One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


5. What he does when you cant sleep…



Liam: You could not sleep, despite you bieng tired, and seeing as Liam had just gotten of tour, you didn’t want to wake him. You decide to head downstairs to get a glass of water, when Liam grabs your hand and pulls you back into bed. ‘What’s up buttercup?’ He says in his oh-so-sweet voice. ‘Can’t sleep.’ You reply. He pulls you towards him, so that your head is resting on his chest and he sings to you, until you fall asleep. 

Niall: ‘You okay, princess?’ ‘Niall, i can’t get to sleep.’ you say, with a slight whining noticeable in your voice but then you’re stomach rumbles. ‘Oh…’ He says. You were both lieng on your backs, with your head on his chest, but you turn and prop yourself up on your side, on your elbow. ‘Come on sweetie.’ He says, you look at him with a confused expression on your face but proceed to follow him out of the bedroom and downstairs and… into the kitchen? You should have known. ‘What would you like princess? I’ll make you any food you desire.’ You smiled. ‘Well…’ 

Louis: ‘You alright, love?’ Louis asks, sitting up. ‘Yeah, yeah.. just.. i can’t get to sleep.’ You sigh. ‘Oh.. okay. Hmm..’ He starts to think. You just sit there, rubbing your tired eyes. You hate this feeling. ‘Louis, nothing will work.. i’m not going to be able to sleep for ages.’ You say. ‘Well then, why waste the night doing nothing. Let’s go to a late night cafe?’ He says excitedly and then lets out a manly scream/Yeah! ‘Okay..’ You agree reluctantly and get changed as Louis grabs the laptop and drives you there. You get to the cafe and share a hot chocolate. The place was deserted! Louis takes the laptop and you guys go through his twitter mentions. You reply to some and some fans notice and start wondering why you are up so late. Seeing as it was a cold winters night, at 3am and there was no way you’d both be able to get to sleep, Louis thinks of the randomnest idea ever. ‘Lets do a twitcam!? come on! it’ll be so much fun (y/n)!’ He pleads. ‘…Alright!’ The fans love that your both really spontaneous and love you even more because you got louis to do a twitcam! A twitcam at 3am, in the dark, in a cafe.. beat that Liam.

Harry: ‘Babe, stop moving around.’ Harry says, not in a harsh way but in a soft tone. ‘Sorry Harry.’ You say with an apologetic tone to your voice. ‘I just can’t sleep.’ ‘Ohhh, why didn’t you just tell me that! Let’s go…’ He grabs your hand and leads you downstairs. ‘Sit.’ He instructs, pointing to the couch. He goes off to rummage through the pile of DVD’s and then disappears of to the kitchen. He comes back with Love actually, a tub of ice cream, two spoons and a blanket. He hands you the ice cream, goes to put in the DVD and sits next to you, wrapping the blanket around you both. You tuck in and rest your head on his shoulder. Minutes later you’re sound asleep. You don’t know how, but Harry always found a working solution for everything.

Zayn: You kept tossing and turning, it was way past midnight and pitch black outside. You carried on trying to get comfortable, but things had just been bugging you lately, causing you to not be able to sleep. You carried on fidgeting about, when you felt a familiar large hand reach out to grab your hand, and pull you up. You and Zayn were now both sitting up and you sighed. ‘I’m sorry, i just can’t sleep.’ You looked at Zayn apologetically.  ’Its okay babe. Want to talk about it?’ You just sigh in response. ‘Ok… lets take a walk. Clear your mind, get you to relax a bit, yeah?’ He offers. ‘Okay.’ You reply, getting up. You both change into joggers and walk hand in hand to the park, where you sit on a bench and cuddle for a while. ‘Want to tell me whats wrong now babe?’ He asks, planting a kiss on the top of your head. You tell him whats worrying you and he reassures you, you proceed to walk home and fall asleep in his arms.

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