One direction - Preference

Jeg er helt tosset med de her "preferences" som jeg finder på nettet. Jeg har ingen rettigheder eller what-so-ever til dem her.

Jeg skriver også nogle danske imagines (som jeg selv finder på), så hvis i keder jer, skulle i også til at tage et smut forbi dem.

Håber i vil nyde dem :D

OBS de er alle sammen på engelsk :)


102. Preference 11- Your First Time.


      Liam: "Are your sure your ready (Y/N)? I don't want to pressure you into something you don't want to do..." Liam was concerned, he didn't want you to feel as though you had to do it. You and Liam have been dating for 5 months now, even though it hasn't been long at all you still feel as though you love him. You had just gotten into a heated make out session with Liam on his bed. The moment was perfect, you two were having another one of your strong connections filled with passion and love. So in that moment, you decided it was time. Liam wanted to take things slow, seeing how you were a virgin and all, and wait for the right moment a couple of months down the road. But no, you were ready, you loved Liam and this was the perfect moment for it to happen. "Liam, you are the first person i have ever loved, the first person i have ever felt this much of a connection with, your the only one I want to be with right now. It's the perfect moment Liam, and I'm ready. I want to do this" You stared into Liam's eyes, flashing him a kind of look as if you were giving him permission to feel every inch of your body. Liam slowly undressed you, taking every move cautiously before undressing himself and putting on protection. "Are you ready, it may hurt a little" Liam informed you, trying to be helpful but coming off a little awkward instead. "Liam, I'm ready." you told him, giving him a reassuring smile. Liam went down on you, you were a little surprised from the sudden interaction but soon got into the flow. He was such a gentle lover, slowing thrusting against your fair skin, kissing you in all the right places, making you feel comfortable with loving remarks and asking how you were from time to time. Your moans and faint yells of Liam's name filled the room, showing him how much pleasure he was giving you. It was such an amazing feeling, not just of pleasure, but of something more. You thought to yourself 'This isn't just sex, this is making love' it all made sense to you now. Liam was experiencing just as much pleasure as you, his panting and slight groans drifted into your ear with quite satisfaction. You both were about to hit your peak, when at the right moment, you both orgasmed in sync. It was a night filled with passionate love making, it was absolutely perfect. You couldn't have wished for a better guy to spend it with than Liam.   Harry: He pushed you against the wall, pouncing on your lips as his tongue travelled into your mouth, playing along with yours. You and your boyfriend Harry had to leave the boys at the club early and head home, you couldn't stand the sexual tension between the two of you anymore. Harry's hands started to travel up the skirt of your dress, adventuring around your regions, making you extremely wet. In one swift motion, Harry lifted your dress over your head and threw it on the floor. You two continued to make out as you unbuckled Harry's pants, letting them fall down to his ankles before he stepped out of them. You practically tore his shirt off before proceeding to wrap both of your legs around his waist as he supported you by holding your butt. You two continued your hot make out session while Harry carried you to the bedroom. He detached his lips from yours before carefully throwing you on the bed. "Wow I can't believe it's finally happening. Do you know how long I've been waiting for this moment! Not going to lie, I've fantasized about this ever since I met you." Harry confessed to you before placing himself over top of you, supporting his weight as he looked into your eyes. "Harry, I've never wanted someone so much as I want you right now. I wanted to wait till we at least been going out for a month but I can't stand it anymore. I want you, I want all of you Styles." His lips crashed on to yours as you two shared a passionate kiss. Harry then lifted your shoulders up so you were now sitting up in the bed, while he straddled your legs. He took off your bra effortlessly before throwing it on the floor, he took in the view of your boobs then laid you back down on the bed. Suddenly, Harry got up and travelled to the bathroom, you started to get a little nervous, what of he didn't like what he saw? He came out with an item that was wrapped up in metallic wrapping in his hand, a condom, thank god it wasn't cause of you. Harry took off his boxers and proceeded to unwrap the condom and put it upon his now erect penis. Harry then jumped up back on the bed, hovering over you with his naked skin just above yours. He slowly made his way down your body, kissing every inch of your skin, teasing you from avoiding contact where you wanted him the most. Harry then slid down your panties, throwing them on the floor before having his way with you. He slid one finger inside you, adding two then three as he swiftly went in and out working his magic with his long beautiful fingers. You couldn't keep it in, you couldn't help but moan from all the pleasure Harry was giving you. He licked his finger before leading himself back up to your face, hovering his naked body over yours and placing kisses on your neck. Harry suddenly shoved himself in you, causing your hips to jolt up from the surprise of his length inside you. Harry thrusted in and out of you with great strength yet making your love making passionate and free. The sounds that came out of both of your mouths showed to one another how much pleasure you were having from this. Harry would whisper in your ear all the things he loved about you, occasionally throwing out a suggestive comment. You and Harry had an amazing night, he made you feel like a real women.   Niall: "Niall? Are you home?" you yelled out into his, what seemed to be, empty flat. You had gotten a text from him to meet you here as soon as possible, was something wrong? "I'm in my room babe!" you heard Niall call from upstairs. You entered his room to see the bed covered in rose pedals and candles lit all around, Niall was sitting at the end of the bed just beaming at you with his gorgeous smile and beautiful blue eyes. He got up from where he was sitting and walked over to you, grabbing your hands and looking straight into your eyes. "(Y/N), I know I've been a bit nervous to, you know, do anything with you. It's just that, you're different then all the other girls (y/n), I didn't want to hurt you." You looked at his serious face and couldn't help but chuckle. "Niall, we've been dating for 4 months now! You couldn't hurt me by having sex with me, I know I'm not just some slut that you have your way with then chuck out the next morning! To be honest with you, I've been dying for your touch ever since we started dating" you confessed to him, making him feel a bit accomplished with himself. "Well it sounds like your ready, I'm ready now too." he smiled at you before leading you to the bed. You stood beside it while Niall placed kisses down your neck, taking your clothes off one by one while keeping his lips in contact with your skin at all times. This was the first time Niall's seen you naked, and let's just say, he seemed quite impressed. He then proceeded taking his own clothes off, making out with you in the process. Once every single article of clothing was on the floor, you and Niall fell onto the bed, your tongues fighting with each others as your hands wrapped into his hair. Niall quickly grabbed a condom from his bed side table, handing it to you and signaling for you to put it on for him. His erection grew bigger as your fingers rode up and down his penis, trying to adjust the condom till it finally fit on protectively. "Are you ready love?" Niall said, managing to get his words out in a pant. You nodded at him, giving him a reassuring smile before he went down on you. You yelled out his name in pleasure, clinging to the sheets as your hips locked upwards, he was much bigger than you expected. Niall liked to keep the pace fast but lasting, making the sex more passionate and true. "You're so beautiful, how did I get so lucky?" Niall whispered in your ear, still thrusting in and out of you. "Niall I'm almost there!" you shouted out. Before you knew it you two were done, the room was filled with the sound of you two screaming each others names. Niall flipped over beside you, laying there and staring at the ceiling as you copied his actions. "Wow. That was amazing." you said together, both feeling absolutely incredible after that passionate love making. It was the best you've ever had, so full of love and trust, Niall would easily agree with you. You two would never forget your first time together.   Louis: "Louis stop it!!" you managed to say between laughing, Louis had flung you over his shoulder after you two had a challenge of who could seduce the other one first. Of course you won."(Y/N), I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE, IT'S TIME FOR THE SEXY TIME. I'VE BEEN HOLDING OUT FOR 3 MONTHS NOW AND I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT!! I LOSE!!" he yelled as he carried you towards his room, you couldn't stop laughing. This all started when you made a bet with him that he couldn't last four months without having sex with you when you two first started dating. If he won, you said you would give him the best sex he'd ever had. But if he lost, you would swore off having physical contact with him for a month. No kissing, no holding hands, no nothing! It sounds like the oddest bet ever but you two were weird that way. Louis threw you down on the bed and started quickly undressing himself, you decided to follow his lead and do the same. "So, what do you think?" Louis asked, showing off his rather big asset, and of course his perky round bum. You started laughing uncontrollably, "Are you asking me what I think about your penis?!" you managed to say before laughing again, Louis put his hand over his face and started laughing of embarrassment. "Well Lou, you have a very nice penis, and a breath taking junk in the trunk!" you said sarcastically, trying to hold in your laughter. "Well look at you miss 'Just wait till you see me naked, I'll make you drool', you sure as hell weren't lying when you said that." Louis said before jumping on top of you, you two both laughing still. "You have a condom?" you asked, making sure he was protected. "Already ahead of you!" he said, throwing a piece of wrapper on the ground and sliding on the condom. Louis tongue dove right into your mouth, viciously fighting with yours. His hand tangled in your hair as yours gripped his strong back. Louis slid his hand down your stomach right to the place you wanted him the most. He danced around your entrance with two of his fingers before sticking them in. You broke contact from his lips to let out a slight moan, Louis smirked as he continued to slip his fingers in and out of you. "Just get to it Lou!" you yelled frustrated, just wanting to have his shaft inside of you. Louis chuckled before slipping his finger out of you and licking them clean. The first thrust was such a thrill, you couldn't help yourself from screaming his name. He was so fast and strong, you knew already that you were going to hurt tomorrow. You continued to yell and moan his name as he grunted in pleasure, keeping up his speed and satisfying you to the max. "I like it when you yell my name" his raspy voice filled your ears, showing you a side of Louis that really turned you on. The night was filled with rough and everlasting love making, you were really surprised of how long it lasted! You two released yourselves into each other, making it a magical way of ending it. "So are you glad you lost the bet" you asked him panting. "Oh I'm more than thrilled, I technically won it! That was the best sex I've ever had, and best decision I've ever made too!" he said as you two shared a cheeky smirk. "You're not going to be able to keep your hands off of me for the next month. I guarantee it." Louis confidently said. "Yea I think you might be right..." you admitted to him. You two were such an odd couple, you wouldn't had expected any less from your first time together.   Zayn: "Zayn, faster!" you managed to say in between moans. Tonight Zayn had taken you out for a romantic dinner at your favorite fancy restaurant to celebrate your 6 month anniversary. Everything was going perfectly, except for the thought of Zayn leaving to go on tour the next day dwindled in your mind all night. After dinner you and Zayn went back to his place, you two had talked it over on the ride home that tonight was the night. It was already an amazing day, why not end your last night together on a perfect note? So once you got home, you two rushed to Zayn's room. Tonight was going to be the first time you two had sex. Zayn's touch made you more satisfied than you've ever been, his hot breathe on your naked body sent chills up and down your spine. The way he would thrust in and out of you with the perfect speed and amazing motion made you moan in pleasure. It was just as good as you pictured it to be, his strong body over top of yours, your hands clinging onto his back from the thrills he was giving you. His grunts and panting reassuring you that he was getting just as much pleasure as you were. Zayn was such an amazing lover, he put so much passion into it. Your orgasm built up until you couldn't keep it in any more, you informed Zayn as you two let it all go at the exact same time. Your first time was magical. Even after that, every time you and Zayn made love it would always feel like the very first time, truly magical.
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