One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


154. Your First Date


    Louis: Through out the whole movie, Louis has been starring at you. Glances had been thrown back and forth but you thought nothing of it. The date was in Louis and Harry’s shared flat, surprisingly, it was a pretty amazing date. Louis set out a lot of food, as if you would go hungry. Over all, it was a fantastic date so far, but Louis kept his eyes glued on you, not letting them travel anywhere else. Finally, Louis paused the movie. “How are you not scared? Doesn't being killed in 7 days scare you?” You laughed, The Ring wasn’t a very scary movie to you, but you still loved it. It was scary when you were younger, but now it’s just a thriller. “Not really, I mean…” You stopped talking because Louis was intensely starring at you. Again. Something in his eyes, maybe he wanted you to be scared? You fake a sigh. “All right. I was lying. I am scared.” You lied. Louis gives a smirk and plays the movie again. Through out the whole rest of the movie, you pretended to be scared as Louis comforted you. At the end of the date, Louis dropped you off at your house, and gave you a quick peck on the lips. It was a little overwhelming, but you liked it. You both hugged each other goodbye and even scheduled another date. Liam: “I think I am getting the hang of thi- OOF!” Your first date with Liam was roller skating. It was really fun, but you didn’t know how to do it properly. You had just fallen on your butt, typical of you, Liam had grabbed your hands and pulled you back up. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?” Liam said frantically. “It’s fine Liam.” You laughed. “Let’s do this together, okay?” You added, taking Liam’s hand in yours. You two skated for awhile, you were actually learning how to do it right. “Have you got the hang of it, (Y/N)?” Liam asked you, still skating with you. “I think I can try on my own right now.” You let go of Liam’s hand and skated circles around him. “This is easier than I thought.” You said with a smile. “Now, time for the couples skate!” The DJ’s voice roared out the speakers. You looked up at Liam and blushed before taking both of his hands. “Let’s dance and skate Liam, like at the same time!” You laughed as you two skated to Careless Whisper by Wham. This skating rink was very 80s and you liked it. When the song ended, you were both out of breath from skating so fast. “That was fun,” you said at the food court. Liam smiled at you, handing you a pretzel. “Thank you.” You said before you took a bite out of it. This actually was the best first date you had ever had. It was so retro, and you enjoyed it. After the date ended, Liam dropped you off at your front door. “I would really like to do this again, Liam.” You said placing a kiss on his cheek. He blushed crimson red and hugged you goodbye. Who would’ve thought that roller rink would be your tradition to go to on the anniversary of your first date? Niall: You arrived at a small park. This is where Niall told you to meet him in his text he sent you earlier, at least. Niall was no where to be found! You were thinking about going to look for him until you heard your name. “(Y/N)! (Y/N)!” You turned around to see Niall with his cute, braces smile. “Hey, I was looking for you.” You pointed out to him. He blushed and looked away. “I was getting something set up. Come on, follow me.” Niall grabbed your hand. He led you to a part of the park that was empty, no one was in sight from where you two stood. He led you around a couple trees until you ended up right where he wanted you. “Wow, Niall..” You looked around a fantastic looking picnic, even an old fashioned checkered print blanket laid under the picnic basket and cutlery. “Well, let’s eat before the bugs get to it!” Niall said sitting down. You did the same. “This is a lot of food Niall.” You chuckled as you pick up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. “Did you cook all this?” You say jokingly before you take a bite of your sandwich. “Nah. Well, the lads helped me out and stuff.” Niall said, finishing off his first sandwich. “Aww. That’s sweet.” You said, eating a half of the sandwich. “You are so sweet for doing all this Niall.” You added, smiling. Niall blushed. “Anything for a pretty girl.” His sweet Irish voice poured out. They rest of the date consisted on getting to know each other better, and eating of course. At the end, Niall walked you home and gave you a peck on the cheek. What a fantastic end to a fantastic date. Zayn: You looked yourself over in the mirror once more. Zayn had told you to dress fancy for your lunch date, but not to fancy. You had on a black pencil skirt, a white blouse, and black stilettos. Just as you put on the last layer of your lip gloss, the doorbell rang. You grabbed your purse and rushed to your front door. “Hey Zayn!” You smiled as you opened your door. He looked just as attractive as ever, with his hair quiff and his adorable smile. You walked out of the doorway and locked up your place. “C’mon, we don’t want to be late for our reservations.” Zayn took your hands and led you to his car. Minutes later, you were at a high class French restaurant. It was packed with people, and it was only lunch time! “Malik.” Zayn said to the waitress. She nodded and took you two to a back table. “Wow, it’s really nice here.” You said once you both were seated. Zayn looked up from his menu, his brown eyes sparkling. “Only the best for a lovely lady like yourself.” You blushed and looked back at your menu. You decided on spaghetti and meatballs, an Italian classic. A half an hour later, the food arrived. The waitress wasn’t watching where she was going and dumped the spaghetti right on your lap. Red stained the white on your blouse as you gasped. “I am so sorry!” The waitress pleaded, feeling really bad for what she had done. How embarrassing, you thought. Only your first date and it wasn’t going well. You rush to the bathroom, getting all the noodles and meatballs off your shirt and into the toilet. There was no way these stains would come out of your shirt. Hanging your head, you walk to the table. “Here.” Zayn said, taking off his jacket. “Thank you Zayn.” You said taking his jacket and putting it on. Surprisingly, the rest of the date was really great. Your food got replaced, free of charge, and over all, you found Zayn to be a fantastic person. What a date. Harry: “Wow, I’ve never been mini golfing before.” You told Harry , who was leading you to the booth to get your things. “It’s like regular golf, but mini” Harry said, paying for an 18 hole game. “Oh really, I did not know that.” You said sarcastically at Harry as he smirks at you. “But really, I don't know how to do this sort of stuff.” You told Harry as you are lead to the first mini golf lane. “Really? Let me help you then.” As you two set your self up to golf, Harry stood behind you, teaching you how to hold a golf club. “Then you swing like this,” Harry said as you both swing the club, his hot breathe on you neck, your bodies only a few centimeters apart. When you hit the ball, it goes straight into the hole. “Oh! Yay! Hole in one!” You cheered hugging Harry. You pull apart just in time for Harry’s lips to come to yours. How cheeky, you think but you kiss him back anyways. Once you two finished you looked up at him. “A little fast, aren't we now?” You ask him with a cocky smile. “Well, I didn’t see you complaining.” You two laughed and spend the rest of the date goofing off rather than playing actual golf. 
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