One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


11. You guys go to the market together



Liam: Liam dragged you to the market so he could by some things for your date. “Liam! Why did I have to come! I wanted to finish that show!” “(Y/N), we’re getting sweets so we can watch all 3 Toy Story’s tonight!” he said. “Okay… Fine. But when we get home we have to cuddle!” “How dare you think we wouldn’t!” he giggled.  You two walk around the store picking up all of your favorite treats. “Think we have enough, love?” he asks, giggling at the sight of all the food, “I think we do, dear,” you respond. Then you to go back to your flat and stay up all night watching each Toy Story and comforting each other at all the sad parts. By the end of the night you two had fallen asleep together on the couch.

Niall: You’re going shopping so you can prepare dinner with for you and your boyfriend, Niall. He, being the food lover he is, asks to come with you to “supervise”.  “(Y/N)! Please! Can I please go with you! I need to supervise to be sure you get what you need! Plus, I’ll be lonely if you leave me here all alone! You don’t want me to be lonely do you?” He whined and looked at you with his cute face on. “Fine, Niall… But we’re getting what we NEED, not what you want, deal?” “Okay, fine.” He says disappointed. You drive to the market and when you get there Niall immediately runs to the sweets aisle. “Niall!” you yell, “Don’t you remember our deal?” but he’s too busy and isn’t paying attention. “Ugh, this is what I get for bringing him,” you mumble to yourself. While walking down the aisles you find everything you need for your dinner and go searching for Niall. “Niall!” you yell down each aisle. Then someone comes up behind you, grabs onto your waist and yells “BOO!” You scream terrified you’re being stalked and turn around to find you boyfriend. “NIALL!” you yell, “You scared me half to death!” “I’m sorry, princess! Don’t be mad at me!” He pulls you closer “I wuv you” he says with his eyes wide. “I wuv you too, baby” Then you leave to prepare your romantic dinner for the night.

Louis: You get to the market and Louis starts running up and down the aisles like a child, as usual. You start chasing him yelling “LOUIS TOMLINSON GET YOUR LARGE BUM BACK HERE!” “NO! JIMMY PROTESTED”!” he shouts back, “Louis… You will get your bum back here or I won’t tell you I love you!” “COMING!” you hear him shout. “Now… Say you love me!” He says, “I love you, Louis!” you giggle. “I WIN!” he yells and starts running up and down the aisles again, finally you give in and run around with him. You end up knocking down some display’s and get kicked out. You end up doing this to every market in town.

Harry: “Harry, love, we have to get the food for the party,” you say to your boyfriend, who’s busy looking at the toys. “But (Y/N)! I want to get this miniature Nerf gun!” “No, Hazza. We don’t need that, maybe later” “Fine,” he sighs. “Now, come on, love. Let’s get that food,” you say as he comes behind you. He starts picking up everything you need and puts it in the cart. As you get to the checkout line you notice he snuck the Nerf gun in the cart along with 5 others… You pretend not to notice and when you get home sneak the rest to the boys and hide his own. “On the count of 3,” you whisper to the boys, “one,” you whisper, “two,” Niall says a bit louder, “THREE,” Louis yells, and then you all attack Harry. “WHAT WAS THAT FOR?” yells Harry, “You’re the one that snuck them into the cart!” you say back, “Oh it is ON!” he yells back. Instead of eating the food you bought you all had a Nerf gun fight, completely forgetting about the party.

Zayn:  You’re craving chocolate so you drag your boyfriend, Zayn, to the market. “Come on, Zayn,” you whine as he refuses, “No, (Y/N),” he says, “You take forever at the market!” “I won’t this time, love, I promise. I know exactly what I want,” “Fine. I’ll go, but we better be back here in 30 minutes or less.” “Fine, love, but I’m getting a lot of things. I really want some chocolate. And a lot of it, too” you say. You walk to the market with Zayn and are approached by a couple of polite fans who ask for a picture with you two. When you get to the market you head straight for the sweets aisle. “THERE’S SO MUCH CHOCOLATE,” you say as you pick out everything you crave. “Whoa there, love. That’s a lot of food, are you sure you’re going to eat it all?” “With the help of my AMAZAYN boyfriend, I’m sure I will,” you tell him while he giggles at your pun. You get to the checkout line and get a strange look from the person working it. “What seems to be the problem?” Zayn asks noticing the way the boy is looking at you “Nothing. Just a lot of chocolate you’ve got here. By the looks of it you’re feeding a whale,” he says, “If I were you I wouldn’t say that,” he says, noticing that you look down at you stomach. “Babe,” he says while you two walk back to the flat you share, “You’re beautiful. You’re the perfect size for me, don’t let what that boy said effect you, okay?” “Thank you, Zayn, I love you” “I love you too, Boo”

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