One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


33. The boys/him see your thong



Harry: You bent down to place The Hangover 2 in the DVD player when you heard a small chuckle coming from the boys that were sitting on the couch behind you. Harry decided it would be fun to invite Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis over for a movie night, and so far they had all been obnoxious and immature as usual. You turned around, “what?” you asked annoyed since Niall was covering his face with a pillow to stop from laughing. Louis cleared his throat, “um….nothing (Y/N)….continue on…” He smiled as you turned back around to start the movie. You stood up as Harry came back from the kitchen with an armful of popcorn and other snacks; some kernels had fallen out of the popcorn bowl so you bent down to pick them up off of the carpet. Zayn somehow got Harry’s attention without you knowing and pointed to the bright pink thong sticking out of the top of your pajama pants. Harry’s eyes grew huge as all the boys burst into fits of laughter. “(Y/N)!” he yelled, puling you upward. “Geez! What the hell is everyone’s issue?” you asked while looking at all boys who were now clutching their stomachs from laughing so hard. Harry grabbed your hand and pulled you into the hallway next to the living room, “babe…um…your thong is kinda….out in the open…” You covered your mouth in shock and instantly became embarrassed since all the boys had seen your underwear. “Holy shit…that’s why they kept laughing when I bent down…” you said, putting all the pieces together in your head. You lifted your pajama bottoms up higher and tied the strings tighter so it was impossible for them to slide down again and reveal your thong, and nervously walked back out to the living room with Harry. “I tried to make them stop Harry, I really did,” Liam confessed as you both sat down. “I’m sure you did Liam…” Harry answered back sarcastically. He placed an arm around your shoulders and before anyone else could say anything the movie started, thankfully.

Zayn: “Almost ready babe?” Zayn asked from out in the living room. “Yea, I’ll be out in a minute!” you yelled back. You slide on a lacy black thong and searched around for the pair of jeans you had seen earlier. “Urgh where are they?” you mumbled to yourself when you suddenly realized you had left them on the couch out in the living room. You knew the boys would be coming over soon since you were all going out to dinner, so you rushed out to the couch for your jeans before they showed up. You entered the living room and instantly stopped dead in your tracks when you locked eyes with Liam, “ahhh oh my god!!” you screamed, trying your best to cover yourself up with your hands. Liam, of course, covered his eyes and turned around, “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry (Y/N)!” he nervously said as all the other boys looked up at you. You were so in shock that your legs wouldn’t move, so you stood there as all the boys’ faces turned different shades of red. Zayn ran and stood in front of you so the boys could no longer see, “What are you doing out here in a thong?!” he asked. “I was getting my jeans on the couch! I didn’t know they were out here!” you explained as you began to back up toward the bedroom, Zayn still walking in front of you to make sure none of the boys could take a peek. You finally reached your guys’ room, so you sat on the bed, covering your face with your hands in embarrassment, “I really can’t believe that just happened….” you sighed. Zayn closed the door and sat next to you, “me too….I’m supposed to be the only guy to see you like that..” he pouted. “Oh shut up….you see me without anything on everyday,” you laughed. “Poor Liam though…he’s probably scarred for life now,” you said, making you both crack up. Once the laughing subsided, Zayn looked into your eyes,”You look so sexy right now…” he grinned, placing his hand on your bare thigh and pressing his lips roughly against yours. After a quick make out session, you eventually got Zayn to get your jeans out in the living room and then you all went out to enjoy a slightly awkward dinner together.

Liam: Liam had brought you along to a photoshoot today since you had nothing else to do. You sat around with all the the boys as they waited for their hair and makeup artists to get there. You sat down on the floor since there were no seats available when you heard a soft chuckle coming from Louis. You looked behind you and gazed at Lou, “what are you laughing at?” you asked. “Oh nothing….” he grinned as he walked over to Liam. Not even a second later Liam came running over to you, “what are you doing (Y/N)?!” he exclaimed. “I’m sitting Liam….what does it look like I’m doing?” you asked, giving him a weird look. He bent down next to you, “love, your….your….your thong…you can see it,” he said softly so no one else could hear. Your jaw dropped as you instantly stood up and pulled up your pants. You looked back at Louis and gave him a dirty look, making him burst into laughter. You turned back to Liam and groaned, “this is so embarrassing…” Liam put his hands on your shoulders, “aw babe, don’t be embarrassed… I’ll bring you a chair,” he smiled, bringing a chair back not even a minute later. You sat down happily as the boys were finally called to get their hair and makeup done. Louis ran past when his right shoe slipped off, causing him to trip and fall to the ground right in front of your feet. You tried to contain yourself but couldn’t hold it in. You began to laugh hysterically as Louis stood up and brushed himself off, “well at least my thong wasn’t showing earlier,” he said angrily. “So you’re saying you wear thongs?” you asked, laughing so hard tears began to form in your eyes. He gave you a dirty look and walked off as you continued to chuckle, soon forgetting about your embarrassing moment that happened earlier in the day.

Niall: The boys had a free day after a whole week at the studio, so they all decided to play some football (soccer) at the local park. You tossed on a pair of black spandex shorts over your new white thong and a yellow tank top and headed off to the park with Niall. You kicked the ball around with the boys for a while when you decided to take a break and watch for a bit. Suddenly, Niall ran up to you and reached his hands around your body, lifting up your shorts. “Um….what was that for?” you asked, raising your eyebrows at him. “Your thong was showin’ babe,” he laughed. Your cheeks instantly turned red, “oh my god…did any of them see?!” you asked, pointing to the boys out on the grassy field. “Um…well Harry did…he’s the one who kinda told me,” he said, watching as your mouth dropped open. “Don’t worry (Y/N)! I liked it!” Harry yelled out. Niall turned around and yelled back ,”Hey! This is my girlfriend Harry, not yours! Keep your eyes on the ball next time, not on her ass!” You laughed and kissed his cheek as his belly began rumbling. He looked down at his stomach and looked up at you, “well we’ve been playing long enough….wanna go get some food?” he asked. “Yea, we don’t want thisstomach to get to hungry” you laughed as you poked his belly. You said your goodbyes to the boys and walked hand in hand to the closest restaurant you could find, Niall looking back at your bum every once in a while to make sure your white thong wasn’t peeking out again.

Louis: The boys were coming over for a writing session, so you were going to stay up in your bedroom and leave them alone while they thought of some lyrics for new songs. You got bored of watching TV and going on the internet so you decided to go downstairs and get some food. You didn’t want to disturb them so you went straight into the kitchen and began rummaging through the cabinets to find something to eat. Suddenly you heard someone walk into the kitchen so you turned around and came face to face with a very pissed off looking Louis. “What’s wrong babe?” you asked concerned. He came closer and spoke softly, “You’re thong….that’s what’s wrong,” he said sternly. “Lou, what are you taking about?” “You’re thong is showing…all the boys can seen it…I can’t believe you came out here wearing that…” he said angrily. You slowly pulled up the shorts you were wearing, “babe…it’s a thong, I always wear one….would you rather have me wearing nothing under my shorts?” you asked, intentionally being a smartass. You hadn’t even felt embarrassed that the boys had seen your thong yet because you were so worked up with Louis. “Well you could’ve at least wore regular underwear (Y/N)…. ” he complained. “Yea okay Lou…whatever…I’ll just go upstairs now and leave you all alone okay?” you said with a bitchy tone. You grabbed a box of cereal from the kitchen counter and walked back up to your room. An hour later the boys left and Louis came upstairs. You grabbed a handful of cereal and stuffed into your mouth as Louis sat next to you on the bed. “I’m sorry love,” he said quietly as he grabbed some cereal too. “I just saw the boys staring at you and I lost my temper a bit,” he confessed. You grabbed his hand, “It’s fine Lou, I understand,” you smiled as he leaned in and gave you a quick peck on the lips. “Now how about we get that sexy blue thong off of you now?” he asked cheekily while pulling at the top of your shorts. Lets just say that blue thong ended up on the floor pretty quickly.

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