One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


16. You meet the other boys for the first time…



Liam: You and Liam were walking to mini golf, where you would be meeting the boys for the first time ever, to play a spot of mini golf. You were excited because you were going to play mini golf but still nervous. You had heard lot’s about the boys but you wondered if Liam had told them much about you. And if he had told them anything, what exactly did he say. The whole walk you were holding on to Liams hand for dear life, you got more nervous, the closer you got to your destination. When you finally arrived you noticed Harry, Zayn and Louis were sat at a bench. They got up when they noticed you and greeted you with a hug. You saw Niall coming towards you with a drink in his hand. He put the drink down and gave you one of his famous hugs and you soon felt at ease. You and the boys were all talking, telling each about yourselves, cracking jokes and you felt as though you were talking with your best friends. When you had finished the game, you all decided to go back to Louis’ flat, where you all talked for hours. ‘Bye guys, thanks for having us!’ You said, while saying goodbye to each of the boys by giving them a hug. ‘No problem (y/n), see you tomorrow!’ Harry said. You and the boys all got along so well, that you had made plans to see each other tomorrow. You wondered why you were ever even nervous, the boys were lovely and so was Liam. I am so lucky, you thought to yourself as you and Liam walked hand in hand, down the street.

Niall: You were going to one of your boyfriends concerts, he was in One Direction and you hadn’t seen him in weeks, so you had arranged to go to one of his concerts. You were so excited to see your boyfriend, but also really nervous! Today would be the first day meeting the rest of the boys, and you were dreading it. You had heard lovely things about each of the boys, so you would like them, but… What if they didn’t like you? Then what would happen to You and Niall. You scolded yourself, you always had to expect the worse. Once you had arrived at the arena, you saw a few fan’s outside, who instantly recognised you as Niall’s girlfriend and came over to say hi. You proceeded to go inside the arena, looking for your boyfriend. Instead of Niall you were met by a very excited Louis and Zayn, running towards you. They engulfed you in a big hug and soon let you go, ‘Hi boys.’ you say, feeling overwhelmed. Liam, Harry and Niall walked over to you and each gave you a cute little hug, while Niall gave you a tight squeeze and a peck on the lips. ‘So boys, excited for the show?’ you ask. ‘Buzzing.. But we were all much more excited to meet you.’ Liam said with a smile. ‘Aww, i was excited to meet you all too!’ you say. You all head backstage and sit talking for a while, before Paul comes to tell the boys it’s time for soundcheck. While the boys are doing soundcheck, you stand at the side of the stage next to Paul. You smile, knowing you have the most amazing boyfriend ever and you have just made four amazing friends, too. 

Louis: You were flying out to New York to visit your boyfriend Louis. It would also be the first time you met the rest of the boys and you were really nervous! You planned out different scenarios in your head, throughout the whole flight, and you thought of different ways to introduce yourself to them. The plane had landed and as you walked outside the airport, you noticed five boys arguing over who should hold the large sign with your name. As you walked over, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Harry and Louis greeted you. You all said your hi’s and hello’s and Louis gave you a kiss. You gave the boys a hug. During the car ride to the hotel, conversation flowed nicely  and you found you had so much in common with the boys! they were four funny, down to earth, serious when they need to be, boys. Fame would never get to these boys heads.When you got to the hotel, you dumped your bags in your room and went straight to Niall’s room, where everyone else was, as it was the largest room. You, the boys and the boys’ girlfriends all talked for what seemed like hours. Within minutes of meeting them, you forgot why you were so nervous, the boys were lovely and you had definitely made four great, new friends.

Harry: You and harry decided you’d invite the boys over for a traditional game’s night. You had ordered plenty of pizza and you were all set to make a good impression. You heard a knock on the door, and suddenly became very nervous. If everything went wrong with the boys, then what would Harry do? You can’t really date someone your best friends, well more like brothers, dont like. Your thoughts were interrupted by Harry telling you the boys had arrived. ‘Hi’ Louis said with a smile. ‘Hello’ Zayn and Liam said as they walked past you into the living room, to sit on the sofa with the rest of the boys. As Niall walked by he introduced himself and gave you a Horan hug. That was when you started feeling more comfortable. ‘Uhm, the food will be here in a bit’ you said. ‘Oh great! I’m starving!’ Niall said excitedly. This made Liam roll his eyes and the rest of the boys laugh. ‘Typical.’ Liam said. ‘Let’s play charades first.’ Louis insisted. ‘I love charades’ you said.’Ok, two teams boys. Me, (y/n), Liam and Harry, Niall, Zayn.’ Louis says. ‘Losing team has to wash the dishes!’ Zayn adds. ‘It’s on.’ you say, your competitive side coming out a little bit. The night was filled with fun and you knew you had made four new friends, who would be there for you, and that’s all you needed.

Zayn: You knocked on Louis’ apartment door and waited nervously. You were going to meet the boys for the first time and you were unsure of how it would go. What if they didn’t like me? What if they felt I wasn’t good enough for Zayn. ‘You’ll be fine babe, they’ll love you.’ Zayn said, interrupting your thoughts while giving your hand a reassuring squeeze. The boy could read you like a book, he knew when you were upset, angry, excited, lieng. This is what made you sure that he was the one. Soon you heard the sound of footsteps rushing towards the door and, what sounded like a muffled, four boys arguing? arguing over what though? ‘I want to say hi first.’ you thought this was Harry. ‘No, that’s not fair.’ Niall said. ‘But I’m much more friendly.’ You think this was Louis, but suddenly the door flung open and the boys all looked up at you. Liam was the one who got fed up and opened the door. You couldn’t help giggle at their silly little arguments. They all greeted you and Zayn as you walked in. Liam and Louis headed for the kitchen, while Harry, Niall and Zayn jumped onto the sofa and played on the Xbox. You walked into the kitchen and asked if the boys needed any help. ‘Have you two had sex yet?’ You let out a nervous giggle at his straight forwardness and you knew you’d be able to have a laugh with these boys. Liam didn’t find it funny, he turned to frown at Louis. While Louis just laughed. ‘What? we have to give her the sex talk, liam’ he justified. You carried on with dinner, and once dinner was ready, you all sat round the table talking and laughing, like you had been friends for years. That night, you had made some great friends, worth keeping.

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