One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


89. You guys fight and then make up in a dirty way


  Harry: You storm into the apartment and slam the door, not caring that Harry is only a few feet behind you. You immediately go to the bedroom to change out of the dress you wore to the club with Harry, but you’re too worked up to focus on anything, so you end up just pacing around. “Y/N please talk to me” Harry says, walking into the room. “Every single time I turned around tonight all I saw was you talking to another girl. Talk about that, Harry.” “I know” says Harry “every single one of those girls came up to me. They were all just desperate wannabes. I’m sorry, I should have just ignored them.” Harry’s eyes are pleading as he gently takes your face in his hands. “I was just hoping we could spend time together tonight” you reply, his gentle touch making your anger melt away. “We could spend time together now” he chuckles, pulling down the zipper on your dress. Harry starts to kiss down your neck and finishes stripping off your dress. He lays you down on the bed, grinning at you in your bra and underwear. “Just so you know, I wouldn’t do this with any of those girls” he says as he runs his hands down the length of your body.

Niall: You and Niall had an argument yesterday, and you haven’t said a word to each other since; it’s the longest you’ve ever gone without talking. As you climb into bed that night, Niall finally breaks down. “Are you still mad at me?” he asks “I don’t even remember what we were arguing about, babe” he says, scooting close to you. As he wraps his arms around your waist, you realize that you can’t really remember either. “I miss talking to you” he says. “I miss your voice and your laugh” he whispers against your neck, giving it a kiss. “And your smile” he says, kissing the sides of your mouth. You give a small smile, unable to deny how cute he’s being. “Can I have a kiss?” he asks, his lips already only an inch from yours. “Sure” you respond, pulling his lips to yours. The kiss turns very passionate, his tongue gently playing with yours as you straddle yourself on top of him and slip his shirt over his head. “I hate fighting with you” he says, running his hands up and down your bare legs. “But I love this. Is that bad?” “We’ll just skip the fighting next time” you laugh.

Zayn: You’re mad at Zayn. That’s all you can tell right now. He’s yelling at you, you’re yelling things at him, you’re not even sure what is coming out of your mouth or his. Zayn stops talking to take a breath and you do the same, the silence suddenly feeling so strange. You open your mouth to start again, but before you can, Zayn cuts you off by smashing his lips to yours. “Zayn what are you doing?” you ask, trying to push him away. “Just stop” Zayn replies “arguing like this is stupid. Let’s just stop.” You calm down a bit as Zayn gently kisses you again, this time you kiss him back. You know that the best way to get through this argument would be to talk it out, but right now all you care about is kissing Zayn. There’s no need for words as you both move deeper and deeper into each other. You push your hands up Zayn’s shirt and pull it off of his head, kissing his neck and chest. Zayn responds by stripping your clothes off and laying you down on the bed, leaving a trail of kisses down your stomach. You two spend all night “forgiving” each other for fighting.

Liam: You had a nice dinner planned for your anniversary with Liam, but he had to work late and forgot to text or call you about it. When you finally text him and he answers you, it’s pretty late so you go to bed, crawling under the covers hoping you fall asleep before he gets home so he doesn’t see you crying. Only about ten minutes later, Liam gets home. He cautiously walks into the room and sees you stirring in bed, so he knows you’re awake. “I’m really sorry sweetheart” he says, sitting down on the bed next to you “I know you’re mad, I had to work though.” “I’m not mad that you had to work” you say “but you could have told me where you were so I didn’t have to just sit here and wait for you.” “I’m sorry” Liam says again “happy anniversary though, I love you.” “I love you too” you reply, turning to face him. It doesn’t matter anymore that Liam wasn’t home earlier. He’s with you now, and that’s all you want to care about. You pull Liam down so he’s crouching over you and start kissing him more and more passionately. You guide Liam’s hands to your breasts and lower so he’ll take your clothes off. “I’m sorry” Liam keeps apologizing between kisses. “Yeah, I get it” you giggle “you’re forgiven.”

Louis: You and Louis have been arguing the whole car ride through the rain back to your apartment, and you can’t take any more of it. “I don’t want to talk about it anymore, Louis” you say when the car comes to a stop. You get out of the car and shut the door behind you, running to the door of the building through the rain. When you get into your apartment, you go into your bedroom and strip off your soaking wet clothes to your bra and underwear, your hair laying wet on your bare back. You hear Louis walk into the room, and you can feel him come up and stand behind you. “I said I don’t want to talk about it” you repeat through your shaky voice. “So we won’t” Louis says “I don’t want to either, let’s just be together.” Louis gently places his hands on your shoulders, rubbing small circles into your skin. You turn around to face him and gently place your hands on his chest. The feeling of his warm touch on your skin, the taste of his lips against yours, and the smell of the rain off his skin causes your senses to go wild as he kisses you, and soon you are eager for more, which he gladly gives you.

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