One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


37. Your Parents Don't Like Him.


  Harry: After dinner with your parents you had to tell Harry what they thought of him. "Harry?" you ask reluctantly. "Yeah babe?" He says. "My parents dislike you." He looked at you alert. "What? Why?" He asked. "I was perfectly charming. I didn't do anything." You felt like crying. "They think you're gonna use me. Just like any other boy from a boy band." He looked at you confused. "But sweetheart. I'm nothing like that. You know I'm not. How can I convince them?!" He looked at you. You began to sob, out of fear that your parents could disown you. "Babe...come here." He pulled you over and consoled you. "Everything will be okay, I promise." He kissed your head and held you tighter. Liam: You and Liam went to your sister's wedding. You thought Liam was being charming and adorable. This was the first time he was gonna meet your parents, and you thought he was leaving a good impression. Your mother pulled you aside. "Honey, He's quite immature. Isn't he? You could do better." She said. You looked confused. "You don't like Liam?" Your mother shook her head no. You walked to the bathroom without a glance at Liam. You heard a knock on the stall door. "Baby are you in here?" Liam said. "Yeah." You said through sobs. "What's wrong?" He asked. You came out, mascara all down your face. "My mom doesn't like you." You knew you told him that your mother's approval meant everything. "Relax honey. There's time to change this. I know it's hard to hear that. I love you. Right now that's all that mattered." He held you tight, while you cried on him. Louis: You and Louis were attending a family reunion. He'd never met any of your family before, and you thought this was a great opportunity. You and Louis were having a good laugh with the family. Then your Dad pulled you aside. "Honey, he's kind of childish." You glared at him, and ran to the cabin. You started packing yours and Louis' things. "Where we going?" Louis asked from the doorway. "We're leaving." You said flustered. "Why?" You glared. "Apparently my dad doesn't like you." You said. He left and went downstairs to your father who was watching tv. "Sir, I know I haven't known you long, but I love your daughter. She's my world. Maybe you don't understand. Your approval means everything to her. If you give me the time, I can bond with you. I just would like a chance. The only thing you've said to me since I got here was 'Hello' So if you don't mind me saying, that's a bit rude. So what I'm saying is, I love Y/N and I'm not going anywhere sir. Whether you like it or not. Thank you." You watched the conversation from the stairs in awe. Your father got up and shook his hand. "Welcome to the family Louis." You gasped and smiled. Niall: Niall was at your brothers bachelor party, and was drinking heavy with all the guys. You were having a night out with your mom, when you got a drunk call from Niall. "I LOVE YOU BABY!" He screamed on the phone. You laughed and hung up. "Who was that dear?" Your mom asked. "Oh it was Niall, he's drunk with Y/B/N and his friends at the Bachelor party." You laughed again. "Honey, do you really want to be with someone who drinks heavy?" You stared at your mom. "Uh it's not like he's an alcoholic mom!" You took an angry tone. "I'm just saying. You don't think about who you date." She said back. "You know what. I Love him! Thats right LOVE! There isn't anything you can do about it. He treats me like a princess. So I'm sorry mom, but BACK OFF!" You stormed off to get in your car and pick up Niall from the party. Zayn: You were on a family camping trip and you decided to bring Zayn along. You thought it could be a nice family bonding time with Zayn. Your dad whispered. "Why are you dating a loadie? Honey you can do better." You started laughing. "ZAYN!" He stopped singing with everyone at the campfire. "DADDY THINKS YOUR A LOADIE!" Zayn started laughing. "Only every once in a while sir!" He yelled. "Thanks for making me look like a complete idiot." Said your dad. You smiled and walked off to go sit on Zayn's lap at the campfire.
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