One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


79. You're the same height as him.


Louis: For him, he loves it; he loves seeing those beautiful eyes leveled to his. Your lips are also equally leveled to his, which makes it easier to stare at them and kiss them and lust over them. He just loves seeing your face. Niall: The only thing he doesn't like about it is when you wear heels. He knows your legs are already so long, and he doesn't want other guys to be staring at you. He just wants you and those dammed legs all to himself. Liam: It's great for him, because he doesn't have to bend down or lean whenever embracing you. He likes feeling your shoulders under his arms, hugging you tightly to his chest. It makes him feel closer to you -- like he can get a firmer grip on you. Zayn: Either way, he loves you for you. Short, tall, curvy, thin. He fell in love with your personality first, and that stunning, tall body is just an extra bonus for him. (Besides, if you can't find a man who loves you for you and isn't just using you for your figure, why should the relationship matter at all?) Harry: You have no idea how much he loves it. Those long, beautiful, model-like legs are to die for. He wants nothing other than to have those legs wrapped around his waist every chance he gets. (And sometimes, yes, he does get a little carried away with that thought.)
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