One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


134. You tow do a twitcam.



LIAM: “Hello everybody! How are we today?” Liam had just started a twitcam in the hotel room. For some reason he felt the need to do a twitcam at 12:00 in the morning. He had 30,000 viewers in 2 minutes. You look at him and laugh. “Cmon babe! Join me and my lively fans” he pointed te camera at you and you made a funny face at them. “Wow. That was charming.” he said. You roll your eyes and grab the laptop and run away. You lock yourself in the bathroom and tell the fans to stay quiet, attempting to be funny. After Liam somehow broke the door open he todos the fans he had to punish you. And when he realized he said something “bad” he apologized. Because that’s just who he is.

ZAYN: “You should do a twitcam!” you suggest to Zayn. He never does one and you think it’d be a great way to get to know the fans and show them who you are. Plus it would be good for Zayn. “Okay…lemme start it up. Alright it’s up!” he said and you joined him. “Hello everybody…how are you all?” he asks the fans. He has 50,000 viewers in 5 minutes. You both act silly for a few minutes then answer some questions. Some are getting really personal so you ignore those ones but continue to have a great time. After you had been on for about 45 minutes you and Zayn decide to go. “Thanks for doing that.” you hug him. “Thanks for convincing me to do that. I’m gonna do them more often.” you two start planning what you’re going to do during the next twitcam.

LOUIS: “HELLLLOOOO!” Louis shouted at the computer. He was making weird faces and noises an you had no idea what he was doing. “Louis..what are you doing?” you ask, walking over to him with a skeptical look on your face. He pulses you dining and starts tickling you. You can’t breathe from laughter. “Lou..louis…I’m-I’m going to-to get…get you!” you say through the laughs. He stops shortly and that’s when you grab him. “THE FANS!” he tells and grabs the laptop. “Help me! She’s got me…NOOO!” he shows you to the 70,000 viewers and you let out an evil laugh. “Well I have to reclaim my victory…love you all.” he says and shuts the computer off. He looks at you, the computer, you, the computer…and just like e said, reclaims his victory.

NIALL: “Niall come quickly!” you shout at him. He runs upstairs and finds you behind the computer pointing at it. “What’s wrong?!” he asks worriedly. He walks up and realizes you’re doing a twitcam. “Oh! Hey everyone, how are ya?” he asks. He sits down and grabs his guitar. “How’d you guys like to hear a song?” he looks at you and starts singing “A team” by Ed sheeran. You join in and soon you are both singing random words, causing Niall and you two laugh really hard. After about a 1 hour twitcam you guys decide to log off and say goodbye to the fans. But the fun isn’t done yet. After you log off you grab Nialls guitar and he teaches you how to play. Leading you both to write a song together.

HARRY: you as Harry were super bored one night so you decided to do a twitcam. “Hello my lovely people.” Harry said to the 50,000 viewers in 5 minutes. You always got nervous in front of the fans because you weren’t sure they necessarily liked you so you just watched for a while as Harry was talking to them. “Well, before I go I’d like you to see my lovely girlfriend who has been watching me creepily the whole time… Say hi!” you wave to the computer and say hi. Harry say his goodbyes…but not until he makes sure the fans know that he loves you. “I love you..I love you..I LOOOOOOOVE YOU!” he says looking at you, then ponying to the fans. “oh and I love you guys to.” he shut off the laptop and looks at you. “Can I join you the next time?” you ask. “Sure!” he grabs the laptop and re opens the twitcam. “I’m baaaaaack.” he says. This twitcam was fun, and you were glad you joined him because you were joinin him for many, many, more.

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