One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


116. You meet them through their sibling



Liam: You were child hood friends with Nicola and were always around the Payne family household. You never really noticed how much Liam had grown up over the years. He was more of a little brother to you since you were Nicola’s age. One day you went over to their house to welcome him home from the 2013 US tour. You guys had a big party planned for him and such. Once he walked through the door you were completely taken a back by how much the boy had changed. He now had defined features running down his jawline, that birthmark on his neck more prominent. His arm almost busting out of his fitted tee. His jeans hung loosely off of his hips and his converse all scuffed. He hugged his mom, dad and sisters. You stood there awkwardly until he saw you. “(Y/N)! Hey!” he said running over to you gulfing you into a huge hug. You laughed and hugged him back. “How’ve you been?” you said to him breaking from his tight grip. He smiled and looked you up and down. You suddenly felt very self conscious. “I’ve been good, you look good!” He said, you felt the blood rush to your cheeks and looked down to the carpeted floor. “So do you. You’ve grown up so much!” You said looking into his chocolate brown eyes. “Yeah, I’m not a kid anymore.” You both laughed. “No, you’re not.” you replied back.


Louis: You were babysitting Felicity and the twins one day while Lottie and Louis went out. Once they got back they invited you to stay a bit longer. Louis didn’t know his mom and step-dad had you as a baby sitter so he didn’t know who you were. “I’m (Y/N), you mom hired me to watch them when their out. They didn’t tell me you’d be home.” You said smiling to him. “Well I just went to pick Lottie up from school.” He said walking in putting his jacket down. “How would you like to go get dinner tonight. Just so I can get to know the person that’s taking care of my precious sister’s.” He said winking at Felicity. You smiled to yourself. “Yeah, sure!” You replied back. Louis helped you watch them until his parents got home and then you guys went out.


Zayn: You were Safaa’s ballet instructor. “Okay class, don’t forget that we have a recital next week so keep on practicing!” you told you class as they began to find their ride home. Safaa came over to you “Thank you Miss. (Y/N)!” You bent down and hugged her “No problem Safaa. Where’s you mum?” You said looking around for Mrs.Malik. “Oh Zayn’s picking me up!!” She squiled and ran over to where Zayn was standing. You stood up and walked over to him straighting out you leotard. “You must be (Y/N). Safaa is always talking about how much she loves you. She really looks up to you.” Zayn said smiling. You instantly smile. “I love you, she’s the best one in the class. She works so much harder than all the other girls. That’s really gonna get her somewhere in life. You’ve got a good little sister here.” You said smiling down at Safaa. “Yeah she’s pretty great.” Zayn said following your gaze down to her. “How about we get some coffee sometime yeah?” Zayn said. “That’d be nice.” You said walking outside with them. 


Harry: Gemma was your tutor for school so she’d always be coming over to your house. Today she was late but you didn’t really care. You hated the subject she was teaching you. You doorbell rang and you got up to answer it. “Sorry, traffic was crazy! And then my brother decides to be a pain in the ass and have me take him all over London!” She says walking in. You laugh, you’d never met her brother but you knew who he was. You guys are 30 minutes into the lesson when her phone rings. “What?” she groaned. “You’re kidding me right Harry!?” She mouthed sorry. You shook your head and tried figuring the question out. “Yeah, okay whatever I’ll be there.” she hung the phone up and gathered her stuff. “Sorry but Harry decided he wanted to leave early.” she finished putting her things into her bag and looked at you. “What?” You said confused. She smiled slightly, “How would you like to come with me?” she said. You quickly got up and followed her to the car. It was a short drive to the place Harry was at. She ran in and back out with him. “Whose that?” Harry said looking to the front seat. “The girl I tutor loser. Because of you I had to cut lessons” You looked behind you and waved. “Maybe I should do this more often.” he said cheekily. “Oh shut up.” She spat. You just sat there talking to Harry the whole car ride.


Niall: You’d met Greg at a party and decided that you wanted to hang out with him. You guys were at his apartment. “Do you mind if my brother comes over? I haven’t seen him in a while.” You shook your head and within half an hour Niall had came over. They were sitting on the couch talking about stuff. “So is this your girlfriend Greg?” Niall said looking over to you. “Who (Y/N)? No, we met at a party, she’s just a good friend of mine.” Greg nudged Niall’s arm, that made Niall blush a bit. “Nice to met ya (Y/N).” He said shaking your hand. You smiled, “Nice to finally meet you too. Greg’s always talking about you.” He blushed again. “Well, hopefully not to much because then we won’t have much to talk about on our first date.”

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