One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


7. You feel your baby kick!


  Liam: You had gone out to dinner with Liam, you were feeling insecure and Liam decided to treat you to a fancy dinner. While you were waiting for you food to come. You felt the baby kick. This was the first time you had felt your unborn child kick, and you were so excited that you had to share it with Liam. ‘Li, i felt it kick babe, our baby kicked!’ You say. ‘What! Oh my, are you alright? does it hurt? I’m so happy love, but you’re alright yes?’ He says happy and concerned at the same time. ‘Yes babe, i’m fi-’ You say interrupted by your baby kicking again. ‘The baby kicked again!’ Liam comes over to you and puts his hand on your stomach. He smiles when he feels your child kick. ‘She’s going to be beautiful, just like her mother. And i can’t wait.’ 

Niall: You and Niall were in the kitchen, Lazing around as you had a dinner party to attend to later on. You were sat on the kitchen island, talking to him when you felt your unborn baby kick! Your eyes widened and you quickly ran over to Niall. ‘Here. Feel.’ You say taking his hand and placing it on your stomach. Niall looks at your pregnant stomach and then feels your baby kick. He looks up at you with wide, happy eyes and a smile starts to spread across his face. You knew then, that you wouldn’t want to start a family with anyone else and you also knew the feeling was mutual.

Louis: ’OWWW!’ you yell. ‘What, whats wrong? is it the baby? shit, are you okay (y/n)?’ Louis says worriedly. You giggle. ‘Yes, i’m fine.. she just kicked lou!’ You say smiling. Louis quickly scoots over to you and places his hand on your stomach. ‘Now, i don’t want my little girl causing mummy too much grief, but.. kick once if mummy is your favourite and twice for your daddy.’ Louis says cheekily. ‘Louis, babe, i don’t think she can hear you.’ You giggle. You feel the baby kick, once… then twice. What was going on? ‘I knew she was going to be a daddy’s girl!’ Louis said excitedly.

Harry: ’Oh my god! Harry, the baby just kicked, get down here!’ You yell from the living room. Harry was in the shower, getting ready as you two were going to do some shopping. You hear him run down the stairs and place himself on the sofa next to you. in nothing but a towel. ‘Seriously, did she just kick?’ Harry says, his beautiful eyes looking into yours. You respond by taking his hand and placing it onto your stomach. ‘Seriously. Look.’ You sit patiently waiting and she kicks! ‘Oh my god! she kicked! babe, she kicked. Do you realise how close we are to having her with us in the flesh? oh my god i’m so excited! Im going to buy her everything she wants. She’s going to be a daddy’s girl.’ You giggle. ‘I love you Harry.’ You say. He plants a kiss on your lips and says ‘i love you (y/n). and I love you too.’ Planting a kiss on your pregnant stomach.

Zayn: You and Zayn had decided to take a walk in the park, seeing as it was a beautiful day out. You were walking, talking and having a great time. You were 6 months pregnant. You suddenly hunched forward after experiencing something you hadn’t felt before. ‘Zayn.’ You say stopping in your tracks. ‘Zayn, i.. the baby just kicked.’ you say excitedly not knowing what to say. ‘Really? oh wow. will it do it again? i want to feel.’ You sit down on a park bench and place Zayn’s hand on your stomach. The baby kicks and Zayn is shocked. A few seconds later, he looks up at, pure happiness shining in his eyes, and he takes your hand. ‘I’m so glad we did this. I wouldn’t want to start a family with any body else but you.’ He says, planting a kiss onto your lips.

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