joke. He made me so happy, yet so terribly vulnerable. I had never been good at showing my emotions, but for Louis it was easy. I could always tell him about my day, I could always tell him my biggest secrets because I trusted him. And I know what everyone thinks. "So tell him, what you feel. He will understand it and then you will also be a hundred percent sure what he thinks about you "But it’s not that easy

Taylor was waiting for me at the door. Waited for another chance to make me sad. Another chance to stare at me. I walked quickly past him and sat on the couch that stood over in the corner. I'd just needed to relax and get away from it all. Louis sat down beside me and looked me deep in the eyes. "Is there anything I can do?" He smiled shy to me, and found his charming facial expressions rather, to get me to smile. But it did not help. I did not like the way Taylor was after me. I could not be myself when he stared at me. I felt fragile. He would not make me feel sorry when it was him who wanted a break. Or now, when I thought about it, it was really me. I had seen it as if he did not feel anything for me because we talked together. I shook my head and leaned back. "Why is my life so complicated?". He laid down beside me and looked up at the ceiling. "Life is no more complicated than you make it" I looked wonderingly at him, but I actually knew what he meant. I had to pull myself together and follow my heart.


"Abby do you have a minute?" I looked straight into Taylor's eyes were filled with anger. I looked helplessly at Louis, who stood up and walked toward the kitchen. I moved slightly to the side, not to sit too close, but Taylor got up by me. "I think we should try again" I looked wonderingly at him while my heart pounded faster and faster. My eyes caught Louis who stood in the kitchen door and shook his head. He motioned for me to say something to him. "I don’t think that’s a good idea," I moved farther away from him while I noticed how annoyed I was.

How could he think that I would take him back after all those nights I spent crying over everything he had said to me when we broke up? It was pathetic even trying. He should know that I was way over him. "Ab" He put a hand on my thigh, but I removed it immediately. "Do not call me that" I snapped of him while I cut teeth. "Ab, I miss you. So I am really sorry about what happened between us .. I just want you back "He sounded like he was about to collapse in tears, but in a way I enjoyed seeing him like that. He really deserved it. I shook my head at him and was about to leave when he grabbed my hand. "Please" He looked really sad, but I would not fall for that again.

 I took a deep breath and pulled my hand free. "Taylor just forget it. It’s not going to be us again. I spent six months of my life wrong. I’m not going back "I could feel how hard my words hit him. But he deserved it really. In the six months we had been together, he used me. Forced myself to things I did not want to. Both sexually and criminally. I had not felt happy, and the whole relationship started because of a secret he could use against me. A normal secret had been okay, I did not let me lose, but this was really important to me. I did not know what to do with myself if he told it. I was not sure if it was true love when I had most felt that some accessories that just had to get him more girls.

"What did he say?" Louis grabbed a bucket, and started walking toward the company premises. "He wanted me back," He stopped. I could see the concern in his eyes when I shrugged shoulders. "What did you say?" He looked seriously at me while he swallowed a lump in my throat. "I said no," I smiled wryly at him and hoped that he would not be disappointed. He shrugged his shoulders and laid his hand on my shoulder. "Remember now that I will always be here for you" He winked and gave my shoulder a squeeze before he went over for another dish. I could not stop smiling about that he cared for me. It kept running through my head. I noticed a sound coming closer to my ear and noticed that Megan stood and flicked in front of me. "What happen?" I shrugged shoulders and walked on toward the kitchen. She suddenly turned me around.

"You care a lot about each other?" She looked questioningly at me, but I just pulled the shoulders. "He helps me to breathe properly when I am sad" That’s just great Abby; it sounded even weird in my head. I was really bad at lying. She looked wonderingly at me and then looked over to Louis, who with a quick step, stood over at me again as I was hiding my face in my hands.

 "Is she okay?" Louis looked questioningly at Megan, who immediately began to play with her hair. Typical Megan. If she took him from me now, I would seriously not forgive her. I know that people say friends before boys. But Megan had not even done anything to help me getting over Taylor. So if she thought she could just walk over here and take Louis..

"Yeah she's okay" Her smile was big, and she started licking her lips. Once when I was at her place, she read in a magazine that it was a way to show the boy that you were interested. I shook surrounding my head and walked toward the kitchen. I sprinted past the Mary, and ran into the bathroom.

I refreshed myself with water, and looked up slowly, and was curiously spotted myself in the mirror. I touched lightly on my stomach and looked madly on myself. Why was I not as thin as Megan? Why dented I'm more into the sides than she did? Why should she be so damn perfect? Have all the boys went for? I shook my head and put my hair into a braid again. I straightened my shorts and my anger was now on my thighs. I had always been told by Megan that they were thin, but it was probably just something she said so I would say the same for her. She loved when people told her, that her body was nice, and then just pretended she did not know. She always answered. "No, my body is not nice, look at yourself, you're soo much prettier than me" It was starting to go on my nerves. That she also hardly ate anything, to keep the body was sick. She did not want to admit it, but I knew that she saw herself as the hottest. She always flashed in front of Louis, that he might see how perfect her body was.

I had never taken me the courage to tell her that she should relax, to take as many pictures of herself as she always did. I did not like to hurt anyone. I did always feel guilty afterwards, and I could feel guilty up to six months.


"Ab, are you okay?" I could hear that Megan was also there, so I chose not to respond. "Abby open the door," Megan's voice was not worried, but angry. "Perhaps you would let me talk to her alone" Louis' voice was calm, but still worried. Soon after he knocked on the door again. "I am alone," I opened the door, with tears in my eyes and he immediately pulled me into a hug. "Do not make me so afraid" I put my arms around him and closed the door. We sat on the floor, and he looked me deep in your eyes. "Abby you have to tell me what is wrong." I looked into the ground. I'd especially didn’t like to tell him when Megan is now also hung up so much of him. Okay I had not told him anyways, but what can you do? If I told him what I felt I'd certainly be class player. And it was not the best role to have when you were still the 'new' girl in the class. I shook my head slowly and looked him then deep into her eyes. He sighed deeply. "Don’t you trust me?" I hesitated, but nodded. I knew where he was going with that question. He would probably break me and make me babble on about my love. "I promise you with all my heart that I am not saying further," He looked convincing to me. I looked lovingly into his eyes, and then got up off the floor. He stood up and grabbed my hand. I looked puzzled at him, but he smiled and held fixed when I tried to pull me free. I didn’t mind holding his hand, but I knew that he only held my hand because I was sad.

Megan's attention, lay immediately on our hands, and she rolled her eyes. "Okay we need someone to stand over the bar, and someone who must continue to cook" Lauren came in quite out of breath, and made signs to some of us to follow. I immediately looked up at Louis, who sent me a cautious smile. "Taylor, Megan, Mary, Abby and Henry come with me" I train harder grab Louis hand and Taylor sent me an evil smile. "I need Abby  to my diary, can’t she stay here?" Louis sent a charming look to Lauren, and got her to relent. Taylor's eyes fell into Louis' back, but I could see that he chose to ignore it. He was strong. I wish I could be like him. I leaned up from the table as a last glance at Megan, hit me. She sent me a fake smile, and waved. She was not happy I should be with Louis without her.

"Okay if you go and fetch spices in the staff room, we start to cut bread out" Yasmin smiled and hinted to me and Louis, who still stood with our hands intertwined. I blushed and quickly took my hand out of his.

Louis put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me over to the side when we came in to the staff room. "Okay, you know what we should bring?" I shrugged shoulders and took a box out. "We'd better take it all then" He smiled big at me, and began to put the spices into the box. Occasionally he looked me in the eyes, and smiled shy at me. And every time I was weak at the knees and was about to fall. But every time he was there to take me. Each time. "It was good that you’ve told him that it was all over," I stared in wonder at him, yet broke a small smile on my lips. "Why?", "Because," He took the box in his hands and started walking toward the exit. I was standing all confused with a blank look on my face.


"Oh see the lovebirds are back" Yasmin winked at me and when I started to blush, I was afraid that the others would break out in laughter, but no one said anything. They all sat and smiled. It scared me a little that they were so quiet, but I enjoyed it. The result was that I had the opportunity to look questioningly at Louis, although he found it strange. Louis smiled sweetly, and put the spices on the table. "Well I cannot tell the difference between them "He took my hand again and pulled me toward the couch. I smiled quickly to Yasmin, who winked at me while she giggled.

"We have a free half an hour, should we get the diary started?"  I smiled big, and got up from the couch. I sat on my haunches and grabbed my video camera. I had to walk over to the couch when I saw he was gone. I looked around confused, and suddenly felt a pair of hands around my waist. "I actually thought we could make the content" I noticed how I slowly blushed more and more. He motioned for me to go with, so I took the camera and turned towards the corridor, which he already stood on. He took a step closer to me and pulled me into a hug. He kissed me gently on the cheek and then pulled me over to the table football table. I smiled big, when he took my hand, and started to blush so much, I thought my cheeks was about to fall off. “I like when you blush” he smiled sweetly, and pulled me closer. “And…” he looked away, and started to blush. “What?” I smiled, and gave his hand a squeeze. “Nothing” he slowly looked at me again, and started to smile. “Tell me!” I looked at him with a puppy face, which made him laugh. He pulled me closer, and put his hand on my waist.

“I love you Abby” He pressed his lips against mine, and smiled at my reaction. This was the moment I’ve been waiting for so long. This was my moment. And Louis was my Prince Charming. I smiled big, and bite my lip, before he pressed his lips against mine again. This was so right. I slowly sank down on the floor and started to smile.” You are my one and only”

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