One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


47. You Walk Out During A Fight



Liam: You and Liam had been arguing all day. He was picking stupid fights with you for no reason. The guys had been watching this all day. You were getting really annoyed and halfway through a fight you got up and left. All of the guys instantly rushed out of the house to get you. “Y/N! Don’t leave come on.” Zayn said as you were about to get in your car. “I’m really tired of being called names every two minutes for no reason.” you explained “He doesn’t know what he’s saying. Come on, go inside and talk it out with him. We’ll back you up.” Louis promised. “No. I’m not dealing with him right now. You all saw what he was doing. He just likes to hear himself shout. And why am I stupid? He couldn’t even give you a reason but according to him, I am.” you argued “Yeah but we know your not, and we’ll help you get through to him. Please don’t leave.” Harry begged. “Plllleeeaaasee!” Niall added. “Fine.” you said before entering the house and making up with Liam.

Louis: Louis loved joking around with you, but sometimes he took it too far. He kept calling you awkward and bipolar and it was funny at first but then he started to mimic you. He stood up and began talking very sweet then started screaming out of nowhere, then said he was pretending to be you. You shook your head and walked out of the house. You barely made it to the end of the driveway when the guys showed up next to you. “Where are you going Y/N?” Liam asked “Far away from him.” you answered. “Don’t leave, get back in there and prove him wrong. Laugh it off, he was only kidding with you.” Niall said “He doesn’t realize he’s hurting your feelings, he’s just messing around.” Harry said. “Yeah but he knows how mad that makes me and he continues to do it!” you protested. “Okay well how about we all go in there and do the same thing back to him? I’m sure we can all come up with a few things to make fun of him for.” Zayn suggested. You laughed a little then agreed to go inside and poke fun at your boyfriend.

Harry: He was talking to you like you were some sort of slave. He was being sexist and annoying. He kept demanding you to make him a sandwich and would slap or grab your ass every time you stood up. He would even grab your breasts when he would kiss you, in front of all the guys. You were getting really annoyed but it sent you off the deep end when you began to tell a story and he interrupted you with “Did I give you permission to speak?” you gave him a “what did you just say to me?” look before getting up and storming out of the house. You were half way down the driveway when someone grabbed you by the arm. “Okay that was really uncalled for but he’s just trying to be cool. Just go back in there and give him the same attitude back.” Louis said “Yeah go tell him to make you a sandwich. And one for me too if you wouldn’t mind.” Niall said with a giggle. “Show him he can’t do that to you. We’ll even say something if you want.” Liam added. “Yeah, if he does it one more time we’ll all attack him!” Zayn said. You laughed at all of their attempts to get you back inside, so you made your way back in and demanded Harry to make you a sandwich, which he did.

Niall: Everything you said or did was wrong. He was yelling at you for everything. You sat down on the couch to join him and the rest of the guys and Niall looked at you like something was wrong. “What?” you said annoyed. “Oh feisty are we? Don’t give me attitude.” Niall said “Don’t talk to me like you own me.” you said before walking out on him. “Y/N! Wait up!” Harry yelled as all the guys rushed up to you. “Come on you don’t wanna miss this.” he continued while dragging you back into the house. You all secretly watched as Zayn lectured Niall on how the way he was treating you was really messed up. “Go show him who’s boss.” Louis whispered as Liam began to chant your name over and over.

Zayn: Zayn knew you were sensitive but for some reason he kept pushing your buttons. Any chance he got, he would embarrass you. He started to spill about your sex life and you kept telling him to stop. It was when he began to mimic your moans that you stormed out of the house not wanting to face anyone. “I apologize on his behalf, but on the plus side, they didn’t sound bad.” Niall said trying to get you to smile. “Don’t be embarrassed, Y/N. You’re one of our best friends, we aren’t going to look at you any differently.” Harry said “Yeah, plus we’ve heard you guys getting it on before and that sounded nothing like the noises we’ve heard.” Louis joked. “Would it help if we went inside and started mimicing what we’ve heard Zayn say?” Liam asked while the rest of the guys laughed just thinking about it. “Maybe a little.” you said with a smile before running into the house and watching the boys embarrass your boyfriend.

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