One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


62. You two break up, you date another memeber, he trys to win you back



Louis: You and Louis had always been a happy couple. You did everything together. One day you two had decided to hang out with the boys. You were over at Harry’s flat. You were all having a good time, but something caught Louis’s attention. Harry had been eyeing you the entire time and you would just smile back at him. Apparently, Lou had already had enough of it. “Come on, (Y/N). We have to go!” He tried to hide the anger in his voice by forcing a smile. He grabbed your wrist and pulled you out of the flat and into his car. He didn’t say a word. “Louis, what’s wrong? What happen back there?” You kept asking him what he was so worked up about. You finally reached your shared flat and he got out and slammed the car door. He ran up to the door and walked in, turning around to face you running after him. ”Ok, Louis, we’re here! Now tell me what’s gotten into you! What happen back there at Harry’s flat!? Why are you acting like this!?” You shouted to him. He broke and yelled back. “BECAUSE (Y/N)! HARRY WAS EYEING YOU AND DIDN’T CARE! YOU JUST SAT THERE THE WHOLE TIME AND DIDN’T SAY A WORD! YOU DIDN’T CARE!” I couldn’t what he had just said. Did he really think you would let something as stupid as Harry watching you ruin your relationship just like that? You broke as well. “YOU KNOW WHAT LOUIS! I WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU WOULD THINK THE FACT THAT I DIDN’T CONFRONT HARRY ABOUT STARING AT ME WOULD MEAN SOMETHING!” Louis pulled his hair in frustration. “WELL, THEN WHY DON’T YOU GO AND TALK TO HARRY ABOUT HOW WE’RE NOT A COUPLE ANYMORE! MAYBE THEN YOU’LL STARE BACK AT HIM. THEN WHO KNOWS, MAYBE YOU TWO WILL BE THE NEXT PERFECT COUPLE!” Did Louis really just say that to you? That you were no longer together? Your eyes started to water up. You quickly whipped them. “Ok Louis, I will.” You said nodding your head to him. With that you walked out with the keys to your car. You got in and rushed over to Harry’s flat. The other boys were still there. You didn’t bother to knock, you just walked in. You went to the couch and sat down. Moments later all the boys were around you asking what happen. “Me and Louis aren’t together anymore…” Harry was rubbing your arm, he pulled you in for a hug. That’s when tears started to pore from your light brown eyes. Harry picked your head up and whipped the tears away with his thumb. “It’ll be ok, (Y/N). He’ll realize what he did was wrong.” *1 week later* You hadn’t seen Louis much, but you and Harry had become a lot closer, so close he actually asked if you would go out with him. You gladly accepted. That’s when you ran into Louis because he showed up at Harry’s flat that you were staying at since you moved out of Louis’. Your arm was on Harry’s lower back while his was on your waist. “Hi. Um, what’s with the arms?” “Oh, Louis you didn’t know? Harry and I are together now. Since we aren’t” You said with a bit of attitude in your voice. “Oh.” Harry asked him if he wanted to come in, then Harry went to get you all drinks. “Look (Y/N), I came to say that I was sorry and to see if you wanted me back, but I see you’re happy with Harry now. I think I should go.” With that Louis left and drove away.


o    Harry: You and Harry have always had small fights, but one day he didn’t come home. You were worried sick. You finally were able to fall alseep. You woke up the next day to find a text from him saying ‘(Y/N), sorry but I don’t think I can do this anymore..’ You started to tear up. You couldn’t believe this could ever happen. It took a while for you to get over what he had said. You desided to take a shower and go over to Liam’s flat. You had always been close with him, and secretely had a crush on him. You knocked on his door with tears in your eyes. “Hey… What’s wrong, (Y/N)!?” He pulled you into a hug, rubbing your back. You looked up at him. “Harry.” You told him, and he walked you into his flat. You sat down and Liam ran to get you a tisue. “Now what all happen?” He asked again. You calmed down to were you could speak and he could understand. You told him the whole story. “Oh, (Y/N) I’m so sorry. It’s ok.” He said comforting you. You two spent the day watching movies and talking. It was getting really late and you were tired. You asked Liam if he would mind if you stayed with that night so you wouldn’t have to drive home. “Sure.” Later on that night something happen that you never thought would happen with him, you two kissed. You smiled up at him, having that moment be a bit awkward. “(Y/N), you know. I’ve always liked you, even before you and Harry got together. And I know you just got out of a relationship, but whenever you’re ready for a new one, do you think you could give me a chance?” You smiled and nodded, “I’d love to Liam.” You leaned in and kissed him again. The next day, the boys all had rehearsal so you went with Liam. Liam had his arm around you walking through the doors. Harry apparently saw and questioned you two about it. Liam told him that you two were now a couple and you just smiled at Liam. Harry was boiling with anger. Later after rehearsal, Harry walked up to you. “What’s wrong with you!? Going out with Liam while we’re together-” You cut him off, “Harry stop! You sent me the text last night saying you couldn’t take it anymore, you broke up with me.” Tears starting to fill up your eyes. Harry pulled you close and whispered in your ear while rubbing your hair, “I’m sorry. It wasn’t me who sent it. I promise, that was my cousin. She doesn’t think I should be with you. I’m so sorry.” You couldn’t help, but to believe him. “Ok, I forgive you Harry.” You smiled at him. “So does that mean it’s you and me now?” You looked over at Liam who was with the others. “I’m sorry, Harry. I’m with Liam now.. I really am sorry though.” You got out of his grip and walked over to Liam, your new boyfriend.

Niall: So today was your and Niall’s 6 month anniversary and we had decided to go to Nandos. Once we got there, we ordered and had a nice lunch. We ate and talked a little, while stuffing our faces of course. We went back to his flat and just hung around. “It’s quiet and this is our anniversary, but would you mind if I called the boys?” I looked over at him on the laptop, most likely on twitter. “That’s fine. If you don’t mind if I go shopping with Louis to get something.” He didn’t look away from the laptop, but you could see him had said something under his breath. “What was that Niall?” You asked. He still didn’t answer your question. You decided to get up and sit next to him. You put a hand on his shoulder, “Niall what’s wrong, babe?” He looked at you, “You always spend time with Louis, “shopping” or doing something together. You’re supposed to be my princess, (Y/N).” He sounded really sad. “Ni, I would never leave you. Louis and I do go shopping.” You assured him, but apparently that wasn’t enough for Niall. What’s gotten into him, he actually yelled at you. He wasn’t a violent person, but something made him mad. “WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO SHOP WITH LOUIS!? WHY DON’T YOU EVER SHOP WITH ME, (Y/N)!?” “NIALL, WHAT DO YOU THINK LOUIS AND I DO WHILE WE’RE OUT!? DO YOU THINK I CHEAT ON YOU!?” You yelled back, matching his tone. He stood up and sat the laptop down, “Get out! Just get out and go “shopping” with Louis!” You thought maybe he just need some space, so you got up and walked out the door and drove to Louis’ flat. You told him Niall had actually yelled at you and thought you were cheating on him. “Who would you cheat on him with, (Y/N)?” “He thought I was cheating on him with you.” You told Louis. Louis shook his head and pulled his phone out. He called Niall’s number, and he answered. “WHAT DO YOU WANT, LOU!? YOU WANT TO TELL ME THAT YOU AND (Y/N) ARE GOING SHOPPING!?” “No, Niall I wasn’t. We aren’t even going shopping. She came over and-“Niall cut him off. “SO SHE IS CHEATING ON ME!? WHAT THE HELL IS SHE OVER THERE!?” Louis tried to explain to Niall everything, but last thing that was said was from Niall, and it was that Louis should tell you that it was over between you two. You couldn’t believe it. Your boyfriend, well ex boyfriend, had broken your heart on your 6 long month anniversary. Some time went by, about 4 weeks, you hadn’t even thought about a relationship since that day. You haven’t tried talking to Niall. You brought yourself to make it appear you were over him, but in all reality, you weren’t. One day Niall called you and asked for you to meet up. You accepted and asked where. “My flat?” “Ok” and you hung up the phone. You got ready and headed to his flat. You arrived and walked in front of the door with a smiling Niall on the other side. You went inside and you two started talking. “(Y/N), you know I regret ever breaking up with you. You were the perfect girl for me and I never thought I would lose you and when I did I broke down for days. And… And I understand if you don’t want to because of what I did, but… Will you go back out with me, (Y/N)?” You thought long and hard about this. “Yes.” You said smiling, standing up to hug him.

Liam: It was like any other Thursday night, you and your boyfriend, Liam, were sitting on the couch watching “Toy Story” when out of nowhere Liam randomly asked a question. “(Y/N), if you weren’t dating me, which one of the boys would you date?” You looked at him a bit confused. He was still watching the movie. “I don’t know.” You were surprised at the fact he would ask that question. “Come on. Who would date?” He slowly turned his head towards you and looked at you. “Uh, I guess Niall. Why you ask?” Now that you think about it, Liam was has been acting a little weird today. “Oh…” He said getting up from the couch and getting on his laptop. “Liam, what are you doing?” You questioned him on his actions. “Are you ok?” You walked up to him and sat down across from him at the table. “Why don’t you go ask your boyfriend?” He said. You laughed a little, “I just did.” He looked at you and turned the laptop around to show you a picture that was photo-shopped. It was a picture of you and Niall ‘kissing.’ “Liam, that’s not real, I promise. It’s photo-shopped. I love you too much to do anything like that.” “Yeah? Well, it doesn’t look photo-shopped, (Y/N)!” You rolled your eyes at how stupid he was being. He should know, there are plenty photo-shopped pictures out there on the internet. “When was that taken?” He asked just above a whisper. “Whenever the person decided to photo-shop a picture of us. I’m telling you, Liam. It’s not real.” “Sure it is.” He said closing the laptop and walking out of the flat, leaving you behind. An hour past by, you didn’t hear anything from Liam. No phone call, text, nothing. You grabbed your phone and tried to call Niall, since he was always there for you and would answer any time of day. “Hi (Y/N). What’s up?” “Niall, Liam got all mad and left the flat. Can you come over?” “Yeah, give me a few minutes and I’ll be there, and then tell me what happen?” “Ok, bye.” You hung up. Minutes later there was a knock, you got up from where you were sitting. “(Y/N) what happen?” Niall asked, walking through the door and sat down on the couch. You shut the door back and walked over and sat next to Niall. “Well, we were watching “Toy Story” and he randomly asked who I would date if I wasn’t dating him. Then he got up and got the laptop and showed me a picture that was photo-shopped of us two kissing. And-“Niall cut you off. “Why would a picture of you and Liam be photo-shopped?” “No, Niall. You and me.” “Oh.” You continued, “I told him it was fake and he didn’t believe me, then stormed out about an hour ago and I haven’t heard from him since.” You started stuttering the ending. Niall pulled you in for hug, with Liam’s perfect timing we walked in to see you two on the couch. “My god, I knew it!” He walked over and hit Niall. You never knew Liam to be a violent person. “LIAM!” You yelled at him. “WHAT (Y/N)!? MAD I HIT YOUR PRESHUSE BOYFRIEND!” “I TOLD YOU, LIAM! WE WEREN’T DATING! I WAS DATING YOU!” He froze. You rushed over to Niall who was now on the ground holding his bleeding lip. “Was?” Liam asked. “Yes, was.” You said picking Niall up, “Come on Niall, I’ll drive you home, I’ll stay with you tonight.” You and Niall walked out of the flat and down to his car. You drove him home to his flat. When you got there you helped Niall with his lip. “Niall, I’m so sorry he hit you like that.” You said dabbing his lip. “No, it’s ok. He was just trying to keep you. Owe” He flinched from the pain of the busted lip. “Ok, done.” You said slightly smiling at him. You couldn’t help, but to lean in, Niall did the same. Your lips met his. You slowly pulled away with your eyes still shut. “Um, are you going to try and work thinks out with Liam?” Niall asked trying to avoid the awkward silence that had come between you two. “I don’t know. Not right now. He needs some time, I don’t think I can see him anymore after what he did.” An hour later you and Niall fell asleep on the couch. The next day Niall asked you if you would go out with him, you accepted not ignoring the fact of what happen last night. The next day, Liam sees you and Niall together walking holding hands. He didn’t question you two about it. “I’m sorry you guys, and (Y/N) I really should have listened to you last night. Well, I’ll see you guys later.” He said walking away. Liam didn’t try to take you from what makes you happy, which was Niall.

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