One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


135. You Share an Intimate Moment


  Harry: His big hand traces their way up your arm, causing a slight shiver to slink through your body. When you pull your eyes away from the fingers that are now delicately tracing over your shoulder, you see that his emerald graze is laced with desire and lust. His lips are parted and hot breath is escaping from between his teeth, only adding to the mounting tension that you can feel building in the room. You take a slight step forward, till the tip of your noses are touching, and then gently feel your way up his abdomen and chest. You undo the top buttons of his white shirt and allow the tips of your fingers to run over his collarbone, smirking in satisfaction when you hear him growl a little. “[Y/N],”he huskily whispers. You pause your actions and slowly allow your lips to make contact with his, only meaning for it to last a few seconds; he, however, couldn’t seem to take anymore teasing, as his tongue had darted into your mouth and you two didn’t part for several minutes. Liam: His fingers grip your hips and he gently pulls you closer, starring down at you with those shimmering chocolate eyes. His tongue rakes over his lips as he leans in closer to your face and he stops just before his plump mouth meet yours, causing you to sigh a little. He chuckles at this and brings a big hand up to brush back pieces of your hair. “Patience,” he whispers. He then starts to trail his lips all over your face in such a slow manner that you’re sure he’s trying to drive you mad. First he starts at the bottom of your jaw, whispering how soft your skin is as he moves on to the top of your cheek. Your forehead is next, then your other cheek and the tip of your nose. By the time he makes it to the corners of your mouth, your body is shaking in anticipation and your hands are tightly gripping at the front of his shirt. Ever so slowly, he lowers his supple lips to yours, squeezing your hips tighter as his tongue expertly moves around inside your mouth, causing a groan to emit from deep inside you. He smirks into the kiss, but soon you’re pressing the front of your body up against his and he’s the one letting out a hearty moan. Louis: “I love you,” he quietly whispers from behind, moving your wet hair aside to lay a few kisses to your neck. You smile and lean back against his chest, biting down on your lip as you feel one of his hands maneuver to the top of your chest. He places a loofa in that hand and then slowly begins to gently scrub it across your skin while, at the same time, placing random kisses on your shoulders. You lean your head back so you can pear up at his face and are almost overcome with lust at the sight of his handsome face so contorted in longing. He pauses his movement and slowly starts to lean his head down to yours, his eyes flickering between your lips and your gaze until your mouths are on one another’s. They move in sync as his arm moves from your chest to your waist, where he grips you tighter and pulls you closer to his body. He grunts as you move so you’re straddling his waist and begin running your fingers through his wet hair, a quiet whisper of your name escaping him as he continues to nearly bring your over the edge of self-control. Niall: Lying on your stomach and looking up at him as he hums an unfamiliar tune, you smile while biting your bottom lip before cuddling in closer to his side. A grin forms on his face and his opens his eyes before turning to look over at you, his fingertips going to play in your hair. No words are spoken as you two simply admire each other features, sometimes reaching out a finger to trace over the others lips or to graze over their cheek, but you two mainly just gaze at each other in the quiet. When he goes to move his face closer, you allow him, and quickly feel as a fiery sensation begins to rush up from your toes as he leans in to slowly kiss your lips. One of his hands pulls out of your hair and comes to rest just underneath your jaw as the soft skin of his mouth moves again yours. When he pulls back, another big grin is residing on his face and he gently leans his forehead against yours before mumbling how much he loves you. Zayn: Clad in only one of his t-shirts and some black leggings, you lean back into his chest while his hand guides yours over the canvas. He’s supposed to be instructing you on how to properly paint a flower, but his free hand keeps wondering to your bum and his lips keep making their way to the inside of your neck. Eventually, you put the brush down and turn to him in mock anger, a big smile exploding across your face. He chuckles and wraps his toned arms around your waist, pulling you against his chest. He lays a quick, passionate kiss to your lips, then another and another-pretty soon, you two are wrapped up in each other and you’re in his lap. His hand has gone to the back of your neck as the other gently rests on your hip and you can feel the stubble he’d started to let grow out grazing against your cheek as he expertly moves his tongue in and out of your mouth. He was gentle with you while, at the same time, giving you the roughness that makes you go crazy.
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