One Direction One Shots

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Tjaah, titlen siger vist det hele. Skriv i kommentaren, hvis du vil have en personlig. Og bare for at gøre det lidt lettere for mig, så skriv lige dit navn, fyren og genre (altså sød, romantisk, dirty, +15)


10. Harry Edward Styles


Please listen to 'Small Bump' by Ed Sheeran while reading.


Harry slowly turned around and looked into her eyes.

"It's not funny," he said harsh yet still with a smile.

"This time I'm not joking. My water just broke." Quickly Harry grabbed the bag they both had prepared for this and then he ran out the door. Clary struggled a few minutes with getting up from the couch, before she sighed.

"Harry!" yelled she and hoped he'd heard her. He ran in again and lifted Clary in bridal-position.

"Too big a stomach, huh?" he smiled. Harry had never seen her this happy. Maybe when they got married, but the way her eyes glowed right now. He weren't even scared of having a baby. Harry knew it was going to be hard, but Harry wouldn't be alone without help, so no - It didn't seem so scary. Carefully Harry started driving to the nearest hospital. Harry was so focused on staying in one track of the road that he didn't noticed his wife in pain - labor to be precise.

"Damn, I think he's going to be as big as his dad," Clary teased breathless, trying to find something else to focus on rather than the pain.

"Haha, funny," he laughed fake, "besides I wasn't that big of a baby." He turned his head to look at her with a grin. Even when sweat ran down her face and she should've looked like shit, she didn't. Harry thought she was as beautiful as always.

"What's that?" he asked concerned and looked at Clary. She looked down and noticed the big red spot. Her fingers were red, when she lifted them up. Suddenly everything went fast. The nausea hit her like a train. Her racing heart stopped racing and simply just stopped. It was blood.


Clary wasn't awake, when they arrived at the hospital. Harry was slowly panicking, thinking of all the things that could've gone wrong. It definitely didn't help him thinking of all the horror stories from Google.

"Please wake up, babe. Please," he prayed as tears kept streaming down his face. He picked her up in his arms and ran inside.

"I need a doctor!" yelled he and gazed around.

"Put her here," a nurse demanded and pushed a stretcher. Harry did as he was told. Then he was left alone in the hallway. Slowly he sat down and let the panic completely take over him. He was scared. He'd never been this fucking scared.

"Harry Styles?" a doctor asked. Harry nodded, because what else could he do? He needed to know, if Clary was all right. If the boy was all right.

"How is she?" he demanded to know.

"We're doing everything we can right now, I promise. But you need to calm down... Do you have anyone you can call?" the doctor asked and helped Harry over to a chair. Normally Harry would've protested and said that he could do it himself, but right now he didn't trust his voice or legs. So he accepted the help.

"My.. ehm my mom. I can call my mom," he whispered.

"Okay. You call your mom, then I'll go take care of Clary. All right?" Harry slowly nodded. Why was this happening to them - Clary and him? Harry felt like he was on autopilot, when he reached down his pocket to get his phone out and call his mom.

"This is Anne," he heard his mother say. Maybe it was the sound of her voice that did it or maybe Harry just couldn't hold it in anymore, either way he started sobbing uncontrollable.

"Mommy... Something bad happened." He'd been a little kid last time he called her that, but right now he felt like that little kid, so he didn't really care.

"What happened?" Anne asked through the phone.

"Clary went in to labour... But there's was blood, so much blood." At that moment Harry heard someone scream. A scream he knew too well. He dropped his phone as he raced down the hallway. Clary needed him, and he needed her - more than anything. He turned the corner and peeked into the room. His heart stopped for a second. There was blood everywhere. Clary was laying unconscious in the bed. A nurse rushed past him with his baby boy. But something was wrong. It didn't look right the way the baby's head was. He was covered in blood. Knowing Harry would never be able to get the sight out of his mind, he turned back to Clary and ran to her.

"Baby! Wake up! Please, I need you to wake up for me. I can't handle a baby without you. I love you." Harry was desperate. He needed Clary more than anything. He didn't even notice his mother's arm carefully hug him from behind. He just kept talking to Clary, who didn't react.

"I need you, Clary. Please." Harry couldn't anymore. He fell to the floor causing his mother to fall with him. He tugged himself in Anne's embrace.

"It's going to be all right. Everything will be okay," she whispered and cherished his back. Harry couldn't bring himself to answer or talk at all for that matter. He just needed to cry in his mother's arms right now.


A few hours later and a lot of bad coffee cups Clary finally woke up.

"Hey baby," Harry said and quickly grabbed her hand.

"What happened?" she asked and looked at him. The pain in her eyes was unbearable, but Harry had to be strong. None of them knew what was going on right now. None of them knew if their perfect little boy would make it. It all seemed so hopeless right there, but Harry stayed strong for Clary.

"You had your period way too soon," Harry tried only joking. Clary laughed weakly and squeezed his hand. Right now he was so happy. Clary was okay.

"Where's our boy?" she asked and smiled.

"They are trying, Clary. They really are, but something went wrong." Once again tears streamed down Harry's cheeks.

"What?" Clary stuttered and started crying. That was the moment Anne walked in.

"Oh my baby," she said weakly and ran over to hug Clary. Anne had always been kind of role model to Clary, because she lost her own mother when she was young. And Harry could see that now.  Anne grabbed Clary's other hand and smiled sadly.

"I'll go call the boys. They need to know." Then Harry remembered how he'd dropped his phone, so he walked out of the room and tried finding it again. Normally he would've never left Clary in a situation like this, but he just knew that Anne and Clary needed to talk - woman to woman. He did find his phone eventually. It had a crack in the screen, but still useable.

"Hey Lou..." Harry quickly gave up trying to sound happy, he just couldn't right now.

"What's wrong?" Louis asked and asked the loud voices in the background to shut up.

"Clary went to labor. And something went wrong. I don't know what." Just to say it out loud made it even worse. Nothing could be worse than this. Harry was miserable. All he wanted to do was to see Clary and his baby boy smiling, but as things was right now, he couldn't even picture it in his head.

"I'm sorry, mate. I truly am. Keep me posted, yah? Wish I could be there, but..." Harry knew. He knew the boys were in America without him, because he'd decided to stay home with Clary. He didn't want to miss out on his boy's birth, but he did anyway. As slow as he could he walked towards Clary's room again. He loved her more than anything, but he couldn't bear looking at her. It was so painful. Knowing what they may lose, knowing what they had lost already.

"Mr. Styles?" a doctor asked and looked at Harry.

"Yes?" he said and looked at Clary from the hallway. She couldn't see him, but he could see her. Even know all he could think about, when he looked at her, was how beautiful and strong she was. She'd stop crying.

"Can we talk?"

"If this is about our boy, Clary should be a part of it," Harry demanded, but it his voice slowly died out, when he noticed the look in the doctor's grey eyes.

"I thought I could tell you, and you could tell Clary. Sometimes mother's take it better, when it comes from someone they trust." Oh dear God. Harry already knew what the doctor was going to say. It was obvious. He just didn't know if he was ready to hear it.

"I'm incredible sorry, but he didn't make it. It was an emergency hysterectomy that caused the bleeding. Normally she could've given birth anyway, but the baby's heartbeat became erratic during each contraction. It was a stillbirth." None of the things the doctor explained made sense to Harry, but he knew that his baby boy wasn't here anymore. That little baby hadn't even had the chance to see his father or mother, to see the world. Why, Harry cried in his mind. He couldn't even keep track of the times tears streamed down his face today. Everything seemed to fall apart.

"I need to talk to Clary," he whispered. Not to anyone particular, more as a order to himself. Go into the room, Harry. Then talk to Clary. Maybe ask Anne to leave. He kept giving himself orders, because honestly he wouldn't have moved without them.

"Was that the doctor?" Clary asked as Harry entered the room.

"Yeah, I need to talk to you." Anne got the hint and kissed both Harry and Clary's cheeks before leaving. How was he going to tell her? He hadn't even processed it himself.

"Our boy... he didn't make it. I'm so sorry.  I can't even... I don't know what to say."

"No!" Clary cried out and hid her face. She started sobbing. Harry felt like the last piece of his broken heart were shattered. Never had he ever thought Clary could make that sound.

"I'm so sorry, babe." He crawled up in bed with her and snug his arms around her. She hid her face in his shoulder and sobbed harder. Fuck it, Harry thought. He couldn't be strong anymore. He started sobbing too. It was so surreal. Why did this happen to them? Why? Harry would never know.

"We'll get through this," he whispered. Whether it was for himself or Clary or anyone he didn't know. There was a lot of things he didn't know right know. For example he didn't know how they were going to get through this, but he was sure they would. Because Clary was one of the strongest people Harry had ever met.

"I know," Clary sobbed, "but it hurts so bad." Harry hushed her and struck her hair.

"I promise, we'll get through this. I promise." Harry intended to keep that promise.


Harry once thought he could do it all. When Clary wasn't interested in him immediately, he thought maybe he couldn't do it all. Maybe he couldn't get her. But he did. After more than three years of one step forward, two steps back. He didn't think he could be happier. When Clary said yes to marry him, he knew he was wrong. He had it all. He had the girl, the house, the career, everything. Then Clary got pregnant and Harry felt like his heart would burst of happiness. Yes, Harry was happy. But he wasn't lucky, and he sure didn't feel happy, when he was told the baby boy was stillborn. His whole world fell apart, but helping each other out, Clary and Harry made it through. They decided the boy's name should've been Caleb, so Harry got a tattoo with the name Caleb. They tried once more and got a beautiful daughter named Darcy. She was born with autism, but Harry and Clary loved her regardless. Harry was happy. Harry knew, he would be fine. Even though he didn't have Caleb, because he still had Clary and Darcy.


Hvis nogle af jer, vil have den oversat. Så skriv lige en kommentar, så vil jeg gøre det for (-: Andre nyheder; jeg havde en audition igår på min skole til et talent show (I know, det er ikke noget fancy X-factor, men stadig...) og jeg gik videre! Jeg er så glad, at jeg kunne skrige.

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