One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


139. You meet his siblings for the first time



Liam: It was long drive to Wolverhampton and the long drive only made your nerves that much worse. Today you were going to meet Liam’s sisters. You’d already met his mom and dad but hadn’t meet his sister and he really wanted you to. Once you arrived you both walked up to the house and his dad answered the door. “Karen their here!!” he yelled. We stepped though the door way and were greeted by Liam’s mom. “Hi darling!” she said engulfing us both in hugs. “Hi mum.” Liam said trying to get out of her grasp. “Where’s Nicola and Ruth?” he asked once he finally got free. She pointed to the back where they were watching Ruth’s kids play. Liam grabbed your hand and dragged you outside. He opened the sliding door and stepped back out into the cool spring air. “Liam!!!” Nicola screamed and came running up to her younger brother to engulf him in yet another hug that he wasn’t expecting. “Hey Nicola, this is (Y/N).” He said motioning over to you wraping his arm around your shoulder. You smiled and shook her hand. “Hi sweetie. It’s so nice to finally meet you! We finally get to see what all the fuss is about you. I see why he makes such a big deal out of you.” She smiled at Liam. You laughed as you saw him blushing. Ruth came over with her daughter in her arms. “Hi love, I’m Ruth and this here is Elaine, say hi.” Elaine waved then stuck her thumb back in her mouth and buried her face into her mothers neck. “Hi sweetheart.” you cooed to her. “It’s so nice to finally meet you!” After dinner and helping clean up you had to leave because you had work in the morning. “It was so nice to meet you guys!” You said hugging his sisters. “Of course, we’ll have to get together some time!” Nicola said. You exchanged numbers and walked over to the car with Liam. “See it wasn’t that bad. But I think Elaine loves you more than me now..” You chuckled and kissed him on his cheek.


Louis: You were an only child so going to Louis’ house was always an adventure. But today the whole family would be there. You’d met Jay once before but you hadn’t met the rest of his family. It was Lottie’s birthday today so you decided to head on over with Louis to celebrate. “Calm down, it’ll be fine. They’ll love you.” He said opening the car door for you. You stepped out and fixed your skirt, “I know it’ll be fine but do you really think that I should be meeting your sister’s on Lottie’s birthday? What if she doesn’t like me, that’ll ruin her day.” You began second guessing yourself. “(Y/N) trust me, they’ll love you.” He gave you a reassuring smile and took your hand and lead you up to the door. “Where’s my birthday girl?!” he yelled once he stepped into the foyer. “Lou!!!” the girls all screamed together. Lottie of course was the first one. The twins followed shortly after. “Guys, this is (y/n). Remember how mummy told you I wanted you guys to meet somebody well this is her.” He pulled you close to him and you smiled. You guessed it was Daisy came up to Louis “She’s really pretty Lou lou.” She said. You smiled taking a deep breath and calming a bit. “yeah she is.” He said taking your hand. “Oh! here you go Lottie, thought you’d like it.” you said giving a present over to Lottie. She quickly opened it to see a new iPhone case in it with a gift card to topshop. She hugged you both “Thank you so much!! How did you know I wanted this case though?” She asked looking over to the both of you. You giggled a bit. “If I was turning 13 I think I’d want that case too.” Louis pulled you into him and kissed your forehead. “See didn’t I tell you they’d love you?”


Zayn: You had three older brother’s so when you found out you were going to meet Zayn’s sister’s you got kind of nervous. you’d never been in a house hold full of girls. “I don’t know Zayn” You said pulling up to the house. He go out of the car and went to open up yours, “Just come on, I’m sure they’ll love you. Their my sister’s they’ll love you no matter what.” He said smiling outstretching his hand for yours. You reluctantly took it and walked up the path with him to the front door. He knocked on the front door and suddenly you heard a lot of commotion. “I’ll get it!!!” Suddenly then a little girl opened up. “Zayn!” she ran right into his arms. “Hi Safaa, how are you munchkin?” He said picking her up and walking inside. “Better now! Waliyha was messing about with my stuffed animals and mummy yelled at her.” She laughed. Zayn put her down. “Go get her.” He said pushing her away. He took your hand and walked into the kitchen “Hey mum” He said kissing her cheek. “Hi Zayn, Hi (Y/N) how are you dear? I missed you!” You smiled and gave her a hug. “I’ve been good, studying away.” You giggled at the end. Safaa and Waliyha ran into the kitchen. Doniya followed suit shortly. They all sat around the table. “Guys, this is (Y/N)” he said pulling you in closer to him. You waved and smiled to the girls. “Cut her some slack, she hasn’t got any sisters. She’s got three older brothers.” He said laughing a little. “So you’re the youngest like me!!” Safaa yelled. “Yeah” you nodded and smiled. “Do your brother’s ever mess with your stuff?” Waliyah said. You sat next to Safaa and talked to them for a while. After a couple of hours it was time to go. “Does she have to?” Waliyah and Safaa whined. “I’m sorry guys, I’ve got work tomorrow.” You apoligized. You hugged the two younger ones and went to say bye to Doniya, she gave you her number. “Ya know, if you ever need help keeping my brother under control” she laughed. You hugged her and left. “See I told you they’d love you.” Zayn said as he slid in next to you in the car.


Harry: Gemma was coming over today and it was the first time you were meeting her. You quickly finished the last touches of the meal and quickly went to go change. On your way Harry was sitting on the couch watching soccer (football) “Harry! Your sister’s going to be here any minute and your watching soccer?!” You yelled at him. He looked over at you “One, it’s football here in England and secondly, it’s my sister. What do you expect the president to come along with her?” He chuckled, you threw a pillow that was on the arm chair at him but he’d managed to dodge it. There was a knock on the door and you still weren’t ready. “Harry will you get that?!” you yelled from the living room. You heard a groan and some movement and then the door opening. “Hey sis!” Harry said. “Hey Harry.” Gemma replied back. “(Y/N) still getting ready.” he said. Just after you walked out of the bedroom and over to Gemma and Harry in the living room. “Hi I’m (Y/N)” you said stretching your hand out. She stood up and hugged you. “Sorry, I don’t do hand shakes.” she laughed and sat back down. You guys talked for a while and then ate dinner. It was getting late and she had to leave so you walked out to the doorway with Harry and said your goodbyes. “I’m sure my mum and I would love to hang out with you sometime here soon, don’t be shy!” Gemma said giving you one last hug. “I won’t” Harry and you both walked back up to the appartment. “see that wasn’t so bad” He said closing the bedroom door behind you. “Yeah no thanks to you.” You giggled. “Let me make it up to you.” he said back cheekily.


Niall: Greg and Niall haven’t always been the best of siblings and you totally understood. You only had one sister, so when Greg called Niall asking to meet you, you both were a bit shocked. You walked up to the small cafe down the street from the apartment you both shared. “Niall!” A voice called and you both suddenly looked over to see a man standing smiling waving over to the both of you. “Just breath Nialler, it’ll be fine.” You said. You took his hand and walked over to the table. “He there Niall! Is this the famous (Y/N) your always talking about?” Greg said. “Yeah.” Niall said loosening your grip a bit you shook Greg’s hand and you both sat down. Lunch wasn’t the least bit awkward. Greg told you all these funny stories Niall did as a kid and some of his bad habit’s that he’d apparently grown out of. It was getting late and the dinner rush was beginning to come in. “Well it was nice to meet you (Y/N)” Greg said standing up. You and Niall stood up and you shook Greg’s hand “It was great to meet you too Greg!” You said with a smile on his face. He hugged Niall and must’ve said something because Niall’s face turned red, you only knew that as one thing: he was blushing. Greg walked away and you and Niall left. “What did he say to you earlier?” You asked him walking into the doors of the complex. Niall smiled to himself, “That he was sorry, and that if I screw this up he’s going to kill me.” He laughed and kissed your cheek. “He likes you to say the least.”

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