One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


51. You Surprise Him At His Concert


  Liam: “Sorry Liam I can't make it tonight.” You tell him over the phone as you pulled into the busy parking lot arena. “It's alright. Love you babe and I'll see you after the show.” Said a disappointed Liam on the other end of the phone. After you hung up you made your way towards the family and friends section where his whole family greeted you. “And I'd like you all to say a big hello to my family tonight flew out all the way over here just to see me tonight.” Liam said sometime later on during the concert as he looked over at your little group. “Annnnnnd lets give another welcome to (y/n)! She wasn't suppose to be here tonight but she made it!” He said excitedly. “This next song is for her.” He said sweetly as they began to sing One Thing. Louis: It wasn't the fact that you were planning on surprised Louis but it was the last show and you never really told him you wouldn't be going. He had just assumed you couldn't because you said I'll be busy all week. Of course that meant everything around the show, after all it was the last one for their tour! “I thought you weren't coming (Y/n).” Said one of the workers letting in people back stage. “Wouldn't miss it for the world.” You replied going to find your seat. As always the show was great and the boys... well they were the boys a lot of butt grabbing and bromance moments. Taking out your phone you managed to get a great picture of Louis hitting Zayn's butt. Proud of yourself you put the photo on twitter captioning '@Louis_Tomlinson cheating on me now :O' Of course the lads knew nothing about it till after the show. “Why is LouisStopCheatingWithZayn trending?” You could hear Louis ask in his dressing room before walking inside. “So your cheating on me now Louis!?” You say acting surprised before breaking down laughing and showing him the picture. Which earned a big laugh from everyone including Zayn and Louis. Harry: After a last minute change of plans you freed your schedule to go to the boys concert. Since it was almost time for the show you just sent Harry a quick text saying 'have a good show babe :)' not bothering to tell him you would be there as usual. The beginning of the show went on as always until it got to the twitter portion. “And this one is from Shellyxxoo Can we get a show of the four nipples? Aha” Read Harry from the stage. “Take it off!” Chanted the boys and most of the audience. Laughing Harry opened his shirt showing off...his undershirt. “Next set for sure.” Harry promised as during the last song of the show right at the end Harry lifts it up just as he was leaving. “Babe!” He says surprised as he sees you walking back stage. “So this is what you do when I am not around?” You question. “You know you can see this anytime you want.” He teased pulling you in for a hug. “So can anyone else Mr. Styles. Pictures.” You tease right back. “Well you get a better showing I'd say.” He said winking which you had to agree with. Niall: You and your best friend had a crazy idea to go to the boys show and surprise them. Talking to Paul you managed to get good seats without giving anything away. You both had agreed to make posters and get completely decked out in One Direction outfits. Going with the 'kiss me I'm Irish' theme you decided to make your poster 'Kiss Me I'm Your Girlfriend.' So during the beginning of one of the boys songs you held up your sign right as Niall came over towards your side. You could see him giving it a weird look before he laughed right in the middle of the song. Turning towards Zayn and pointing he managed to go over to security and ask for your sign. You gladly handed it over and laughed as the boys all posed with it giving you a shout out for making 'the best poster' they had seen that night. Zayn: Niall had told you to come up and surprise Zayn for the weekend. Since the beginning of the tour you had been in school and had not had the chance to see him. “Just don't tell him” Niall tells you on the phone. So rather than Zayn meeting you at the airport security does and takes you directly to the venue. '(Y/n) want to do something fun? :)' Niall sends you in the car and you are quick to reply. “You guys are the best fans in the world.” Starts Zayn as turns around to look back at the screen. “How about we look at some tweets?” He says surprised to see the one he picked out was not on the screen but instead a 'Looking good from this view ;)' -(Y/T/N). The other boys laughing Niall reaches over towards Zayn and points to where you were sitting. “My view is pretty good too.” He said winking at you as Harry begins reading off another tweet.
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