One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


110. You're his Celebrity Crush


  Liam: You are a famous Singer and you a performing at a benefit concert with a bunch of other artists. While you were waiting to go on stage to saw who was up. One Direction. You were a directioner but not a lot of people knew. You thought that Liam was so cute. When you were watching they were doing the famous “Twitter Questions” time so sat at the end of the stage and watched. “My Turn!” Harry said. “Who is your celebrity crush?” he asked. “Megan Fox!” Zayn said. The rest of the boys laugh. “I fancy Demi Lovato.” Niall said. “I have a girlfriend!” Louis Said throwing his arms up. “What about you Liam?” Harry asked. “Well… I sort of kinda… Like (Y/n).” he said. The crowd started to cheer! “Look! There she is!” Louis pointed to you. You got up and waved. They weren’t finished with their songs quite yet so you waited back stage. Once they were finished they greeted you with a hug. “Good luck.” Liam says. “Thanks.” You say handing him a piece of paper with your number on it. He looked at you gratefully and you did an amazing show. After he asks you out.   Louis: You were walking around the town when all of a sudden you heard a man scream. You were used to hearing girls scream because you were an actress for “chick flicks”. You turned around and saw a group of guys. You immediately knew who screamed because the other 4 boys were trying to comfort him. You gave them a little wave and the boy started to freak out again. You recognized them as One Direction and walked over to them. “Hey guys!” you said. “Hey (Y/N).” Liam said. “What’s wrong with this one.” You say motioning to Louis. You flash a smile. He jokingly gets weak in the knees. You laugh. “So sassy…” you say under your breath. “You better believe it!” he says. Zayn leans close to you and whispers in your ear, “He like you.” You look over to Zayn and give him a shocked face. “I like him too.” You tell him. He cheers and tells Louis. “Wow. Way to keep a secret.” You say with a wink. He shrugs and you and Louis exchange numbers. After a couple of weeks he asks you out.   Zayn: You were sitting in a coffee shop writing your new book when you heard a guy clear his throat behind you. “Are you (Y/N), the author?” he asks. You nod. “You’re Zayn from One Direction. Nice to meet you.” You say. “You too, are you writing another book? I loved your first one.” “Actually I am.” You say. He was really cool and he helped you write some parts of your book. When you check your clock again it has been nearly 2 hours. You were only writing for 30 minutes and you two were just talking. Somehow the conversation went to your love life. “Do you have a crush on anybody now?” you ask. “Well. Erm… I do have a celebrity crush.” “Ooh! Who?” you ask. “You.” He says looking down. You start to blush. “Well. I kinda like you too.” You say. You too hang out for the rest of the day. You exchange numbers and he asks you out.   Niall: You are a famous pianist and you are performing at a live stream concert. There are about 1 million people watching at home. Once you finish the show you get an overwhelming amount of applause in the live arena. Once you finish the show you go on twitter to see what people thought of your performance. You look through the nice words but one in particular stands out. Niall’s tweet. “@Niall_Official: @(Y/T/N) was fantastic! She is so beautiful! Definitely my celeb crush! (;” You start to grin at your computer screen. You blush because he is your celebrity crush as well. “@(Y/T/N): Thanks @Niall_Official! That is really sweet of you. You are my celeb crush too. (;” you tweet back. After, he tweets you back immediately and you have a life twitter conversation. He DMs you his number and you DM him your number as well. You text constantly and he asks you out. You say yes of course.   Harry: You are a dancer for Cats the musical. You see a lot of people in the audiences and sometimes there are other celebrities in the audience. You never let that get to you though. You had a job to do so you did your best every performance. Surprisingly after you finished the show, you were greeted by 5 gorgeous boys. One Direction. “Hey.” You say “You were absolutely extraordinary!” Harry said. “Yes. You were phenomenal.” Niall said. “You were fabulous.” Louis said. “You were brilliant!” Liam said. “You were amazing!” Zayn said. “Thank you all so much!” you said. They all gave you smiles and Harry started to look a little bit shy. “Why so shy Harry.” Louis teased. He started to blush and pulled you to the side. “I don’t know if you would believe me but, you’re my celebrity crush.” He said. “Oh I believe you.” You said sarcastically. You were feeling really confident. “Here.” You said. You handed him your number and walk away. You hear cheering in the background and you just smile.  
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